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  1. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    JF At 1st I had issues. Then I started applying it in multiple light coats. Do not press down on the tip to get more ink on the model. If it stops marking the use a paper to get the ink coming out. If you go slow and easy it will work, if you try to hurry it then you will get ink bleeding under the tape.
  2. Boeing F4B-4s

    Ranger74 Looking good! Your build is bringing back memories of when I built one as a kid. My biggest memory is what the M60 firecracker did to it. Go figure just a kid then!
  3. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    I haven't had any issues with bleeding. I draw the line on the bare paint. Just lightly apply the marker ink and do it in a couple layers.
  4. Maintenance Control: What are your build plans

    I was wondering where you were. Glad to see you made it in time!
  5. Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18A VFA-151

    Thad Now you yell me not to glue them like that. I was wondering why they didn’t fit that well! Lol. I am using the kit decals
  6. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    I use a red sharpie marker. I have a set of fine tip to broad tip. Sometimes I tape the area off and paint with insignia red paint and a fine tip brush. Hope this helps!
  7. VFA-192 Super Bug

    PNP Nice going! You be safe and we will see you when you return home>
  8. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Ranger I was wondering how many people would miss that. I put the mark at 3 and it came in on 1. We are only in the second month of the build. We need our brothers to join in so spread the word. Lets have some fun!!!
  9. VFA-192 Super Bug

    Almost forgot! keep up the good work on the kit! I should be able to get back on mine after Wednesday. My compressor has been down for two weeks now. Tried to repair it just to have it smoke the motor. New compressor should be here Wednesday.
  10. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Just a reminder: we have our group build going on and we are now into the third month. Please join us in building models.
  11. VFA-192 Super Bug

    It has been quite. I don’t know where everyone is. Lets spread the word
  12. California Air Tools Air Compressors

    Update: I pulled the cylinder heads off and inspected the seals and rings. After reinstalling the parts I cranked it up and determined that the leak was coming from the regulator. I replaced it with one from Home Depot and fired it up. Tank filled and motor shut off as advertised. About 2 minutes later comes smoke from the motor. She's dead, ordered a new one. I got a little over two years out of that compressor. I like how quiet these ultra quiet compressors are. We shall see how long this second one lasts!
  13. 1/72 F-4 B Phantom II- VMFA-115

    Looking good Brendon! Don't forget when you go to glue the front and rear fuselage together to watch out for the alignment. I had issues with mine and if you look at the pics you can see where the putty sunk on me after painting.
  14. How many of us here use California Air Tools Compressors? I have a CAT-1610A 1HP 2 Gallon Compressor. I have owned it for a couple years now and love this compressor. It has been used semi heavily. I have now developed an air leak back in to the compressor head. I have contacted CAT and watched there video on inspecting for worn parts and will be attempting this next week. For those of you that own and use one of there compressors have any of you had to do this procedure?
  15. Sprue Brother Coupons

    I don't have enough points with them yet, cause I only order stuff that my primary online shop doesn't carry. The other places I use offers discounts on my shopping cart total. I guess I'll wait on the kit I wanted. Thanks again