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  1. Hi all. After following the (now found to be incorrect) after market decal sheet for my 1/72 Cuban Mig-29, I discovered that the roundels have been applied upside down. As you can all imagine, after a coat of decal softener, they will not budge, and now I'm in need of at least one roundel. These are the wing type roundels picture below: Does anyone have one they can donate/swap/i'll pay for. please..? Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. Having seen the instrument panel close up.... its awesome... This one will be great to see done.. Good luck Ernie! Adam PS - I may even join the GB too...
  3. Hi all. Have a day in Houston coming up soon. Are there any decent Hobby Shops/Military Book stores in the Houston area? Looking especially for good supplies, old kits, military books and board wargames (SPI, Avalon Hill, GDW etc). Thanks in advance. AC
  4. Thanks. It was the first run 3 Colour kit. AC
  5. Thank you. Long live my little Aztek airbrush fine nozzle! AC
  6. Finished recently was my Douglas Havoc A-20G in 1/72. The kit is Matchbox and was built basically out of the box. The model depicts A/C 39407/P of 675 Bomber Squadron "Dauntless Demons", 417 BG, of the 5th AF, SW Pacific, September 1944. Paint was a mix of Modelmaster enamels, and I also used the kit decals. Of course as a kit of this type it was relatively easy, and has its flaws, but I had always liked the paint scheme, and the markings were interesting. Plus I learnt a little more about Havocs. Enjoy. Adam
  7. Just finished today is my Westland Wessex HAS.1 XS873/523/PO built from the old Frog kit in 1/72. The kit was built OOB but with steel antennas on the fuselage and the tail. The wires were added using EZline, and the decals came from multiple sources. This helicopter came into service in 1966, and spent time based at the Portsmouth Naval Base, and now resides outside (and fading) at the East Midlands Aeropark, Leicestershire, England. The kit was easy enough to build, and then the work of course is trying to make it all better. I think I did a good job with it, but most of all I was able to le
  8. Just for clarity... here is what I am exactly needing: What I need is the two "RESCUE" decals from the tail of the (orange/blue machine. I think its XT471/524?) there is one for each side. They are white text positioned under the "ROYAL NAVY" decal. and; If you happen to have the very small text "ROYAL NAVY" decals that go just under the side pilot cockpit windows (they are a very small white font). They are on the "rail" just below the window. Finally a photocopy/scan of the decal instructions, if you have them... Fingers crossed.. AC
  9. Hi all - I'm looking for a set of decals from the set by Modeldecal MD096. It is a set of Wessex helicopters and a Belgian Mirage. I'm primarily looking for the Wessex side of the sheet (in fact just a small number of decals from that). any help appreciated! Thanks. AC
  10. Hobbycraft is the best value for the price... Its accurate and has no build issues. The Hasegawa of course is the best, but when side by side and built...not noticable.. Good luck! AC
  11. Jinxed or not, she looks great. Congratulations! AC
  12. Fit was OK. Probably the area around all the multiple window panels in the front was the hardest. Fuselage and rotor head was easy.. Actually, the hardest thing was finding good reference pics for that era machine.
  13. Sure; 1: wash model furiously in warm soapy water and scrub with toothbrush. Mask all windows with bare-metal foil. 2: spray overall coat of light grey (old enamel paint I had laying around) 3: sand from 3000 grit to 12000 grit overall. 4: paint one very light coat of Oxford Blue (acrylic). Let it dry. Its a gloss. 5: paint overall coat of OB, then let dry. 6: spray overall clear Gloss. 7: apply decals. 8: spray overall semi-gloss clear. and remove bare-metal foil. Polish all clear areas with WD-40. Rotor Head/Main blades were sprayed clear flat only. ...and after lookin
  14. Awesome! Congratulations. AC
  15. A wonderful Ayit! Congratulations. AC
  16. Thanks Ray. Yes, finishing in semi-gloss for a military machine did seem a little away from the normal finishing process! AC
  17. Thanks. They are decals. Only the tips are painted.
  18. Hi all. Just finished today - a 1/72 Westland Lynx HAS.2 built OOB in the markings of 700sq Fleet Air Arm, RNAS Yeovilton ca. 1978. The kit was from a 1982 rebox, and I'm thinking the decals were original, and most of them shattered on contact. Anyway, I had enough spares to cover all the others so she can look the part. As the Lynx is an early first production version, and carries a pair of Mk.46 Torpedoes. The kit shows its age, but still builds into a good depiction of arguably the fastest helicopter designed, and one of the few that can do a complete roll. She differs from the Arm
  19. Latest model built… This is a CA-13 Mk II Boomerang (A46-195), named “Phooey†of No. 4 Squadron (Code: QE) the Royal Australian Air Force depicted in Labuan, Indonesia in early 1945. The kit is the old LTD Models 1/48 scale and is built out of the box. The color scheme is a faded Foliage Green, and is shown with the white wing ID markings and fitted with a belly fuel tank. For those not familiar with the Boomerang was an early war fighter, made obsolescent by 1943, and then used in the ground attack/liaison role in mountain jungle areas due to their nimble size, speed and ability
  20. Here are some more that may be useful:
  21. I think I can help you with some of that.... see below. Photos all taken pre 1980.
  22. Very cool pics of the 1/1. Thanks for sharing!
  23. I saw them last year at the Hungarian Air Show in Kecskemet. The Stars were great! I was able to meet several of the pilots who were friendly and put on an awesome high speed/low show. I understand that the F-5s are ex-RNAF. I have pictures, but from about 1000 metres away. Email me if you'd like to see them. They are not close enough to model, but it sounds like you may like them. AC
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