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Hello all.

This was in the discount section at Hobby Lobby for $1. It is supposed to be for Cub Scout pine wood derby cars. I couldn't pass it up for a buck.


I wasn't sure what to do with it but I have had this OV-10 kit in my stash for atleast 10 years. The upgrade parts for it are hard to find and expensive now so I don't think it will ever be built as an OV-10 like I had hoped.

Hopefully these two items will be combined to make some futuristic thingamajig.


I miss these old kit boxes.


I remember looking at all the pictures on the back of these boxes and I just had to build these kits because of all the cool pictures. I wish they would go back to this.


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The butchery has begun. I chopped some out of the wing and body:


I am going for this:



Since the cockpit section only has the upper torso of the driver figure I used my Dremel to thin the plastic on the bottom so that I could trim around the driver/pilot.



Tomorrow I will start sculpting the rest of the cockpit, seat and pilots body.


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I was able to get a little done on this.

The pilot needed a body so some extra sprue was glued in to give a frame for the putty.



Then a body was sculpted. It is a bit plain now but after the straps and stuff are added it should be fine.


Here it is after the first round of puttying the sides.


Its coming along.


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Thanks for the painting ideas. Wege, I am not sure what to say about your idea. I do like the baby seal part though. Bigasshammm, your idea would be cool but I don't have a decal sheet. I have been thinking about trying to freehand a paintjob for a while and I think I will try it out on this kit. If it doesn't work out I can just sand it down and start over. I am going to try something like this float plane, hopefully this link will work. My link

I started by cutting a piece of paper to the shape of the side of the aircraft. I then drew my idea on with a soft lead pencil on both sides.


I then put it on the kit and went over it with a pencil again. This left some of the lead on the kit so I could follow the pattern with thinned paint. This way it will be mostly the same on each side.



I started painting in the red around it to get a sense of the color.


Then I started the basic shading of the teeth and eyes. I went in with my airbrush to put a couple of stripes but I should have cleaned it better after doing all the stripes on the rest of the aircraft because it was sputtering all over the place. Now I will have to clean that up.


Now I have the large black sections blocked in.


I will go in later once the clear coat has dried and start shading the mouth and eyes with some colored pencils.

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I also worked on the pilot for a while. Started by adding some headphones.


and straps/buckles and something to indicate a canopy release. I will add a few more details later.


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Wege, I googled Dennis Leary songs and found that one, its pretty funny.

The pilot is finished. It is for a pinewood derby car so it is not all that detailed. I added earphones, microphone and Tamiya tape harness for him.



I tinted the canopy with some Tamiya smoke but I think it is to dark now. I will have to try and take some of it back off with Windex.


Its getting close to being finished now. All that is left is to finish off the base and do the props. Maybe tomorrow.


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