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Great looking F-5 Gary!!!!

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the front/homepage

edit- however.. in this instance I suspect that he is referring to this kit: http://www.arcair.com/Gal2/1801-1900/Gal1847-F-5E-Wickham/00.shtm from 2003.

Steve changed the front page a while ago to randomly? include historical builds (you can see those in the top right corner) as well as Daily Doses/Themes

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Thank you Wege. So it's that strip of model pictures on the top right of the main page? I was looking for something that was specifically labelled as "Today's Birds" and since I didn't see a label stating that, I was lost.


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I don't know why I am so dumb. Can someone please tell me or provide a link as to where I can see this F-5? I never know where the "Today's Birds" can be found.


I know where it is, but without a link to the specific subject this thread is worthless after a week, the front page is updated almost daily and the subject matter is gone.

So be kind, be smart and post those links....:}


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joel - thanks for the link to his website.

By the looks of things he is getting better and better over time.

I have been drooling over his Bunny Fighter Eduard Mig21MF for the last 1/2 hour (seriously).. http://www.scalespot...21bfc/build.htm

seriously bonza stuff.


I've been a follower of Gary's builds for a few years now. I find his level of work to be excellent, yet the average modeler like myself can duplicate a lot of his extra details if and when building the same aircraft. I used his P-61 build as the basis for my build, while taking some areas further, and and doing my own thing.



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