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  1. Well said Phantom. We need you guys to vote yes if you haven't done so, if you have thank you. If you know anyone that is on the fence then please talk them in to it.
  2. What squadron are you assigned to? I was with VFA-151 1988-1990 in W/C230
  3. Slick95 The more and more I think about your VFA-122 question the more I find myself leaning to the yes side. There is a lot of info out there and some of it is confusing and contradicting.
  4. All I can say is wow!!!!! Wish my stuff looked 10% of this I'd be a happy camper! Great job Jack!!!!
  5. Andrew/spirkoff They would qualify. Here is why: VF-84 was established 1 July 1955 ( as VA-86 Vagabonds then redesignated 15 April 59 ) and disestablished 1995 ( As VF-84 Jolly Rogers). To me there is enough of a link to allow. I know some of the write ups say no lineage but to me unless the disestablishment of a squadron number was permanent before the 31 December 1955 cut off. Here is something I had not seen till now. VF-921 Reserve Squadron 2 Feb 1951 was redesignated to VF-84 4 Feb 1953 then redesignated back to VA-86 1 Jly 1955 then redesignated to VFA-86 15 Jly 1987. So VFA-86 would be eligible. Like I said if you can find a lineage link between a modern squadron and one that was established before the 31 December 1955 it will be allowed. If the squadron in question was never redesignated from another squadron and was established after 31 December 1955 then it is out. Hope this clears things up. I know a lot of this is confusing, if you need help ask we'll try and get the answer for you.
  6. Rex They are a part of the NAVAIR system so I can't leave them out. I'm sorry I left them out of the title.
  7. As soon as we get enough votes to submit this GB we will find out the dates then. I think we'll have some fun with this one!
  8. Slick Once the GB becomes official well let the group sound off on this question. In my opinion this one would be a reach due to the original squadron was decommissioned and a new one started up. But like I said we'll put it up for a vote, so don't take my opinion as the final decision.
  9. dnl42 I checked on them and I would say they qualify. There lineage goes back far enough.
  10. Rex Thanks for the link! I had not seen that site during my search for info. I like it and have added it to my favorites!!!
  11. We are over half way to submitting for the group build. We need 12 more to get to the magic number. Talk your friends into it or twist their arms. Guys remember the Marine Squadrons are eligible for this as well as long as it meets the required establishment date. SHould I edit the name or just add that to the rules?
  12. Dean I made some changes to the idea to get more people interested. Check out the new thread here. I also listed two links on squadrons establishment.
  13. As long as a squadron was established before the date picked any aircraft that that squadron has flown in the past to present is eligible. I'll post link to where I have been getting my info. It may not be the best place but is decent enough. Tell all your friends, lets get enough votes to have this Group Build. I think this one will be a great idea. We get to learn a little about the squadrons and what aircraft they flew or fly during their active run.
  14. Thanks Steve!
  15. Rex In my opinion any squadron that has been operating for 60 years is a legacy. That would mean squadrons commissioned/established in 1957 or before. To me 57 is just an off number so I rounded it down to the nearest solid number. As for VFA-34 I would say is eligible due to the following I found on their Wiki page. So you could build anything that was VA-34,VA-35 and VFA-34. Three distinct US Navy squadrons have been designated VA-34. The first squadron to hold the VA-34 designation was in 1948, this squadron was re designated VA-35 in 1950. The second VA-34 was established in 1943 and disestablished in 1969. The third VA-34, established in 1970, was later re designated VFA-34 and is the subject of this article. Officially, the US Navy does not recognize a direct lineage with disestablished squadrons if a new squadron is formed with the same designation.[1] Often, the new squadron will assume the nickname, insignia, and traditions of the earlier squadrons. If the squadron has a link/lineage going back far enough it will be considered.