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PAA 707's...

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My Pan Am 707 collection - still got more to add tho'...PA had a big fleet, all versions :wave:

all 1/144 scale, revell and airfix kits, one minicraft, with mods here n there....

they might not be totally accurate but they do at least represent the aircraft reasonably enough (hopefully)...

where needed I shortened the fuselages, changed engines, things like that :wave:

The first one...B707-121 revell kit, modified(yes I know there's a bit missing off the nearest engine - I have fixed it!!!)


B707-320 as delivered with short fin, mods to the engines


B707-321B Minicraft kit 1


B707-321B Minicraft kit 2


B720, modified from the revell kit


I could probably do with some better pics actually..............

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