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  1. That is an awesome looking model! Do you think Hasegawa decals would be the right size to put on this kit?
  2. Fellow Modelers I just watched Flory Models video on this kit and have some questions. When did this kit come out? Has anyone built this kit? How was the fit and quality of this kit? By watching the video there are a few features I like and I'm considering ordering this kit. Any information on the kit would be deeply appreciated!
  3. HAJO I always use solutions on my decals. I used Micro Set and Micro Sol on them and it seemed to really do nothing. I took a chance and followed that up with some Walters. I'll post another pic shortly.
  4. Ok I am not back back but getting there. Did a little work on one of my old builds I started. Not happy with the way it looks but will have to do.
  5. Looking good AFM! Keep it going, can not wait to see the finished project!!!
  6. Fellow modelers I am still lurking in the background. I have not gotten my building mojo back yet. I do feel the itch to try again but I am just not quite ready. I have many projects that I started that I need to finish before any new ones go on the bench. I am not that good of a builder in the first place but do not like the quality of the ones I did finish. Every ones builds that I looked at look good! Just wanted to stop in and say hi to my old friends on here. i am still kicking just have not kicked the bucket.
  7. Thanks Collin! The full bird shot of 400 is what I was looking for!!
  8. Collin Any chance of you pointing me in the direction of a full bird picture of the 151 Super Hornet?
  9. Question: Has anyone come out with the F-35C variant yet? I am not a fan of the F-35 but will add one to the build list. In 1/72 scale preferred>
  10. I had the same issue with the bottle I had last summer. Lost the A/C for a few days. When I received my paints and went to use them I noticed two things. First the reducer smelled and felt the same as the Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer. Tested it out and had no issues. The Poly also seemed to be the same as Createx's 4030 Intercoat and Mix Additive. Tested that as well with no issues. So if you have a Hobby Lobby near by and do not want to order the MM stuff go get those items from Hobby Lobby. Don't forget to use the 40% off online coupon.
  11. RIP Lt. Col. Cole! You will be missed but never forgotten!
  12. Never mind I found that Tamiya has one. Thanks for those that took the time to read my request!
  13. Does anyone make WW2 jeeps, like the ones from the TV series Rat Patrol? I am not in to armor but would like to build a Rat Patrol Jeep. Any help would be nice.
  14. There are a lot of rules regarding safety that were not followed while afloat. Not because we didnt want to but because we had to.
  15. I painted A models for 6 months. The only time I wore a mask was when we had ro use the bead blaster. Wimps
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