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  1. tosouthern66

    VFA-147 F-35C decals

    Question: Has anyone come out with the F-35C variant yet? I am not a fan of the F-35 but will add one to the build list. In 1/72 scale preferred>
  2. tosouthern66

    Mission Models Polyeurethane Intermix gone bad?

    I had the same issue with the bottle I had last summer. Lost the A/C for a few days. When I received my paints and went to use them I noticed two things. First the reducer smelled and felt the same as the Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer. Tested it out and had no issues. The Poly also seemed to be the same as Createx's 4030 Intercoat and Mix Additive. Tested that as well with no issues. So if you have a Hobby Lobby near by and do not want to order the MM stuff go get those items from Hobby Lobby. Don't forget to use the 40% off online coupon.
  3. tosouthern66

    RIP Lt Col Richard "Dick" Cole

    RIP Lt. Col. Cole! You will be missed but never forgotten!
  4. tosouthern66

    Question For You Armor Modelers

    Never mind I found that Tamiya has one. Thanks for those that took the time to read my request!
  5. Does anyone make WW2 jeeps, like the ones from the TV series Rat Patrol? I am not in to armor but would like to build a Rat Patrol Jeep. Any help would be nice.
  6. tosouthern66

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    There are a lot of rules regarding safety that were not followed while afloat. Not because we didnt want to but because we had to.
  7. tosouthern66

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    I painted A models for 6 months. The only time I wore a mask was when we had ro use the bead blaster. Wimps
  8. tosouthern66

    2020 IPMS Nationals is in.....

    I am planning on going. Maybe we can get all the ARC militia thats there together for a group photo?
  9. tosouthern66

    Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7 Trop Question

    CH That looks like its close to what I am looking at. Only difference is that the instructions show a double << with no lines. That is at least a starting point for me. I wish Tamiya would stop thinking that everyone uses the paints they use and put the RLM # or FS # instead of mix this with that to get the suggested color. It would be so much easier! Thanks for the input!
  10. tosouthern66

    Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7 Trop Question

    Question I have only built one German WW2 aircraft my whole life and that was the Stuka when I was a kid. No paint just bare plastic and the decals. I picked up a kit at the Model Fiesta 38 show and am trying to figure out the paint for this one. My plan is to build it in Major Helmut Wick's colors. Problem is I do not use the paints Tamiya calls for that has to be mixed. ANyone have any suggestions on paint colors for this aircraft?
  11. tosouthern66

    Random USS Midway question...

    Most of my pics will be of the flight deck as where that's where I seemed to be all the time. I'll try and figure out how to scan them or something to put them on here.
  12. tosouthern66

    Random USS Midway question...

    Charlie D I served on board Midway from Jan 88 to June 90. We had S-3's coming in from the beach but none stationed on board. We really didn't have room for an S-3 det on board. Plus the size of the S-3 made it hard to keep on board, just as the F-14's being too tall for hanger bay. Even with the vertical tail folded on the S-3's they were a bit too tall. We loved it when the they came aboard, that meant mail and parts most of the time. I will be visiting my beloved ship in July for a reunion of with some of my buddies from VFA-151. It's been 29 years since I seen them and the ship. I can't wait till then.Hope this helps you out!
  13. tosouthern66

    Dark Blue Killer - Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair

    Looking good 11Bee! I wish Tamiya would put a little more detail in the 1/48 Corsairs. They are outstanding kits but the wing fold area is a little weak in the detail area.
  14. tosouthern66

    P-47D Question

    Thanks guys for the input. This project has been shelved for the time being. My buddy's Monte Carlos transmission crapped out on him yesterday. He will be spending all the money he has and then some to repair it and pay for the rental. But when he is ready for me to build it I will keep your input in mind.
  15. tosouthern66

    P-47D Question

    I have a buddy that wants me to build him a P-47D Bubble top. My question is what Alclad color should I order for a bare mettle bird? I have seen pics of them being a shinny color and then there are the dull looking mettle. What say you?