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EC-135 T2i D-HZSC Rescue Helicopter, 1/32

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Hi together !

Well, the in Progress thread started April fourth 2007, today's the 7 April 09..... But I think I started around new year 07 with this project.

Once started to be someking of a contest between a friend an me, then turned out to be a long and spicked with many breaks single race...

this modell shows an Eurocopter EC-135 T2i, which belongs to the Federal Bureau of Civil Protection (or how wikipedia says:Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance / / /BBK = Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe) part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI = Bundesministerium des Innern).

Christoph 3, which is the callsign of this rescue helicopter is based at the airport of Cologe/Bonn (EDDK), in former times at an hospital in Cologne Merheim.

To the In-Porgress thread:



Hope you like it !










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Wow Julian, you have really excelled yourself with this build.

I am speechless, like LD said, she looks real. Thanks for the comparison shots, you have truly nailed it!! Very inspiring indeed, thanks for sharing your beautiful workmanship.

2 years aye..........I wont feel bad about my BK being at 8 months so far then!

So what is next???

Thanks again for sharing your craftsmanship to us



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Thank you guys !!

It's always wonderful to hear so many kindy words from all around the globe :thumbsup:

What's next ?

Well, I started building a Mi1, Mi2 and an HUP-2 in 1/72.... the work stopped :rolleyes: There're many kits in the stock, but maybe it gonne be an german SAR Huey of the AirForce -but ... we'll see

Ps: When the weather gets better I'm going to take the modell to an hospital here, with H-Pad, going to be some cool photos I hope

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