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  1. I'm looking for 1/48 scale Speed Hunter F-4G decals for the OT det 5 Wild Weasel Phantom if your not using those looking to buy or trade. Thanks.
  2. Interesting enough - the fighters are represented by each USAF command. PACAF F-16CMs from Misawa, ACC F-22As from Langely, and USAFE F-15Es from RAF Lakenheath. As far as the Syrian Air Defense - yes its a lethal air defense but the IDF has been sending strike packages over Syria numerous times. The F-16 loadouts have been used before in Libya.
  3. Looks like all F-16CMs from Misawa - interesting enough that PACAF F-16s are flying with ACC F-22As from Langley and USAFE F-15Es from Lakenheath. By the way these loadouts were also used during the Libyan Air Campaign by Shaw and Spangdelham F-16s.
  4. For Sale - US Only 1/48 Hasagawa F-4G Wild Weasel (box/plastic opened all parts there - one piece canopy only) w/ Eduard detail set plus Afterburner Clark F-4E/G decals 1/48 Hasagawa F-16CJ "Misawa" (open box - but parts still plastic sealed)and 1/48 Tamiya F-15A/C includes Verliden F-15C Eagle Super Detail Set and Decals by Superscale for Tyndall 1FS, Mountain Home 390FS 85-181, Hawaii ANG Low Vis, and 53FS from Spangdelham. $60.00 (shipping included)
  5. For sale for $65.00 plus shipping (sorry US Only). For sale are 4 1/48 Hasagawa 2 X F-16C, 1 X F-16B and 1 X F-16D. 1. F-16C Misawa "MJ" 35FW. Kit V104 Open box... out of plastic parts all there except for AIM-120 and AIM-9. Smoked Canopy - no instructions but still has decals. 2. F-16C F-16CJ Misawaw 35FW "WW" Open box but all parts still in plastic. Clear Canopy and instructions plus decals. 3. F-16B Plus Fighting Falcon kit V5 Open Box... Out of plastic parts, no AIM-120s, clear canopy, instructions but no decals. 4. F-16D Kit V6 Open box all parts there cept for block 30 HUD .. instructions but no decals. 5. Black Box #48070 F-16D Block 40/50 cockpit set. I take Paypal. Thanks, Berto
  6. FS: 1/48 Scale Resin sets from SHULL24 1 X CCIP "bird slicers" for F-16CJ 1 X CBU-103 WMD smart Cluster Bombs (2 pair) 2 X AAQ-33 SNIPER targetting pod for F-16 1 X AAQ-33 SNIPER targetting pod for F-15E/A-10 $25.00 includes shipping (US Only) Paypal.
  7. For sale is a Air Traffic Control Tower and Radar tower. The Air Traffic Contol Tower is now missing the antennaes and the radar tower is missing a ladder. Great for those wanting to do a diorama as I have done in the past. The first three pics are of the current condition of the towers. Selling it for $35.00 includes shipping - US only please.
  8. Updated.. if you have any starwars stuff I maybe interested..
  9. I am offering the following decals in sets as I came to the realization I won't be needing them. They are all in great condition and still in plastic. All in 1/48 Air Force A-10 set = $20.00 plus postage ***SOLD*** Two Bobs A-10 Eielson Ice Hawgs Two Bobs A-10 Shark Bait Two Bobs A-10 Osan Assam Draggins Air Force F-15C/F-15E set = $30.00 plus postage Two Bobs F-15E Da' Heath (Lakenheath) Superscale International F-15A/C/D Mod Eagles (Tyndall, Mountain Home, Spangdelham, Hickam) Two Bobs F-15E "The Gipper" Superscale International F-15E 4TFW, 405TTW, 57FWW IsraDecals F-15I Raam (Yes I know thats not USAF) Air Force F-16 set = $35.00 plus postage*** SOLD*** Two Bobs F-16CJ Mountain Home Gunfighters 389FS Two Bobs F-16C/D Big Mouth, Big Mouth's Part II Pope Sharkmouth F-16s Two Bobs F-16C Hill Vipers Two Bobs F-16C Hows My Driving and ALabama ANG Astra F-16CG Aviano 31FW (Missing one air refuelling decal) Afterburner F-16CG 524FS Dogs of War Afterburner F-16CG OIF Black Windows Two Bobs F-16CJ Shaw Vipers Dog Day Afternoon Two Bobs F-16CJ OIF Swap Foxes USN Decal Package = $30.00 plus postage Two Bobs F-14D VF-2 OIF Bounty Hunters Cam Decals VF-102 and VF-143 OEF Aeromaster Navy Prowlers II "48-535" Aeromaster F-18D VMFA-AW 225 Vikings and F-18C VFA-115 Repliscale F-18D F-18D VMFA-121, VMFA 242, VMFAT-101 Cam Decals F-18C VFA-81 and VFA-147 Two Bobs F-18F VFA-102 Sqn Anniversary
  10. For sale for the following kits with decals: 1/48 Academy F-14A Bombcat and will include decals for Eagle Strike Tomcat PART V = VF14 and VF213. $25.00 plus shipping 1/48 Tamiya F-15A/C includes Verliden F-15C Eagle Super Detail Set and Decals by Superscale for Tyndall 1FS, Mountain Home 390FS 85-181, Hawaii ANG Low Vis, and 53FS from Spangdelham. $25.00 plus shipping. $40.00 for both plus shipping
  11. FS for the following 1:144 scale airliners Revell/Germany 747-400 (Lufthansa) w/ Delta 747-400 decals = $30.00 + ship (open box but parts still in plastic) Revell/Germany A340 (Lufthansa) w/ Philippine Airlines decals = $30.00 + ship (open box but parts still in plastic) Minicraft 777-200 (Continental) w/ Delta 777-200 decals = $30.00 + ship (box still wrapped) Minicraft 777-200 (United) = $25.00 + Ship Minicraft 777-200 (Pan Am - Retro) = $25.00 Ship If you want all 5 kits and decals = $100.00 + ship. Cheers. Respond here or send PM.
  12. I have 2 X 1/144 777-200s (minicraft), 707 Pan Am, 747-400 KLM (Revell Germany). Berto
  13. I have for sale 1/48 scale Kinetic EA-6B Prowler VAQ-140 - (open box parts still in plastic)for $35.00 plus shipping 1/48 scale Kinetic E-2C Hawkey VAW-112 - (open box parts out of plastic but all parts are there) for $45.00 plus shipping If you want both I will sell for $60.00 plus shipping. I am out of Florida and have paypal.
  14. Cool... double barrell AGM-88s added...
  15. EA-18 Launching from Aviano Air Base for Operation OD
  16. If not already mentions... USS Enterprise embarked CVW-1 has two F-18F squadrons .. VFA-211 and VFA-11... plus the Marine VMFA-251 with F/A-18Cs but no Navy F/A-18Cs?
  17. The only non SEAD load out that was flown on Block 50/52s F-16CJs around that time frame was flown by the F-16CJs of the 389th Fighter Squadron from Mountain Home which were dedicated to OEF in Afghanistan. 2002 OSW was still the time frame where we had F-15Cs, F-16CJs protecting F-16CGs, F-15Es, along with the Tornados. However the Shaw jets deployed to Saudi Arabia in 2003 for the OSW-OIF transition and after the first week started flying with JDAMs and WCMDs in mixed strike/SEAD flights. Cheers.
  18. From what I heard - DS stood to commemorate Desert Storm. That being said - attrition replacements came from all over - I recall ANG had some from the Alabama ANG. When Hill lost an F-16C days before the start of the war they had a replacement F-16C fly from Hill to Langley and team up with a F-15C that was needed and flew over.
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