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  1. Two Great Entertainers and Humanitarians Have Past Away

    I just realized that the tag line did not show up along with my links. I had there names in the tag line.
  2. Two Great Entertainers and Humanitarians Have Past Away

    Sorry guys my link's didn't show up. They were Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory. Both were comedians and damn good at it.
  3. Two Great Entertainers and Humanitarians have past away in the past few days. RIP Gentleman, you will not be forgotten!
  4. USS Indianapolis found

    Yes thanks!
  5. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Gang I just realized something! It may make a few of you happier!!! Here is a list of USN Helicopter Squadrons that qualify. HS-2 ( Re designated to HSC-12 on 1/1/09 ) HS-3 ( Re designated to HSC-9 on 6/1/09 ) HS-4 ( Re deignated to HSC-4 on 1/1/12 ) Just remember that if the Squadron was established before the 31 December 1955 and was later Re designated it counts!
  6. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Spectre Like Rex said, I am allowing Marine squadrons in this build as long as they were established on or before the date chosen.
  7. Working fine for me it seems. I can click the back arrow on the top tool bar and the back arrow that goes back to the topic listings.
  8. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Yea the kits might have a little more importance than the camera set up. For without the kits you have nothing to shoot! lol
  9. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Only in our minds! Oh wait I forgot we have no minds! We have plastic!!!! lol Can't get here soon enough!!
  10. ARC Site

    I am glad that I am not going crazy and that there is no issues with my computer.
  11. ARC Site

    Ok is it just me or did the look of the site change?
  12. MV-22 Down

    It is indeed a sad ending to the incident. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family, friends and comrades of those that were lost in the incident.
  13. MV-22 Down

    I haven't seen anything new since the Yahoo story.
  14. MV-22 Down

    We had an MV-22 crash off Australia. https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-marines-conducting-search-rescue-operation-aviation-mishap-121826917.html