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  1. Question: Whats the best way to make FOD/Exhaust covers? What material are you all using? Pics would be nice of possible. Working on a Meng F/A-18E kit. Not having any luck getting the intakes to look good enough for me.
  2. Not to hijack ESzczesniak's thread but I have a question. I have the Tamiya B kit but I also have the Academy kit and that's where my question comes from. The original Academy B kit as built by instructions a late B correct? Which has the slotted stabs ( Fencing facing wrong way from what I have read ). SO if my understanding of this is correct and for those of you that know please correct or help me with this? The Academy kit can be built as an N correct? Other than the intake antennas and the slotted stabs. WHat other part numbers are needed to convert it to an N bird? I have plans to build
  3. Collin Are those parts in all the Academy F-4B kits? I have the first kit Academy released. Was about to cut a deal with a local builder. If it has the N parts then I need to hold on to it for a while longer.
  4. Yea I wont make that meeting. Im in South Texas
  5. What raffle and meeting? I knew nothing of this.
  6. Ordered mine from Sprue Brothers. Should be here next Wednesday if USPS doesn't screw it up! Update: Went a head and ordered #2 from Tower. Gotta have sisters
  7. Looking for the above decal sheet. Do not need the entire sheet just the primary decals for the VF-151 F-4B.
  8. Andrew Im glad your was ok mine are junk apparently. I gave the Furball sheet and there are 3 primary aircraft on that sheet I want to do. My old squadron is primary (VFA-151). VFA-87 and VFA-137 are thd other two.
  9. Currently working on the Meng Super Hornet kit. Went to use decals for cockpit and everyone one of the fell apart in the water in about 10 seconds. The decals claim to be Cartograph printed. I've never had Cartograph decals fall apart like this before. I have had them fracture over irregular shapes but never make it out of the water. I tested a couple of the primary squadron decals and had the same issue. I was planning on using Furball All Star sheet anyway since Meng took a short cut on the warning and caution placards by not actually putting text for them, just gray lines/blocks. Anyone els
  10. You should give the Dupli-Color sandable primers a try. Their nozzle lays it out smooth and thin. Do not go to a regular parts store to look for it. Try a auto parts store that has a paint center in it. I called around today and found that the one store that is closed the one with the paint center shows they have three cans of the black in stock. I will find out tomorrow!
  11. I always prime my kits when using lacquer paints even the acrylic lacquers. At one time I did nit prime using enamels. I stopped doing that a long time a go. My issue is I prefer the Dupli-Color spray primers but most of the auto parts stores here only carry the Rustocrap primers. That stuff sucks and is too thick no matter how light I try to spray it. I looked at getting the MRP surface primer but that stuff costs more than the paint does. I would have to buy a bunch of that compared to the stuff I am using now. The Tamiya primers are good but I can get more for less out of the Dupli Col
  12. I started a Kitty Hawk UH-1Y Venom helicopter and just sprayed my first MRP for the interior. I have to say this stuff is nice! It took several light coats to get it to cover the primer good. My question is this. Is the MRP primer worth the extra money or keep using the Dupli Color spray primer that I am using?
  13. I have been using a degreaser called Purple Power to strip paint off model cars for years now. So far I have not found a paint it can’t handle. The longer the model is in the pond the easier the paint comes off. Looks like when I get off work at 0500 Im heading to WallyWorld for some mean Green to test.
  14. Just ran a track on my package. It left San Juan Pr Thursday at 5:59PM. Has not been scanned anywhere since and the delivery date is unknown. Just says that it is on time. If it was on time I would already have it. The USPS needs to be closed down as far as I am concerned. All they do is raise rates to pay the top people. Just totally ridiculous.
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