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  1. Thanks for your responses and input guys. I really appreciate it! I'll remember that next time I order from him. Cameron
  2. Have a question regarding shipping time to the U.S. I ordered a few models from Ericyymodel, now Sealmodel. The items shipped out on November 15 and still no sign of them. The tracking number shows that it still has not reached the states. Is this typical? Those who have ordered from him before, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cameron
  3. I posted in the spares box that I was looking for some F-51 Korean war decals, and oortiz10 (-O) said that he had a full spare sheet from the Tamiya F-51 boxing. Before I knew it the decal sheet had arrived in my mailbox free of charge. So oortiz10 is a great guy. Deal with him in confidence. Thanks again -O. Cameron
  4. That is awesome. I like all the details that you added to it. Truly unique. Thanks for sharing! Cameron
  5. Thanks Kris, I appreciate it. I'll send him a PM. Your ZM P-51D turned out awesome by the way. Nice job! Cameron
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some cheap leftover or unused 1/48 F-51 Korean war decals that someone is not planing to use. I would prefer the shark mouth markings like from the Tamiya F-51 boxing or something similar. I plan on converting a P-51d to the F-51 and figured I could do it using spares but just lack the decals. I would prefer to keep it in the continental USA to keep shipping low. Thanks for you help. Cameron
  7. Thanks for the tip István. Never thought about mixing paint with white glue! Cameron
  8. Hi John, I haven't been able to make the last few meetings. My wife just finished up her masters degree today and we are moving out of state for a new job. I'll try to make a meeting or two before we leave though as they are a joy to attend. Cameron
  9. Kevin, your display unit must be huge. I can see why a new display case would cost $1700 if you keep building these monsters. Thanks for sharing her with us! Cameron
  10. You are a brave man! She turned out beautiful. Where do you plan on displaying her? Cameron
  11. Wow, nice camouflage. You have a lot of patience for that paint scheme. They both turned out great. Thanks for sharing them with us. Cameron
  12. Nice clean build. Love the color scheme. You did a really beautiful job. Cameron
  13. John, That looks great. The sanded panel lines give it a slightly weather look. She turned out very nice. Thanks for posting. Cameron
  14. Godfrey, that's coming along nicely. She is looking great. Can't wait to see her painted. I built one of these for my son to play with and have a couple more in the stash for myself. Darren's article was a real life saver when I was putting it together. Thanks Darren for putting that article together and sharing it. Cameron
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