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    Kitbashing and What Ifs are my plastic addiction. My other passion is Firefighting. I work for a company that makes explosively actuated aircraft fire extinguishing components.The most fun of all is watching my kids grow and getting them into the hobby. :)

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  1. It was good to have company over Chuck. Glad y'all could stop by ....
  2. We were told not to not lock our knees from bootcamp on. At graduation, we were also told not to resist the "body snatchers" who were on the lookout for those who did lock their knees and looked like they were about to face plant.
  3. Thank you Gentlemen! Eric, it is nice to be recognized by ones peers. Sorta like The Oscars, though I seem to have miss placed my prepared speech for the occasion...:) Those Marines, which were part of the MARDET on the Midway, were tasked with raising the colors while we were anchored out. They are very serious about their job and their position of attention shows that dedication.
  4. Very entertaining! Let's see.... "Tuna" said I was cool once Unstaged 35mm Staged 35mm 35mm nature Digital nature Action Static and just because they're cool, the Marines I am acclaimed, published and you've never heard of me. Oh and I build models, once in a blue moon...
  5. Still getting godaddy. Anymore news?
  6. Thank you very much. I appreciate it! Thank you very much as well. your kind comments are greatly appreciated! Now, if you indulge me for a few more photos, here are a few more that are some of my favorites. This one is the 31 Flavor Flankenstein. I used that name because I used parts from about 6 or 7 different aircraft. At this time when I was building ,I was cutting up sub-par builds from years past, so I was recycling parts. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v669/scurrfy/1st%20Junk%20build%20GB/May08036-1.jpg Super Scooter http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v669/scurrfy/A-4%20Super%20Scooter/639be992.jpg I got the idea to do a AEW Tigercat from seeing one of those dodads you put under furniture legs so as not to scratch wood floors. My Crusader/ Falcon bash http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v669/scurrfy/Crusade%20Falcon/Nov08037.jpg Red Arrow whif Finally, a WIP. A F-105/106 bash. I wanted a smaller version of the B-58, so this is what I came up with. Lots of work to be done.....My apologizes for the thread hijack. Any would be kitbashers out there, grab that saw or Dremel and get after it! It's more fun that you can imagine. Thank y'all for the compliments. :)
  7. Thank you very much Clif! That certaintly was a fun build looking back at it. ;) I like that. A What TF. I've actually had people at a show say "why the F*#^ did you do that to a Phantom?" Because it was fun, that's why. When I ask for details, and someone is kind enough to offer up, sometimes it's because I'm trying to do a "could have been" I do most of my whifs for me, of course, but after having taken my work to a couple of shows, and see the 99% positive reaction, that helps too. Oh, and the kids. The Kids really like what if's The smiles are worth it. Every time. And sometimes it's because I like to see the "experts" that roam the shows ague with me about what type of aircraft I've built and it has happened. Also, the guys who walk up and say, "Oh yea, I remember when those where in service" It's all fun to me and that's all I can say about. Build what you want and building how you what to. Wise words from a wise man! Not everyone is into Whiffery, that's why there are oasis' out there for whifferes if you can't find the help you're looking for at some sites. Remember, bash'em if you got 'em!!
  8. We may have even spoken to each other about what a bummer it was to loose the B/N of that jet. I know I was certainly surprised when I saw your photos of this event on your site all those years later...
  9. I just so happen to be scanning more USN pix, so I ran these two again for a closer look. As close as I could get considering I was on the flightdeck of the Midway tied to the pier. Eye ball liberty only.
  10. Eddie M.


    Just enought to clear the mast. Probably about 300 ft. so. Much lower than I expected. I'll try to find the rest of the photos in that sequence and post them.
  11. Eddie M.


    These are a BUFF that lined up in the USS Ranger's centerline and called the ball. I got out there with my camera and shot it as it went by..
  12. Eddie M.


    Here's a few that I took while in the Navy. The BUFFs always came out to say Hi to us on the Midway and Ranger.
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