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  1. Sorry, I'm late to this party. Not sure how you made out, but if you are still looking, Above & Below decals do offer the markings on the sheet you are looking for. Might get a little pricey, but probably no more so than what you'd pay if someone has the decal and was willing to part with it.
  2. Thanks. Something to keep in mind. I'd be curious if there was any way to find contact the company that did the conversion and get any information on it? The windscreen looks to be longer than the original (I could be wrong). If it is, what alterations, if any, were made to the fuselage in that area?
  3. After posting my last comment, I decided to give Canada Post another go. I just got off the phone with Canada Post and they confirmed that it would be the shipper who would and can only be the ones to add COD charges. So unless Canada Post doesn't know what they are talking about... That conversation with Canada Post brings this full circle for me. I had a gut feeling that HLJ was not being honest with me when I was asking about the COD charge - they denied any knowledge of it. The conversation with Canada Post says otherwise. I am running with this. No loss
  4. As I understand it, Ontario is a port of entry for things coming from Europe. Asia, is handled through Vancouver on the West Coast. From having looked at the shipping label, a courier was used. It was my understanding that the package was supposed to be shipped using the mail system. So how a courier even became involved in the transport of this, I really do not know. All I know is that someone was trying to bilk me out of an additional $15.50 without offering any explanation. I just re-read on HLJ's website for the option that I chose and HLJ references Japan Post.
  5. Geez, I'm only 13 years late finding this thread... LOL I've been trying to find a suitable windscreen to use. I read the earlier post stating that these new windscreens are based on the F-20. I picked up a Hasegawa Fuji T-1. The kit has a seperate windscreen, so not cutting there. Using the Platz T-33, the Fuji windscreen is a pretty good fit and I think offers possibilities. Would anyone here have further thoughts on this? Has anyone come across a suitable replacement (in 1/72)?
  6. I'll ask Bill what shipping method he used. But I can definitely say that this was not a case of Custom's fees. In fact, this one slipped right through their hands. He showed me a pic of the label and it said COD charge, but there was no further explanation. HLJ (or any merchant) is not going to ship goods until full payment is received and, in my experience, you always pay the shipping at the same time. Definitely a head scratcher...
  7. Posting this on behalf of a friend. Bill told me of his recent experience with HLJ. It left me dumbfounded and not knowing what to say or make of it. I order from Plaza Japan every now and then and have never experienced what he experience with his recent order from HLJ:
  8. I've been keeping an eye on your website for this sheet (1/72) and have yet to see it. Being that we are now well into 2023, I am guessing that you will not be following through?
  9. Hi Harold, Did you end up doing a reprint of this sheet in 1/72? I'd very much be interested in getting it. Thanks.
  10. norbert, I was made aware of your products at another hobby forum and made a purchase of some of your W.W.II figures. I have to say that they are most impressive and I hope that you add to those lines. Your products sure put CMK and Aires figures to shame. Don't get me wrong, those companies offer some nice figures, problem is, they claim to be 1/72, but several sure look to be more like 1/48! and that's a real shame. I was recently looking at making another purchase, this time some modern US pilots. That being said, you folks sure seem to have a real hard on for US helicopter
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