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  1. Oh yes indeed. 1/144 Definitely noted with interest over here at http://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4273 :D
  2. May I point out that different saliva has different acid or alkalinity levels? Or are you proposing to bottle yours? :D My personal experience seems to be Decal Warm water with hint/drop of detergent (to destroy the surface tension of water) remove the decal once you can see that the paper has absorbed the water move the decal to a piece of good paper towel and let the towel wick out what excess there is.. wait till decal is moveable. move paper and decal to where you want (making sure that there is a splodge of water there from a loaded paintbrush) ease the decal (with said paintbrush) onto area (or conversely, move the decal paper away from where you want the decal to go, allowing the decal to be placed almost in position immediately)
  3. can I say I hate you? :D I knew of some of your 1/144 stuff but not all of it... and am diggin the Ywing run. Tres bien.
  4. http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p160/richcarrick_2007/shell19of114_zps6b621ca8.jpg That image... I walked to the kitchen for something..came back and thought 'wow'... if the aperture were reduced by two? four? stops then that could seriously be seen as a 'photo from the time' with an increased depth of field. Bravo for your hard work sir.
  5. Wege

    Bf109 G10 question

    http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/33/pics/4_8.jpg here is a printed image? link from a website...
  6. Wege

    Bf109 G10 question

    On page 85 of MMPBooks - Messerschmitt Bf109 Late Versions (by Mr K. Wolowski), there is a profile of a Bf109G-10 (Diana) with a strange Czech roundel - it has a strange 'facing' that has me stumped. The banner on the tail shows the 'normal' facing (blue to the front, white on top and red at the bottom). I wonder if there has been a mistake (in profile) or could it be more likely a case of "Here is a stencil/template. Here is some paint and now paint that shape there" sort of thing during the war? If that is the case, would the port side of the fuselage also show the same look and would there be Czech roundels on the upper wings. (not visible in profile) The profile also indicates that there were no lower markings on what appear to be bare-metal panels on the lower wing - the underside portrayed on page 82 I suspect would be a good guide as to what panels are painted or not. Although not mentioned in the brief description of this interesting Czech aircraft, I would guess that the light grey on the fuselage indicates RLM77? And finally, would a camouflage pattern (#4) such as found on page 109 of the same book be appropriate for this aircraft? For those of you who don't have this book on late war Bf109s - get it. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I am pretty sure that I am going to keep referring back to it. Thanks for your patience. Jonathan
  7. Cheers John. I will leave the posts here and see if more information comes to light and then repost over in Props. Thanks for the accepted RLM77 - now I need to work out what paint I have (in Humbrol enamel) to use for that. I guess it will be probably H166 Light aircraft grey, as their is no generally accepted 'translation' of RLM77 to Humbrol (whereas other RLM8x and RLM74,75, 76 etc can be translated to modern Humbrol paints. Most recently in the H25x range) :)/> Edit- looks like I can ask LRG.org- they have a foreign users section. :D
  8. Hi folks. I cannot ask this on LRG.org as this is not actually a Luftwaffe question.. although it is almost at the same time. On page 85 of Mushroom White Series Messerschmitt Bf109 Late War versions, there is a profile of a Diana G10 with strange Czech markings. Does anyone know if that marking on the profile (starboard) is about correct with the position of the Czech airforce logo? And would I also take it as about 'right' that, (copying the Czech us of their OB-XXX reg codes), that there would have been no Crosses on either the top or bottom of the wings. If someone wants a very kewl book on Late War BF109 G &K series craft... this is a good book to get (as well as a couple of others ;) ) And is it me or does the profile imply that that is RLM 77 on the forward fuselage? The profile also implies that the undersides have some panels that are bare metal - would the underside profile (as shown on page 82) be a good guide for which panels would have been left unpainted? And finally on page 109 of the same book, I guess that Option #4 would be about right for the wing camouflage patterns-.... but with a mix of (general)WNF and (general)Diana factory-type BF109 G10 colours.
  9. Wege

    John King

    A pleasure to deal with you, sir!.. erm.. in 1/144 plastic that is :) Thanks
  10. from 0 - 7seconds you can see which doors are open on the ground and which are closed.I hope this helps.
  11. http://www.res-im.cz/F-14-Tomcat-Flaps-down-set-d90.htm :)/> edit- Thanks Chippy - nice spotting.
  12. http://www.navy.mil/management/photodb/photos/040628-N-1045B-028.jpg holy cow... those things get a Sticker Warranty? :o In what situations are you able to claim? Btw.. nice points about the fixed/movable fins. Thanks
  13. joel - thanks for the link to his website. By the looks of things he is getting better and better over time. I have been drooling over his Bunny Fighter Eduard Mig21MF for the last 1/2 hour (seriously).. http://www.scalespot.com/onthebench/mig21bfc/build.htm seriously bonza stuff.
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