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  1. tosouthern66

    Herc and hornet collide and crash off japan.

    Thoughts and Prayers go out to the crew, their families and there fellow service members. Hope the rest of the crews are found alive.
  2. In casesome of you missed it. President George H.W. Bush has passed away at 94 years old. We have lost a leader and a WW2 Naval Aviator. RIP Mr. President.
  3. tosouthern66

    Rex - accidental CAG passed away last night

    Sad news indeed, Rest In Piece Rex. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
  4. tosouthern66

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair

    11Bee Have you thought about trying 2K automotive clear? I bought a kit at the local paint shop for my model cars and it is great. Have not tried it on an aircraft kit yet but it will be happening soon I hope! Another clear I have tried and that is Mission Models Gloss clear it is also nice.
  5. tosouthern66

    Group builds. really people?

    I haven't forgotten about my F-16N for the TopGun build. Just haven't had time to work on it.
  6. tosouthern66

    Academy 1/48 F-4B BUNO 150479 VF-151 1973

    Very nice start! Can't wait to the this one all finished up.
  7. I would like to build a Hornet for this group build but have not found decals in 1/72 for the Hornets. Didn't like the 1st Top Gun movie and will not watch this one.
  8. tosouthern66

    Model Mission paints - Thoughts?

    mike I am using ghe Mission Model paints on my current build for the Top Gun Group build. I am very impressed with the paint! I have used many different type paints and this stuff is great! I follow the mix instruction to a T. My F-16N build is without using the poly mix addative. Main thing I have learned about this stuff and I sill stress it this tip. Use primer! I have been using stylenrez primer and have had no paint lifting yet.
  9. tosouthern66

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Update: 10/7/2018 Got the paint on, not the best but it will do. Paint is the Mission Models Paint. I have to say this stuff is pretty easy to work with.
  10. tosouthern66

    1/48 F-4B VF-21 Freelancers

    Sweet looking build! My favorite Carrier!
  11. tosouthern66

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    1/72 scale is also wanted!
  12. tosouthern66

    2 F-5F bad guys.

    Very nice Phantom! I'm aiming at a couple F-5’s after the F-16N is complete.
  13. tosouthern66

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Update: 15 September 2018 Got some paint on the air frame. Still need to paint the vertical tail and under side surfaces. Still have another color to go on the top.
  14. tosouthern66

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Ernie why do you think were having all this rain and flooding plus facing two possible tropical storms! Because things are whacked in South Texas. I have a feeling Xavier is working on something in his hidden lab.
  15. tosouthern66

    Hasegawa 1/72 F-16N

    Yes I did. Thanks for your help!