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    Dragon 1/35 Huey

    I got the modeling itch last night and I got to thinking how long it would take to build a basic dragon huey model, longer than I thought lol. It's coming along nicely with mostly painting left to do. This is kind of what I would want my personal Huey to look like, I like antennas :) Tim

    1/35 Vietnam Helicopters

    After writing that last post I got ambitious and assembled 24 Pilots and modified them to switch legs, arms. I'm using diorama glue on the connection points. The glue dries to a tacky coating and holds parts together. For my game helicopter crews can fight. Easy switch between legs. The side m23 / m60 is setup with magnets too :D Tim

    1/35 Vietnam Helicopters

    Busy summer not much time on the bench, but progress continues did about 4 hours today working on the Hueys.. I've also been working on my 1/35 infantry for my game which is new to me too but my painting is getting better. Built the pilot seat frames from scratch and modified the original pilot seats. I used 1mmx1mm magnets on the bottom of the pilot seat frame and the cyclic. Using bigger magnets I got the pilot doors to be in the open and closed position. My First Platoon gets ever closer to being completed. The cabin ceiling, roof and transmission/cover are one piece. The engine cover is glued the helicopter body. The covers make good grab points. Making fictitious army units but using 101st Airborne as the start. I read or watched something and the NVA/VC feared the 101st just by the sight of the eagle patch so much they were allowed to leave it colored instead of going green. 101st AIRBORNE 1st Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade 101st AHC, Wings of mercy Blue Platoon UH-1H 1st Lt UH-1H Cpt 1st Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade 101st AHC, Eagle Assault Red Platoon UH-1H WO4 UH-1H 1st Lt UH-1H WO5 UH-1H Cpt 101St AIRBORNE 1st Battalion, 420th Infantry Regiment Alpha Company FT Gray FT Red FT Silver Pvt M16 Pvt M16 Law Pvt M16 Law Pvt M16 Cpl M16 Law Pvt M16 Spc M16 Exp Cpl M16 Spc M16 Exp Cpl M16 Spc M76 Sgt M4 Bravo Squad First Platoon FT Yellow FT Gold FT Green FT Broze Pvt M16 Ammo Pvt M16 Ammo Cpl M16 Law Pvt M16 Pvt M16 Ammo Pvt M16 Ammo Sgt M4 Spc Radio SPC M60 Cpl M16 Spc M76 Ssgt M4 SPC M60 Cpl M16 Cpl M16 Medic 2nd Lt This is just Alpha Company, patient permitting the rest of the battalion lol feel free to comment or ask questions good or bad ;) I had fun just writing up my games pieces. Hopefully it looks right :D Tim

    Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals for Kitty Hawk kit PREVIEW

    I'm curious about the orange elevators, is there a reason for the making them orange? Tim

    1/35 AH-1W *Finished*

    Looking good. I was going to say she's a little too dirty but I found a pic of a cobra just as dirty :-) Tim

    Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale UH-1D Finished

    Very nice build. Tim

    Photobucket sucks

    I too also prefer imgur.com too, it's free and the website is easy enough to navigate. Tim

    RAH-66 help

    Yup. Tim

    1/35 Vietnam Helicopters

    Since it's for this project I'll continue posting my progress here I've decided to go with 6 six Hueys instead of the 20+ and leave the rest for way later down the road. It was way easier to purchase these dragon Hueys than it's to make them somewhat looking right lol. I'm going to have a platoon of an AHC and two as Medevac. Once these are done I'm hoping the UH-1Cs are fairly straight forward and can be done in weeks not months like the dragon Hueys.... Same goes for the OH-6A. The CH-47A cabin does look like challenge though but I'll git er done. I did have all my dragon Hueys packed up ready to sell for cheap but then KH decided not go 1/35 and well it was back to the bench with them. That 1/35 KH Huey would've saved me hundreds of hours of trying to make a decent looking 205... I would dare to say thousands of hours after I'm done with all of them.... but it's worth it Progress continues on the UH-1H seats, it's time consuming but the time fly's by right fast. I've decided to use brass for both of the armor plate holders, I just had to get more creative on how to bend the brass. I've also changed how I'm making the slit for the seat belt. Instead of drilling I just cut out a piece and replace it to have the slit. To make this repeatable for the brass and the slit I made a master copy, scanned it to my PC, printed it, then glued it to the brass and styrene. I was originally using the sides of the stock seat but it was more work compared to using blank styrene. Sanded down the back of all the seats so I can fit a custom frame. The one frame I've got in all my pictures is my master and I'm going to measure, cut and repeat..... The one stock piece I'm keeping is the small side armor of the seat, one less thing to cut and glue. Seat sanded down. The master seat frame. Used a really good pair of scissors to cut all these out. Replaced the cut out with an oversized piece then trimmed it down. Sides all glued on. All the armor plate holders were done but I accidently made one too many for side and one two little for the other lol. That lone flat piece of brass is me switching it to the right side. Tim

    1/35 Vietnam Helicopters

    OH-6's only had one pilot? Tim

    1/35 Vietnam Helicopters

    Accomplished a big hurdle today with this project by being able to hang a Huey from a clear sheet, have it so I can move it along the sheet and still have the main rotor turn. So excited!!! I used a 1/8 aluminum tube to replace the rotor mast, 3/32 metal rod to go through the rotor mast and a nut with some washers to secure the Huey. I used a 5/16 wood dowel to connect the 3/32 rod to a magnetic ball. I used wood to keep the weight down. I'm using two neodymium magnet balls to glide along the plastic sheet and the dowel for now is connected by rubber bands screwed to the dowel. I didn't take any wip picture's but there's several more rotors to be done. Rotating mast. The rod connection at the bottom of the Huey and the magnetic ball. I used the full dowel just so if I made a mistake I had lots left to work with. Tim

    CH-47A Operations in Vietnam

    Thank you all for your service and thank you for sharing your experiences from Vietnam. Tim
  13. I've spent at least 6hrs working on a 1/35 UH-1 pilot and I was hoping to hear from guys who've built their own custom seat. Share ideas and maybe help the next guy. This is most I've customized a seat and first time using brass. It's coming along but a work in progress still. Thankfully there's lots of reference photo's out there but at my skill level, doing an exact replica even in 1/35 scale is near impossible. The two hardest things for me so far it the bottom holder for the armor plate and the holes for the seat belts. I did try the bottom holder with brass but all I managed to do was slice my thumb open.... Then I went with plastic. I'm some what satisfied with my progress but my next challenge is finding the right size rods for the seat frame. It doesn't help my nearest model shop is 2hrs drive from where I live... Drilling a hole instead of cutting a slit. Filled in the hole with plastic then puttied the seems. The upper holder for the armor plate took some time but no cut fingers... I cut up a old bed sheet for the seat cushions and used sticky tack to keep them folded. I'm also leaving the armor plate loose as it's a fairly tight fit and won't slide out. Tim