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  1. OK Zactoman, you don't like me and want to stir the pot too. But i am showing the obvious weakness's in current ARC moderation just now, is that wrong? I wont go away from pressure from Bully's like you (neither will i buy or recommend your products in the UK, but thats incidental) Things are wrong here, and if i and others have opened up and said ENOUGH is ENOUGH, then some people on the ARC moderating team should sit back and listen. If all this place is going to turn out to be, is a once sided RAH RAH, pat on shoulder post, with little regard to the other contributing guys, then fair pl
  2. For sure. But lets not forget, the SHAR was victorious under pilot skill of folk like Sharkey Ward, and in extreme weather conditions that were the norm during the very rough sea's during the Falkland campaign. Sheer incredible stuff. Zactoman, noticed you replied to this thread, do you ship to the UK? I'm interested in your 1/32 Flanker intake mods for my Trumpeter kit.
  3. Yikes, calm down man, cant we all just get along? Why say Good riddance to me? I have been saying nothing but complimentary about this site, but there are issues, believe me, I'm as mush a modeler and aviation enthusiast as anyone else here, but fair play needs to be observed. Heck I bought Revells 1/48 Spirit of St Louis and Hasegawa's 1/48 A7-E Corsair II kits today ... I love the hobby. I'm in the hobby for the long term, but will stand up for my nation like you do. Thanks.
  4. I'm not saying too much on this anymore. I might as well put the boot in for Airbus too ... Really sad to see a respected aviator like Waco refer to the A380 as ... "Airbus chose to build a monstrous, huge capacity passenger liner" (his words) and then blow the Boeing trumpet about how great that is. I'm sick of this patriotic Crap, the US and Europe are supposed to be getting along, but on this site, AND on less intelligent sites, its cool to take a dump on Europe, especially the UK and Airbus!!!!!! I rest my case, but how many ARC mods have the balls to moderate WACO? I rest my case.
  5. I'm back after a short sabatical, but with puzzles? All our ARC moderation team are saying we can discuss aviation accuracy, and they don't discriminate whatsoever. I'm so glad to hear this, honestly I am. This an excerpt, seen on multiple book review sites, aviation sites ... all over the world, the author has given it free reign for this passage in his book, indeed it sold multiple copy's because of this. I hope its not deleted by ARC mods, or leapt upon by thread disrupter's, on what is a very factual accurate post of a very real aviation incident. Sorry if the formatting is wrong. Sea
  6. What some of you people need to realise is, its not just Americans that visit here and Airbus is much a part of national pride for Europeans as say the Raptor is to you guys, but its forbidden to say a bad word about it here, or even think about discussing it the way the A380 does. And nobody is forcing me to visit this site, if you are going to have one rule for some and a different rule for others, then thats your privilege, but I'm outta here., there are plenty of other good modeling sites on the net that don't have biased rules or allow politics to be used whatsoever, pity because this
  7. Nice :D I'll have one of those. Guess the rumours of a 1/32 WW2 warbird were just that then, either that or they found out Trumpeter were releasing a 1/32 P-47 as well and it would get shipped sooner? These are good times, though.
  8. Indeed, fair play to the rivet counters, but its starting to look like an obsession with them :D But supposing the rivet counters are wrong, often they are, more and more supposed drawings are being proved to be inaccurate. Lot to be said for just building kits, and ignoring supposed experts addvice.
  9. I agree. If Scott wants business, he wont get it from me.
  10. Unbelievable, totally unbelievable. I do believe this thread now has an impetus of its own, once the fuse wire was lit, this thread will grow and grow faster, just like a real jet engine. Nobody here seems able to meet on a middle ground, all we see is the opposing group elders, saying the same thing, over and over again. The battle of the Rivet counters is right here, Gentlemen. I've said my piece as a born again modeler, totally ignored of course, but I'll make one final comment. Just supposing, just supposing, Trumpeter had a crisis like Airfix, what would you all think then? Think a
  11. I don't think its about "us and them" or debating for the sake of it? But if you see people dissing something, then others will step in with good comments to provide balance, nothing wrong with that, so long as personal insults are left out. The OP asked if Trumpeter make an accurate kit, so I replied with the 1/32 ME-262, maybe it has inaccuracies? I certainly don't care, I know from reading here their 1/32 P-38 has a couple (prop size) but I still couldest care less, it will still look like a P-38 to me, and any of my friends whom visit, will admire it for what it is, also I'll have enjoyed
  12. The other thing to remember here. Boards like this are full of posts about how Trumpeter are to prolific and produce far too many kits very quickly, you can then quite often scroll down a few more threads and see something like ... why have Trumpeter delayed my 1/32 A-6 Intruder yet again? No pleasing everyone.
  13. In answer to the OP's question. The ME-262 1/32 is great, if someone finds something wrong about it ... too bad, talk to the hand because the face aint listening :huh: I love Trumpeter kits and the diversity they offer and I'm very glad they are in business.
  14. Someone reported ... even more of a while back, that Tamiya were to produce a 1/32 P-47 in the not too distant future, and another rumour surfaced recently about Tamiya bringing out a WW2 warbird quite soon as well. The Trumpeter one looks definite, so hope the rumours about Tamiya doing one were wrong, hope its a Spitfire to the same standard of their Zero if they are bringing out something new in WW2 in 1/32.
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