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  1. What's up with NH105 bu.no. 166878 from VFA-154?

    I read that they are going to start in April 2018 on the Service Life Modification program. Which could include the Advanced Super Hornet upgrades. I guess it's a wait and see\ thing now.
  2. What's up with NH105 bu.no. 166878 from VFA-154?

    I don't know if they have started the upgrade program or not. I heard that they were going to take some of the current F/A-18F Hornets and retrofit the Advanced Hornet parts onto them. Just don't know the time frame?
  3. F4U Birdcage Corsair Video

    Not sure if anyone has seen this video or not. They are doing some amazing work to get the 209th airframe of 900 airframe F4U Birdcage Corsairs back in the air. Check out the video
  4. Lockheed S-3 Viking/ES-3A Shadow

  5. What's up with NH105 bu.no. 166878 from VFA-154?

    Maybe they shipped them to get refitted/upgraded for the advanced super hornets program?
  6. This Dodge knows how to keep the rubber side down. The temps never dipped below freezing here in my town. The roads never froze over, just had slush from the snow coming off the vehicles on the road. There are people down here who don't know how to drive in the first place had issues on the roads. We had more snow on Christmas day in 2004 than what we had this time. I thought I'd never see this happen again down here.
  7. I am 30 miles North of Brownsville, Tx. December 25, 2004 we had more than what we got today.
  8. I have now seen hell freeze over twice in my life time! I live in deep South Texas and this has now happened twice.
  9. Trying to upload photos from phone to computer

    Ryan If you have a work email you can use. Email them from your work to your personal. That is what I have had to do a few times. Hope this helps.
  10. VFA-192 Super Bug

    That doesn't look too bad. You should be able to patch it up. Sand it back down to bare plastic with fine sandpaper. If you have Tamiya extra thin or similar glue, take some and mix it with some of the sprue plastic from the kit. Let it sit for a few days to melt down. Tape off both sides of the cracks and apply the sludge and let it dry a day or two, then sand it flush. It might hide the issue. When you mix the sprue plastic cut it into small pieces or it will take longer to melt.
  11. VFA-192 Super Bug

    I am in the same boat as you with my 1/72 F/A-18A kit. I had to strip the paint off most of it and repaint it. Had an adhesion issue with the paint. It was my fault not the paints, I rushed the build and did not prime the kit like I should have done. I now need to tape off the gear bays and the exhaust heat shields for painting and I'm worried I may peel the paint again.
  12. VFA-192 Super Bug

    picknpluck That sucks dude! Is there any way you can salvage the build?
  13. Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-224

    Thad On my Hornet I got lucky with the nose. The kit must have been one of the earlier batches made. The fit wasn't perfect but was a lot closer than the later kits out of those old molds. However I am having issues with my paint adhesion. Paint is pulling off with tape! I guess I didn't get all the mold release agent off the plastic. Trying to decide which avenue to take to correct it. Keep up the good work on your D Hornet!!!!
  14. Kinetic 1/48 F/a-18C

    Harry Out standing work on the kit so far. I am glad to hear that things are starting to get back to being normal after losing your house. Hang in there and keep up the good work!
  15. C-2A Crash

    on the eve of Thanksgiving we have lost a C-2A aircraft head out to meet the USS Reagan. Eight people have been rescued and a search for three missing is underway. I hope they find the three missing soon prayers and thoughts go out to the families, friends and crew members.