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  1. Thanks. I've asked SBARC to delete my account but to no avail. It's dumb having an account where I no longer wish to contribute to.
  2. I want to delete my account. How do I go about accomplishing this?
  3. Oshkosh, AKA Air Venture, without a doubt, this venue is Woodstock For Wingnuts. One whole week of air shows. http://www.airfighters.com/photoalbums.php?albumid=585&sor=21
  4. It was great to see all those Mustangs in the air at the same time. Also nice seeing a P-38 flying around. Too bad the A-36 had dive brake issues and Old Crow had an issue with it's Malcolm Hood. Otherwise a pretty good show.
  5. This thread is a perfect example of why I build for fun. Your approval of my models is not required.
  6. Too bad the flag is flying in the wrong direction.
  7. Can someone please provide information in regard to this photo. Pilot, Wing/Group, Squadron and Timeframe. Thanks, Dave
  8. Where's the delete post button!
  9. Click on the link to my individual F-16 Kodachrome Slide auctions. If the link does not take you to my auctions, click on David F. Brown under the Auctions Tab. This round of auctions ends June 9th. http://www.aircraftslides.com/auction/AuctionList.aspx?lst=5&pageIndex=1&order=1&cat=34
  10. Steven, You certainly have the eye for photographing things with wings.
  11. This event is shaping up to be awesome. If you reside in the Northeast you don't want to miss it. http://www.airfighters.com/photoalbums.php?albumid=530 2012 World War Two Weekend
  12. And people wondered why the Tomcat was referred to as the "Turkey." http://www.airfighters.com/photo/98918/M/USA-Navy/Grumman-F-14B-Tomcat/162701/
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