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1/48 T-38A decals

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With your permission, I am going to resurrect this old thread.  You have printed three very excellent T-38 talon sheets in 1/48 scale, and have announced a fourth (T-38 Pt.3) on your website.  Would you be willing to add these markings for a companion trainer of the 366th Wg at Mountain Home AFB?  I want to get the green & yellow "Gunfighters" tail band on an aircraft.



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Lots of great subject matter out there for companion trainers; in addition to Mountain Home, Grand Forks, Minot, Barksdale, Dyess, McConnell, and Ellsworth all come to mind as having jets in 36118 with unit markings similar to the heavies, and Seymour-Johnson had T-38s in AMC gray.  I've also seen a photo somewhere of an Offutt 38 that looks to be in overall 16473.



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3 hours ago, BuzzUkka said:

How about one from the top secret Tonopah Test Range?  Used as a chase plane for F-117s and MiG evaluations. Very unusual and I don’t think anyone has done one. 



Yes, Yes!!! Also the 4477th TES.






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