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  1. There is also ScaleFinishes that produce enamels. I suggest if you order get a jar of the hardner to help out the drying.
  2. Happy New Year to you Steve. Hope you had a great start!
  3. Marvin Looking good! Question's for you. Did you have any issues with the fit in front of the cockpit? I have a partially built E and the area in front of the cockpit that attaches to the nose piece I ended up with a slight step there. Second question did you glue the cockpit tub to upper half instead of attaching it to the nose gear tub like instructions show?
  4. Drifterdon No particular unit. Would prefer the gray birds. Never liked the euro camo schemes but if it came down to it Id look the euro.
  5. By chance does anyone have some 1/48 A-10A decals available? Have a partially built Tamiya kit and the decals are shot beyond use!
  6. So this GB goes till the end of March 2023? If that's the case then I might have to jump in this one! You all are making this hard on me not to join. I haven't completed a model in quite some time. I've started several but never finish!
  7. Thanks for the input on the newer MENG boxing. I guess I will have to plan on getting additional stencil decal sheets from Furball. Dave I know what you are saying is factual due to having a conversation with someone who uses Microscale. I value your input on this! Thanks again guys!
  8. For those of you that have the later boxing of their SH kits VFA-2. Did MENG fix the decal sheets when it comes to the stencils? I have a couple of the first run kits and the kit decal stencils are just gray boxes and squiggly lines. Such a nice kit to have a half *** decal sheet. I know there are aftermarket decals that can be used to correct this and I have a few of them. I am just curious if the fixed this issue.
  9. Joe Ill send you a dm. If Icome up to Corpus Ill give you a yell. Maybe we can meet up?
  10. Joe Welcome to the madness! What part of the Coastal Bend you in? I'm in the RGV.
  11. I have always gone by the golden rule. Anything over lacquer and lacquer over nothing. I know there have been people that say they do it with no issues. But I am not willing to take a chance. You can experiment on a paint mule.
  12. Thats Good! I hope CAM Pro has good customer service! Ordered some 1/48 Hornet decals. Got F-4G and A-4F decals instead. Now that project is off till I get the right ones. I have kits and decals for the GB but this was my 2nd build after the A-7 to see if I can keep going
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