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  1. I have built the D-9 version, so am quite well acquainted with the problems. If you don't want the cowl guns exposed, you're in for more fit problems with the cover. These FW kits are very labor intensive, and if you want things buttoned up, you're in for some work. For D-9s, my money goes to HobbyBoss. Their D-11 however needs a lot of help. Eduard tried to do too much, and over engineered their FW kits, with a lot of "make work" sub assemblies. I personally would not buy another Eduard FW.
  2. One thing that really bothered me about this kit, was the overedone fabric effect on the flaps.
  3. Suit yourself, but Mod Mast Enamels has a much better match if you want to use it. Don't know the number. Heck, even RLM 63 is a better match.
  4. Negative on the similarity to Light Gull Gray. The USN Light Gray used did not have the slight tannish cast to it that LGG does.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. Funny srory.. Many years back, my club did a model display at the old NAS So Weymouth, in Ma. We set up our tables some 50 feet from those giant clamshell blimp hangar doorsd, to stay out of the sunshine, for one thing.I had built the old Revell 1/32 scale Zero fighter, rolling wheels, spinning prop, etc. A good breeze started up outside, and was roaring through the hangar. Dad blasted Zero actually started taxiing! Caught it just before it would have taxied right off the table.
  6. Here's mine, built about this time last year. Basic paint sheme is a 50/50 mix of Model Master RLM 02, and MM RLM 63. Kit went together very well, with no need for fillers. I got the kit through Hobby Link Japan. Service was fairly quick, and postage came to 7 bucks and change. A little hint here, the kit provides axles that trap the wheel between the 2 wheel pant halves, and if you do it this way, you're in for some tedious masking. I have no need for rolling wheels (Nor for that matter, spinning props) so, i cut a wedge in the pre painted wheel, from the tite tread to the axle hole, like cut
  7. For a regular uniform, there was no "Air Force" official uniform. They wore the uniform of the unit they came from, Cavalry, Infantry, etc. The WW-I Feldgrau was a somewhat more Gray than the WW-ii color, just barely tinted with green.
  8. I've built several of the SBD series, and found no real fit problems. These kits were fairly precision made, so mating surfaces have to be free of any connection stubs, etc.
  9. Here's my build. Used Eaglecals, and information from Jerry Crandall's excellent 2 volume series on the Dora. IIRC, this is the Eduard kit. This model of course is a D-11. (Note outer wing guns, and lack of cowl guns.) The decal sheet includes the original airplane nu,mber, in full strength. I gently sanded that down, while still on the decal sheet, then applied 2 coats of decal maker fluid to give it body, before I cut it from sheet. Then, the red 4 was applied over it, in the manner of the real plane. Note the black spinner with yellow cap. I painted the bottom white, and used 1/8 in tape st
  10. As far as Hamps are concerned, they came from the factory with a paint job very much like the prewar Zeros. Good quality paints, properly applied, amnd maintained. I would go very light on the chipped paint. If the bird had spent much time on the islands, you might look to fading, and dirt, such as exhaust stains and gun carbon smears. (Don't forget the spent shell ejection ports).
  11. A Google search for 4th fighter group Leroy glover, Miss Sondra Lee, reveals that he flew a spit with that name, and went on to 2 different P-47s under the San Carlos name. t
  12. It's most unfortunate, that the model companies do not recognize just how popular that old ugly, but charismatic airplane really is. Outside of the ancient Monogram kit, this bird is not well served in 1/48th, either.
  13. You have been sorely mised. Hearty welcome back!
  14. No, but it fills that entire nose area, from the gear well to the top, spinner to firewall,
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