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  1. I am not a fan of USAF Aircraft but that looks Damn Nice! Well done! That scheme is starting to grow on me.
  2. Rex I think we will keep what we have. Aussie has a Mig/Su killer GB poll going right now. Hopefully he gets enough votes there so we can build some of those Mig killers you were suggesting.
  3. Falcon Your Corsairs blue looks like intermediate blue to me. Of course cameras makes things look different than in person. I do like how they came out
  4. I have the MM navy blue gray on my list just that there is sooo many different opinions so I was looking for suggestions. Thanks guys
  5. Question What color do you guys use for the two tone aircraft? I just received my Tamiya 1/48 scale kit in and am in the process of planning the build. I have looked all over and seen many recommended paint colors. But I have some concerns with some of the recommended colors. I have been bitten in the past with using some recommended colors. I have not built a Wildcat since I was a kid and back then I just paint brushed on sky blue. Did not know any better and the internet was not around then. So let me know what you guys use.
  6. To me they designed them with our flares for tests, but when the Soviet flares became available for testing they found out that hey had an issue. The missiles were already designed and issued to the fleet so it is bound to have those miss issues..
  7. I have the following Hasegawa 1/72 parts to trade or sell. AN/AAQ-13 Navigation Pod (X3) AN/AAQ-14 Targeting Pod (X3) AN/ALQ-184 (X3) ECM Pod (X3) AN/AAQ-13 Rack (F-15E) AN/AAQ-14 Rack (F-14) AN/AAQ-4 Rack (F-15E) AN/AAQ-14 Rack (F-16C) Trade Items Wanted: Modern 1/72 weapons ( Let me know what you got )
  8. I wish they would re tool the 1/72 hornets to include dropped flaps/slats. The way the superhornets build up is better than the legacy as far as I am concerned.
  9. An Ordnancemans dream! Heavy load that doesn't come back to be downloaded after flight.
  10. I think if they would discard some of the old molds and make new updated molds they would be better off. Some of the old molds are worn out and the engineering is old as well. An example would be the Legacy Hornets 1/72 and 1/48. If they re engineered and made new molds of these old kits they would sell pretty good. If they set them up to build up like the newer Super Hornets would be great. I would buy a good amount of those.
  11. Ken That article makes sense to me. We design our stuff and we mostly only have our countermeasures to test against. If you can only test against your own stuff but not our enamies, then our missiles are bound to fail from time to time going against enemy countermeasures.
  12. Youvare not to only one wishing it would hurry up and get here.
  13. Nice job so far Pete
  14. Here's food for thought for you.When and if they name the pilot, he may not have been flying his aircraft. There is a chance he was in a different one. I know when I was with 151 in the late 80's our pilots didn't fly there aircraft and times even when their aircraft was available.
  15. This one hit close to home for me. One of the young men was from a town 20 minutes away. They interviewed one of his teachers and some friends. It is a tragic loss and may they and their families find peace.