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I miss BMC as well! No offense to Escale but it sucks. Every time I try to find anything I get errors or not found notification. Did not have that problem with BMC. BMC had everythin set up right. Here on ARC air Im having some trouble navagating but its much easier that Escale. I would like to have all the tutorials. I tried to save them before they shut the site down, all the tutes came out in charicters, numbers and letters. With no pictures at all. im still sad over BMC being shut down it was like losing a family memeber.

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BMC had a very intuitive front page...haven't found another one like it anywhere. What killed me was the suddeness of it all. It alienated a lot of people I considered my friends and they haven't surfaced since, on any forum I've frequented, which is 8 or 9 on an average day. Anyway, time will tell...

The tutorial folders plus the index (including all the pictures) is 61MB. PM USMC and take up his offer for the disc. If that doesn't work out, pm me and I'll have it to you in a couple days.

ARC has the most active poster's IMO, even at 3am...never a dull moment! LoL

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