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  1. Very tasty!
  2. Before attaching etched parts, it's a good idea to lightly sand both the metal and plastic contact areas so the adhesive can key on to something. This is especially helpful on (comparatively) large, flat surfaces -and a reason not to like self-adhesive etched bits! Like dnl42 says, a flexible adhesive is a good move on areas like cockpit sills. Cyanoacrylate glue dries hard and brittle; very often the slightest flex of the plastic during handling will not translate to the adhesive layer, with the result that the bond simply breaks open. Gator's Grip is the best solution I've found, along with the kind of heavy duty double-sided adhesive tape used by carpet/flooring installers. The caution here is that there are many types available; you want one that is thin (for obvious reasons), grips like an Evangelist's handshake and does not lose hold if paint gets to it. I wish I knew the brand of the roll I've had for years, but it didn't have a wrapper when I inherited it...
  3. It is amazing to see this; my only sadness is I'll never get my 1/48 one looking that cool!
  4. Usually a few Verlinden ones around eBay -got mine from there for my eternal F-100D project; cost plenty but was/is invaluable!
  5. Not at all; PMs welcome! Only hope I can be of help...
  6. If you're doing Hannants I'd recommend the main site in Lowestoft; the London (Colindale) store is only open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; also it seems to be less well-stocked than a few years ago. There is the plus of being right next door to the Hendon RAF Museum, however...a lot of folk are not too impressed with that nowadays, but I still like visiting! If it's not miles out of your way, AJ Aviation at West Drayton is a small retail store which was once the proverbial Aladdin's Cave (then known as 'The Aviation Hobbyshop'). Whilst they no longer hold the same massive inventory of plastic, their book selection may be worth a browse. They are 5 minutes down the road from me, but if you have to traverse half the country to get there you may not consider yourself indebted to me forever! Have a great trip anyway; sorry the Old Country's in a bit of a mess at the moment -we've got the English in!
  7. Truly stunning!
  8. I have never understood this -often the same with actual kits too! "Think a-bout it, ya?!" What is the PRACTICAL difference in scaling down to 1/72? A few ounces of plastic or a little less paper! How much is that going to save???
  9. When folks talk about anything Star Trek...THAT'S what I'M talkin' about!!! (There really is only one! )
  10. Mucho WOW!!!
  11. Excellent -in for these, plus the Fullback monster sheet! I have to say, the Flanker series (Su-27/33/35S) sheets are awesome; the Su-27 stencil sheet has a fine selection of weapon markings and even includes the full set of graphics for the humungous Moskit ASM, which Armory left out of their resin kit! Useful, to say the least, as I hope to model the MAKS 1995 Su-33 one day...if my eyesight and fingers hold out long enough.
  12. Re-posting this as a couple of quite tasty Nellis F-16s popped up on my FB News Feed today -apparently in the pipeline.
  13. Superlative! And all in 1/72 -a real masterpiece.
  14. Entirely beautiful.
  15. Yessir, PUR dust is carcinogenic -avoid these new-fangled electrical devices that city folk use, and keep everything wet! It's a pity because some of these casting blocks are like tombstones, but think of all the lovely detail you're adding to your project...and how long you'll be around to appreciate it!