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  1. Ooff! Just dug out the Kopro kit and the screen on that looks like the (actual) KH one -no way out there then! Apart from some 'creative' masking...
  2. Just had a read of the relevant decal (#21) from the Revell 1/48 kit... " DANGER AIRBRAKE KEEP CLEAR AIRBRAKE WHEN HYDR SYST.2 IS PRESSURIS FAST EMERGENC RETRATION (sic)" So it looks like Trojan Thunder is right on the money, with the possible amendment 'HYDR SYST.2'...? HTH.
  3. Only halfway through January, and we have the Thread Of The Year! :P
  4. Re. #18 (Nose Gear Bay): BOTH sides (and the rear bulkhead) have a ridiculous gap between the bay walls and fuselage, except at the front! I had to deploy a shedload of styrene sheet and filler to lose it... Ben Brown, the GP kit looks wonderful in the box, and there is enough AIRES resin there to sink a carrier. But it does need some, uh...commitment?! And it doesn't have a wing-fold, spurious or otherwise. That was a 'thing' for me, because I really wanted to display the distinctive fold configuration. The HB kit is awash with silly little build niggles and missing or inaccurate features, but some potentially tricky bits (modular fuselage, for example) fit really well. It's all fixable, and I'll get around to finishing it someday, but TBH the silly bits took the wind out of me sails, shipmates! (About this far in:)
  5. Just getting my head around the idea of a Mustang Zapper -as the late Mr Marley would say, "Jammin'!" But maybe a Whif Too Far. That canopy looks very similar to the Prowler's pimp-chic window tint; I'll have to experiment to find that elusive soap-bubble look on Hornets and A-10s. Maybe I can persuade Mrs Who that she has a promising career as a nail wizard... Many thanks for the pointer!
  6. WOO-HOOO!
  7. Looks like there are a couple of windscreen tints there too... Most importantly, when will the Steel Beach B mods hit the ground? They look superb.
  8. Very nice work. The Predator leaning on the workbench looks cool too.
  9. Thanks for the information!
  10. That's a DAMN fine Tomcat! What's the story with the exhaust decals -do they have some feature other than saving a masking chore?
  11. Hi Steve; there's usually a load of 'interesting' things doing the rounds this time of year -those with kids of school age are the prime target since our Seats of Learning are wonderful channels for the spread of viruses. The viral arthritis that knocked me out of the StarFish GB a couple of years ago was a hideous thing that struck over Christmas and because I was working super-hard to get the wherewithal to move back near London, I stupidly ignored it until it slapped me down like a gutted fish. Normally this household manages to dodge the winter nasties, but you can only ride your luck for so long! So, very sorry to hear you were stricken at the Festive Season, but you definitely did the right thing by going into standby and letting it take its course. Hope you're well on the mend and getting set for a stupendous New Year! One final word to the wise: do NOT rush the recovery process -the immune system is likely a half-open door after a spell like this; take an extra day or two before kicking the tires 'n' lighting the fires! Very Best from us all here.
  12. WHAT??! How could you bear to part with this jewel! No matter, the images here are a fine record. Great work!
  13. New Years' Resolution, in a word: DISCIPLINE!!! I'm still knocking away at a Monogram F-100D; when that's done there is a part-started F/A-18D ATARS (Hasegawa + Wolfpack) I really want to see finished. Uhm...that's 2017 spoken for, then!
  14. C'est formidable! Yes, the Italeri and ESCI Huns (they aren't quite the same...!) are still the solution in 1/72. Your weathering looks superb -do you have a shot of the underside, by any chance...?
  15. True. But they are doing things to us: Nutshell... Regarding Navigation apps, a lot of musicians seem to be punting their own versions (and heeeere we go...). The Pink Floyd one is pants -just wishing you were somewhere doesn't cut it. The Blondie one is my current pick; it's great at finding alternative routes: you can go one way...or another... I'm sure there must be more out there.