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First of 2012 complete

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This was a model I started back in 2006. It's been sitting all built, filled, and sanded for years. I pulled it out to finish it for my local club's Monogram theme. I used this kit to practice freehand airbrushing. I found freehand airbrushing enjoyable, but my airbrush doesn't get a fine enough line. So, I spent a lot of time touching up overspray. I also decided to try something new with the panel lines. I had no desire to rescribe the kit, and since the kit was molded in a dark green I tried a new technique. After painting the kit, I took some sandpaper and lightly went over all the panel lines to knock off the paint and reveal the green plastic. I think the end result is alright. Decals are from TwoBobs.






It feels good to accomplish something that was started so long ago, even if it's not show quality. Now, back to the real scale...1/144th.


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Thanks Cameron. I hope you got to see it in person at the club meeting this past Saturday.

Hi John, I haven't been able to make the last few meetings. My wife just finished up her masters degree today and we are moving out of state for a new job. I'll try to make a meeting or two before we leave though as they are a joy to attend.


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