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  1. Also SOP in some parts of Mediterranean countries, I believe...? But that may be a 'thing' that persists in very old, smaller communities because what we understand as 'modern drainage' systems are associated more with larger cities -the (now rather stretched) London sewer infrastructure was only conceived because the prevailing waste management strategy beforehand amounted to 'chuck it all in the river', in this case the handy and apparently bottomless Thames! Only after numerous typhoid outbreaks and the Thames, along with its underground tributaries such as the Fleet eventually becoming de facto sewers due to the relentless increase in the urban population, did the government (convening at Westminster, right on the riverside, which in 1858 was so malodorous that something fundamental had to be done) agree to pay the talented Civil Engineer Joseph Bazalgette £100,000 to get it all cleaned up. That was a HUGE sum of money at the time, but the extraordinary project that Bazalgette implemented transformed the entire metropolis with a network of underground channels and surface pumping stations. More amazing, given the scale of the undertaking and the limits of available technology, the work was completed in around ten years -or about as long as it takes me to build a 1/48 Century Series kit. And they say there's no glamour in engineering...
  2. Always enjoyed his work; as well as acting he directed five titles including the entertaining Frailty (2001). R.I.P. Sir.
  3. WOW!!! Magnificent work!
  4. Riiight...there is (was?!) a learned article on this very forum regarding just that. Haven't actually tried the method, but it sounds reasonable. I even had it bookmarked; problem is we had a dreaded Server Migration since then, and my bookmark is useless! From what I recall, the bedrock of the idea is approaching the job like re-scribing, but leaving the raised 'banks' left by the scriber either side of the line and coaxing them together over the recess somehow (possibly with a fingernail or something...) -OK, you can see I remember enough to get into trouble but not enough to get out again! I have searched the How-To section, but no luck so far...maybe someone else remembers this?
  5. I have no lack of confidence in your abilities, Sir -just hoped for better 'togetherness' in a modern tooling!
  6. Jeebers, that looks like the kind of modelling where you need a gum-shield... I wonder if the ill-regarded Academy kit is that much worse?!
  7. Yes, but only with little pictograms showing TP sheets (they even suggest a quantity: 2-3 sheets per application!) and, yes, directional arrows... ...and no! The makers probably figure that only us Brits are dumb enough to need help with this! Also, no mention is made of what you are supposed to do with the tissue after use -somehow, this conjures unfortunate images of people sitting in their bathrooms desperately punching Product Helpline numbers into their handed.
  8. Beautiful collection -there is something about Russian Navy aircraft...!
  9.'s a start!
  10. Phenomenal work -a tour de force of what is possible in this scale, if you treat it as though it were any other scale. And possess enormous skill, of course!
  11. Today I went to a store here in England where, among other 'household goods, various', I purchased a 9-roll pack of a major brand toilet tissue. IT HAS 'INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE' PRINTED ON THE BAG!!! Seriously??! If you need to be told how to use this stuff, you probably cannot read. Or do your own shopping! (Worse still, the so-called 'Instructions' mention nothing about cleaning airbrush needles...)
  12. Actually...those ARE the Droids we're looking for!
  13. Very excellent work! I love the seat detailing, particularly. But I have a question... -if you can fill in the blanks I'll buy you a rubber Taco!
  14. Well, I was admiring Aigore's natty WIP of his 9.13 and wondering where he got the little placards and whatnot for the ejection seat, etc. I love these neat little touches, and they looked thinner and nicer than the usual printed etched bits... Sure enough, if you turn up the GWH instruction sheets on HobbySearch, they are mentioned on the cockpit page. Also, if you have a 9.12 (Early) as I do, be assured the same decals are there along with the instrument panel ones, despite them not being featured in the instructions. The thing is, there are more similar looking placardy-thing decals that (unless I've finally gone completely blind) don't appear to have a home in either set of instructions: item #s B94 thru B98. The last one is a sexy looking thing that reminds me of the 'Hornet' nameplate that sits on the rear deck of F/A-18s (#21 in the Eduard 1/48 Placard Set) -do Fulcrums have something similar, or is it all a figment? I'd be very pleased if anyone has a level of Fulcrum intimacy that covers the location of these items -please feel free to challenge my ignorance. TIA!
  15. Superb!