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  1. It has been the first week of the year when models, other than aircraft, are featured in the Gallery. What if builds, cars, figures, humor models, etc. http://www.arcair.com/Gal-Archives/misc/Silly-Models/01.shtm
  2. Asking for a friend, ok, me.
  3. Yep, that is the kit I got. Also got the big hanger which they say is a WWII version but I haven't been able to find any pictures online that look like it either. Figure that one is generic enough not to worry. I found the same pics online and have already saved them along with a few others. Seen one hanger that just had a single row of lights along the centerline but could be a smaller one.
  4. All, I picked up the 72nd scale kit of one of these and have been trying to find pictures of what stuff would be on the insides (besides an aircraft)? Haven't decided whose it will be but Polish, East German or something Middle East are where I am leaning. So, what did the insides look like? What equipment would be stored with the plane? Did they refuel the plane in place with a tanker? I have found some pics online and they show different types of lighting, tables, storage racks, boxes etc. but nothing really clear. Any help greatly appre
  5. Glad to help in any way and keep the pics coming. I live about 45 minutes south of Hill AFB but the 35s don't usually come down this far south. Haven't heard about a deployment but they recently did a big "Elephant Walk" with them and one of my buddies took some pics.
  6. I did a quick check and there is mention of an F-15 scoring a drone kill, possibly 2 different aircraft with kills. 97-0219 is mentioned as having the kill marking but I don't see a mention that it was one of the planes involves. There is also another picture out there of another F-15E from this squadron also carrying a Green Star kill marking.
  7. Philp

    EB-57B's ?

    I am planning one in both scales probably both from the 17th DSES, maybe one in the Bicentennial markings. Have the set for the 48th scale Airfix kit and think I have stuff for the 72nd scale one but I might just be thinking of something else.
  8. Sounds good. Can you put a link in here when you create the new one? personally I like small air forces so anything you have works for me.
  9. Philp

    EB-57B's ?

    My Dad worked in the 4677th DSES out of Westover AFB and then we moved to Malmstrom AFB with the 17th DSES. I have plans to do a build of planes in 72nd and 48th scale. Really liked the Bicentennial scheme the 17th had and then the slightly modified version afterwards.
  10. Mike, As someone else who has lost a child, I can feel your pain. While my son's circumstances were completely different I am sure my pain is similar. One way to look at this that may help a little is to imagine a rock dropping into a pond. Right now you are in the splash and the emotions are almost unbearable. As you move away from the splash (time) the ripples are still very strong and seem so close together. Further along the ripples start to lessen and happen less often, the pain is still there but it is lower. While I don't think the pain will ever go away it does b
  11. Help. I am building this as part of the Lesser Air Forces GB over at Britmodeller but the pics I can find online don't give me any details about the wings. Trying to find out if they carried the roundels in all 4 positions and/or if the serial (JDFT-2) was also carried on the wings. Lots of pics of their helicopters and the new trainers but only side shots of the Islander so far. Have seen what looks like 2 upper wing roundels and serials on the top of one of their first Cessna's and a later Cessna seems to only show a roundel on the right wing. Has anyone every seen one of their aircraft
  12. All, I picked up two of the Aeroclub conversion sets for this kit to make an Argentinian version from the Falklands and an Australian version from Vietnam. Anybody have one or two in their stash that they need to get rid of?
  13. The following are for sale: Robotech kits all have parts in original sealed bags and are all 1/72nd scale. Kits with (S) by them are still in shrink wrap. Revell Robotech Zoltek $60 Condar (S) $60 Terratracker $50 Pending Dromedin $70 Robot Recovery Unit $50 Strike Force $70 Other kits Monogram Passenger Rocket (S) $50 Bandai RX-78-2 Gundam $5 Pending AMT Star Wars Corporate Alliance Droid (S) $20 Polar Lights Lost in Space Jupitor 2 (1/48th) $50 Aircraft Airfix 1/72nd Rotodyne $15 Pending Dragon 1/72nd P-38J (parts are loose in box) $10 Pending Hasagawa 1/200th MD-11 (no liv
  14. Wonder if this build was ever finished? I have the kit and decals in the stash and just need to get the tank or make my own. Was bummed that Aero Union lost their contract and are getting rid of (or may have already) their fleet as I still think their P-2s and P-3s were the best looking tankers out there.
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