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  1. Purchased this 10 years ago, used for maybe 100 hours (took a long hiatus from the hobby). I'm upgrading to a larger unit. This one works great, super quiet, gives nice even flow and able to handle all pressures that most modelers use. I'm in Chicago, IL, and will ship at your expense but the unit isn't too heavy so shipping shouldn't cost too much. This is great unit since it's so quiet and compact (it's about a foot long, and less than that wide and high). Has built in adjustable pressure regulator (that locks if you want it to), an air release valve, as well as a stand for your airbrus
  2. Hello all - I've decided I need to thin the stash, and I've got a few kits and accessories to sell. I'd really like to sell the kits with their corresponding accessories, but make me an offer if you're only interested in a portion of the package and I'll consider it. Also make me an offer if you're not so fond of the price (although these are already way below retail). Shipping isn't included; I'm shipping from NY, NY. I'll ship any way you want and anywhere you want, although default is the USPS. Contact me via PM or email: jonathan.fay@gmail.com. I can take payment by check, MO or Payp
  3. YES! I've just been using the stirrers too, to stir paint, of course. But now that I know that a decent hardstand can be made out of the stirrers (and all of my old grounds can be used as a tanning agent of sorts), then the boundaries of the modelling/coffee worlds are ever expanding. Excellent advice! Decent, robust smelling models too! I wonder what other Starbucks merchandise can be used for modelling... Jon
  4. Great builds! Really nice work. The weathering and paint-chipping is top-notch too Thanks, JON
  5. I use straws, courtesy of Starbucks. I figure since I spend a zillion dollars on their beverages the LEAST they can do is fund my straw and paint-moving habit. They work just fine for me...
  6. Joe - that thing is fantastic. The radar tower is really impressive with all of its level of detail. Great work ;) JON
  7. Great builds! ;) Thanks for posting - JON
  8. Terry - some really impressive, beautiful builds. Thanks for posting them! :unsure: Jon
  9. Looking good Thom! Getting closer and closer to finishing this thing. And once you take those masks off it's reallly gonna look great! Jon
  10. That is a GREAT natural metal finish. Really nice work. It should really look amazing too when all finished... JON
  11. Ron - great build, and I think the weathering is perfect too. Thanks JON
  12. Isaac - that looks great. How did you do the pigments, exactly? I picked up a set of some Mig pigments but I haven't used them yet but I'm going to soon, and curious how you did it. Once you do some exhaust staining too I think the rust is going to look perfect. Great build and thanks for posting! JON
  13. Hear hear! I'd buy a bunch in 1/32 and 1/48. I'm getting more into doing aircraft wheels up and need modern pilots for those kits that come without them. Wish there was more available... JON
  14. Ryan - thanks! Now I'll have 2x the tape that I can use in a lifetime! I'll have to go try and find it sometime and check it out. JON
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