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Even More Eggs For 2011

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As if building a half-dozen Blackbird eggplanes wasn't enough, I had a few more on the bench along with those. Just finished them up and now I can move on to building real aircraft again. So, here they are, smallest to largest. Ironically the smallest goes to the Bandai C-5 'gyro-plane' (minus the gyro, plus custom markings) which measures just a shade under 3 inches...




Hasegawa Shuttle (with custom Challenger markings)


Scratch built Boeing Phantom Ray...



And finally, the Muroc Models X-1 (listed in their catalog as the Eggs-1)




This was a fun project, but its time to move on to other things.


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Oh-h-h man ... those look like fun! :nanner:

I may just have to do a shuttle too! I didn't even realize there was an "Eggs-1" ... it doesn't really look that different from the real thing ..!

And how did you mask those tiny little radomes??

You did a really nice job on those Tony! :crying2:


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