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  1. Dear Andrew: You Had three IR in front and three SARH in the rear of the missile bay and 24 2.75 FFAR in the missile bay doors. Bob Hanes
  2. I was a Crewchief on F-102A Delta Daggers from 1960 - 68 with the Texas ANG. 111th. Ftr. Incp. Sqd. Ellington AFB. Texas. The load out for the F-102A on alert carried 3- AIM-4 infared homing, 3- AIM-4 semi-active radar homing and 24 - 2.75FFAR rockets. This was the load that was always carried on these alert aircraft in the time from 1960-68. Bob Hanes, Crewchief: 56-1024 & 54-1229
  3. Just saw this posting on Amazon that the next title in this series on Russian/Soviet Aircraft will be the IL-28 "Beagle" medium bomber. The book is available for preorder if you are interested in this aircraft. Bob "Tex" Hanes
  4. I thought I would check to see what titles of this series were still in print and available, so I called Specialty Press today and found that two titles are still in print are the Sukhoi Su-7/17 & 22 Series and the Tupolev Tu-22/ Tu-22M Blinder. I have been told they have a number of copies of these two books at this time. The Book on the Su-7/17 & 22 is a wonderful book and quite large, over 400 pages and has just loads of information on these aircraft. I have heard from good sources that we will be getting some new 1/48" scale models of these Su-17/22 Series by next year, I hope so.
  5. Apologize excepted, and look forward to passing on any new information to our Hobby. Bob 'Tex' Hanes
  6. When I decide to post on the forum it is because I think I have important information to all the members that would be interested in a new product for the modeler. I am 76 years old and have been modeling longer then you have been alive, worked on military and commercial aircraft in maintenance since 1960 to 2004 when I retired from American Airlines. I don't try to post on the forum unless I have something to add to be of use to the modelers on this subject which I see you Do Not except being a very small negative person that has some type of problems which I could care less about in your lif
  7. What is the problem here as all I did was post information about a new book that is available on a aircraft that seems to have a lot of interest on this forum. This is not anything more then that as the information is there for the members to buy it or not, as I have my copy and it is a great book and I thought I would pass it on. Bob "Tex" Hanes
  8. Contact info for Specialty Press Is: specialtypress.com or telephone order is: (651) 277 -1400 . This series of books are outstanding but a number are out of print. The titles are: Mig.21 Mig.15 Mig.31 Mig.29 IL-2/ IL.10 Su.7/17 & 22 Su.27 Tu.95/ Tu.142 Tu.22/Tu.22M New Su.24 This series is a great source for any model
  9. I just my copy of the new book in the Famous Russian Aircraft Series from Crecy Publications that covers the Sukhoi Su-24 "Fencer" tactical bomber written by Yefim Gordon & Dmitriy Komissarov. The book covers the development, variations, Su-24 In Detail, Su-24 in service - peacetime operations, wartime operations and Su-24 Operators which is my favorite Chapter. The book (HB) is 352 pages full excellent photo, color & back&white photos, color profiles and scale drawings of various versions of this interesting fighter and at $65.00 is a great buy for your library. I recommend this b
  10. When the intakes were painted Gray, we used ADC Gray as the exterior color on the aircraft. This was done when the aircraft were painted in the squadron overhauls, when the aircraft were sent out to the IRAN overhauls when all the updates to the aircraft were implemented the intakes were painted White. Bob "Tex" Hanes
  11. I would love to see a 1/32" scale model of this great aircraft as it wasen't the fasts interceptor but it was a great aircraft to fly and work on and it had so many great markings and color schemes. I still have my -1 Tech manual for the Duce if someone is interested in doing a new kit of this aircraft. Bob "Tex" Hanes
  12. The intakes were painted either white or gray depending on where the overhauls were done on the aircraft. I was a Crewchief for 8 years on the F-102A/ TF-102A's with the Texas Air National Guard 1960-68 with the 111th Ftr. Incp. Sqd. @ Ellington AFB. Texas. I spent sometime in climbing down these intakes to check turbine blades so I have some experience in this field. Bob "Tex" Hanes
  13. Dear stenkabg:

    I am very interested in ordering 3 of your Mig.21Bis correction noses. My home e-mail is: RHanes@aol.com

    I look forward to your reply an I look forward to the Mig.17PF which is one of my favorite Soviet aircraft.

    Bob Hanes, F-102A Crewchief 1960-68

  14. I have been interested in the Soviet Mig.17F/ Chinese J-5/F-5 jet fighter for a number of years and I am in the process of building both of these excellent Hobby Boss kits of this aircraft. I have looked thru all my books on this aircraft to find out the external differences between these two aircraft, but have not really found a list of differences other then some antennas that are on the Mig.17F that donot appear on the J-5/F-5. I know that the J-5/F-5 didn't have the SRD-1M radar rangefinder antenna on the front cowling and the Syrena-2 radar homing and warning system that was fitted to the
  15. I have just purchased a example of this beautiful 1/48" scale resin kit from my friends at Linden Hill to build for a future display of "Korean Air War" aircraft that is being put together by my old modeling club in Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale that is being ramrod by my dear old friend and former boss Mr. Gaston Bernal (Mr. AeroMaster) for next years IPMS Nationals 2016. I have not seen a building article on this unique Soviet jet fighter that saw limited combat during the early stages of the Korean Air War. There was a squadron of 22 aircraft that was based in China on the border across the Yalu ri
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