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  1. Hello everyone, There are new decal sets available on Armycast web: LINK All the sheets have been printed by BOA Agency. Sideviews of all markings can be seen here: http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=487&t=40131&start=15 The first set contains 1/48 decals for MiG-21 R, S, SM, M, MF, bis, US and UM of ALL Warsaw Pact air forces (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Soviet Union) plus Yugoslavia and Finland as a bonus items. Totaly choice of 48 schemes. Decals for single-seaters are fitted to Eduard kits, decals for double-seaters are fitted to Trum
  2. Ex-OEZ/Kopro Su-7 is going to be re-released under Smer trade mark very soon. http://www.smer.cz/hracky-a-modely/letadla-novinky
  3. To make a 15SB really requires some conversions, but a 15bisSB is possible to build out of box. In the Eduards 15bis box are all necessary parts (maybe except the fuel tanks - at this point I'm not sure). As far as the original question is concerned - both MiG-15SB and MiG-15bisSB were used only by Czechoslovak AF.
  4. ReccePhreak: That's a good comment. Here I have prepared higher resolution profiles of all planes included in this decal set. As far as the recce twenty-ones are concerned in the prepared set will be decals for Bulgarian 130, Czechoslovak 1502, 1919 and 2101 (wrap-around grey-green camouflage), Polish 1125 and Romanian 2007 (red star insignias) Regards Jaroslav
  5. Hello guys F4DPhantomII: There is recommended Trumpeter kit for MiG-21F-13, for all other one-seaters are recommended Eduard kits. The two-seater decals are matched to fit Eduard's 21PF (I expect no difference in shape and size of the basic parts). Ryan, Fiddler: The 1/72 version is not planned at this moment. But in the future (one or two years) it is possible. But I can promis you there is planned the second volume of the Warsaw Pact 21s. It will include versions R, S, SM, M, MF, bis, US and UM and even more options(nearly 60).
  6. Hello everyone, New decal set for cold war MiG-21's is now available on Armycast web: LINK The set contains two sheets with decals for MiG-21 F-13, PF, FL, PFM and U of ALL Warsaw Pact air forces (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Soviet Union) plus Albania and Yugoslavia as a bonus items. Totaly choice of 49 schemes. The guide booklet with camouflage schemes contains 20 full colour A5 size (8.3x5.8") pages.
  7. Be carefull, the Indian ones are not PFS/PFM. They are FL, there is no SPS system. But to get an FL is even easier - just use PF kit, fill the parachute doors on fuselage and put wide chord vertical spine and ventral keel from PFM kit. Just one more sprue is needed.
  8. Sorry Gabor, you are wrong. It depends on production plant. Aircraft made in Moscow plant had this panel, planes made in Gorkiy (Nizhniy Novgorod) plant had it not. The reason is different way to seal integral fuel tanks. In Moscow was the wing first assembled, then they applied sealing agent throught this oval hole and then was the hole covered by this oval panel. In Gorkiy was the sealing agent applied during assembly, so the oval hole was not necessary.
  9. There is a new decal sheet from Armycast in 1/48 scale for the first and the second generation MiG-21s in duty of Warsaw Pact air forces. Contains two sheets (size 20 x 20 cm each), printed by BOA Agency. Totaly offers 49 camouflage options. Price is 18.60 EUR. http://modelforum.cz/download/file.php?id=1010547 http://modelforum.cz/download/file.php?id=1010546
  10. Let's have a look to the link, a friend is just building one. http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=80383&start=15
  11. Tango

    Mig- 21

    nicholassagan: MiGs for Arab countries had stencils in English (Egypt, Libya, Iraq,...) or French (Algeria).
  12. Czechoslovak AF got twenty MF-75, no one went to Slovakia after separation. Ten of them were upgraded to MFN in years 1999-2000, the last were retired 2005. R60 were used on Czech MF after MiG-23 were retired in 1998. They were used even on older MF, not only MF-75 or MFN.
  13. Yes, when PF will be released, then already six basic versions of the Ed's kit will be on market (bis, MF, SMT, PFM, R and PF). Then it would be very interesting to play a MiGology game - empty all six boxis onto one pile and make as more versions as possible :-D
  14. Szia Gabor The mixed features planes are MiG-21PFS, the first MiG-21 version with SPS system. It's something between PF and PFM, but the same Izdeliye number as PFM. They were produced in three variant, on this picture is the first variant: http://vaul.ru/samol/MiG-21/0905.jpg The second variant was visually almost identical to Indian FL and the third variant is visually almost identical to PFM.
  15. Don´t forgot another small differences as bomb damage assesment camera behind the left landing gear, breaking parachute hosing, square top of vertical stabilizer, flare/chaff dispensers beside arresting hook or wider air scoop on the right side of fuselage. Few months ago I builded an A-4N out from Hasegawa´s kit: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=72308
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