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Trumpeter 48th J-10A

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Well we have seen what an exceptional modeler can do with the J-10 in Yufei's build around here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....09&hl=yufei, now here is what an average builder can do with it.


Not a bad build, the only areas that I had problems with that were not self inflicted were with the decals, they really were not that good. Thin but tore easily, some of the few stencils I used silvered and didn't have enough numbers to do the airframe number ('Bort Number') as correctly as I knew how. I also had trouble polishing the canopy seam line in that it was both on the outside AND inside of the canopy. It's a bit hard to get a sanding stick or even pad inside the canopy. It took me 3 tries to get it ok to my standards - (no matter how low they may be!)


The last snafu I did looking at the pics is that I think my missiles may be skewed a bit - ala a Super Hornet when they shouldn't be! It's a problem I have recently noticed that I rush the final stages of building, just so I can get it off my desk and start on something else.


Here it is with my Revell Eurofighter, to give you an idea of the size of the J-10

Here is the build thread with more detailed info on the build and some info towards the end on numbering of the PLAAF airframes


Happy Modeling


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Considering all of the 'Lavi Knockoff' talk whenever the J-10 is mentioned I thought it'd be interesting to it them side by side with the airframe which is does most closely resemble

I didn't think of it as a Typhoon knock off, just it was an interesting comparison versus the normal F-15 or F-16 airframes we're all familiar with. If I had a current Rafale build (my last one was destroyed by a 3 year old a while back!) I'd have shown it also as they are all basically the same configuration and it's interesting to see differant design solutions. It is sort of like showing a F-100, Mig-19, Super Mystre and maybe Su-7 as all similar solutions to the same operational demands.

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Great looking build! :whistle: Following yours and Yufei's build and learning that the decals were a real bother, maybe I'll try to paint a layer of Flat Clear over the decals while they're still on the backing paper so as to strengthen them to prevent tearing. Hope it helps for my Dragon when I get around to starting mine.

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