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  1. Thank you very much guys :rolleyes:/> I'm very happy but surprised to see again this article : ...."Gallery Article by Maxime Pidara on Nov 19 2003" Really many thanks to Arc Time Machine :thumbsup:/>
  2. Hello guys, very nice stuff on the forum these weeks. some pictures of the next model(s) :
  3. B) thanks a lot.... I am sorry, didn't read the last messages....... The decals are from the box, it contains a superb and very very big sheet
  4. Thank you Mike. Yes it is the old but beautiful 1/32 model. ...and now I am going to glue something more bestial for the GB : B)
  5. Here is my first entry, a tiny spit. I hope you'll like it
  6. hello guys, this is THE plane, just finished
  7. the instruments panel is not the matchbox one, I think
  8. and why not 116 minutes ? I like very much this kit, good work
  9. nice model of a nice plane. Good work
  10. thanks guys... I confirm : the kit is exactly the same, molded in one color ( I only regret the beautiful egyptian markings of the mathbox decals sheet, but the quality of the Revell one is really good ) Men at work : panels lines in progress and decals : This beauty begins to look like a Spit
  11. Hi all masking and painting, a real pleasure with this big model ...
  12. das ist eine beautiful model
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