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  1. 1972 - January 30; HH-53C #68-10363 (Call sign "Jolly Green 65") from the 37th ARRS, crewed by Capt. Roger T. Colgrove (P), Jackson K. Scott Jr. (CP), Jimmie D. Minshaw (FE), Jarvey R. Pickelsimer (PJ), William R. Pearson (PJ) and Roger Goodwin (AP) recorded the 700th "save" for the 37th ARRS by rescuing two USA troops, Capt. Hugh Mills and WO John Bryant, from a downed USA AH-1G (Call sign "Charlie Horse 38") helicopter, near Phu Bai, RVN. No other details are known at this time. www.mh-53pavelow.com/documents/airframes/notable_h53_history.pdf &JRCC Save Form & "PJ's in Vietnam" by
  2. That's easy. AH-1G 67-15802 a 20mm ship. "Charliehorse 38", D Troop (Air) 3rd Squadron 5th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, 1971-71. Aircraft lost 30 January 1972. Marking include Cavalry guidons and side marking from the Arkansas Highway Patrol sent to me in October 1971 by the Superintendent of the AHP.
  3. How about HH-53B/C in ARRS marking from VietNam? 1/35 HH-43 Husky? I have a 1/72 OH-23D but heck I can’t see it! How about the 1/48 or 1/35. I learned to fly in a 23. Great basic helo. Not a bad scout either.
  4. I’ve seen those before. Catchy scheme πŸ‘πŸšπŸ˜€
  5. 1. 1/35 OH-23D/G 2. 1/35 AH-1J 3. 1/35 YHO-3/4/5/6 LOH competition 4. 1/35 Sioux Scout 5. any, S-67 Blackhawk 6. " AH-65 Cheyenne 7. any Lockheed HK-51 compound
  6. Good news! A world without Loaches is a world without sunshine. Hugh Mills
  7. hugh mills

    M113 Tow

    Is there a kit of the M113 Single TOW model without overheard armor? Just a TOW tube and launcher on a pedestal in he open top. Circa 1976/77 Ft Hood. I had M551's, M113, M106 and M113 TOW, M578, Gamma Goat (which never moved) and a slug of M114. Hugh Mills
  8. True statement for 1969. In Darkhorse in 1972 some of the guys flying with us wee gunners and not trained OH-6 crew chiefs. MY chief Jimmie Christy was a Cobra Crew chief and learned the OH-6 OJT. He wanted to fly and Cobra chiefs did not fly. Generally the term Crew chief and gunner is synonymous for the OH-6. Some units flew with observers in the front left seat as we sometimes did when training a new pilot but they were generally useless in my opinion as they could see in a right hand turn and I was always in a right hand turn. and it always made the Observer sick.
  9. The Easter invasion of 1972 introduced the SA-7 Grail (Strela 2) to the theatre. We were briefed on it at Can Tho in May of 1972. Initially the toilet bowels for the Cobra and Huey were fielded and Scouts were given Very pistols with Green and White star clusters marked US Ord. 1943 and told to have the gunner shoot one at a Strela -2 if we saw one. There were two concerns. First the Strela's speed is Mach 1.4. Secondly, when lounging around Muc Hoa one afternoon I picked up the pistol and loaded a star cluster. The third one actually fired. Stupid plan but a an interim plan none the l
  10. No....hugh is not getting senile! On 17340, Miss Clawd IV the struts and skids were all black. 340 never had sabers. The sabers were an ill fated experiment in Apr/May 69 to jazz up my bird. 249 was the first with sabers and two days after it was painted I hit a tree and took out the art work with the bubble. I have pics of that somewhere. No Outcast with teeth (C/16 Cav 1971/72 had sabers, just teeth. I did not fly a mission in a bathing suit! That would be stupid. I flew it in my skivvies. OD green t shirt and boxers. Took my Nomex and boots but never had a chance to put them
  11. Sometimes you got to wake a feller up! I've been at AAAA for a week for the HOF induction and just got back. I am happy to photograph and provide same, the KCMOPD OH-6C's and the MH-6C that we have. Technical questions are welcome. I am not much at uploading pics and I might have to study on that some or could get them to Floyd for the same purpose. Our ships have WESCAM FLIR, Nightsun, high skids and Blue paint with stripes. My email is hmills16@aol.com if someone wants to email me direct. Might be able to get to it next week. Tomorrow I am working on a 1/1 Reva III Armored MRAP we
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