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AT-ST Walker

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I found this AMT/ERTL AT-ST Walker kit that I forgot that I had. Since I already have three other projects in various states of build I thought I would also work on this.


It is a big box compared to what's inside.


Should be a pretty quick build, there aren't many parts.


After about an hour all the major parts were together with some filler.


There is not a lot of detail on this kit and I will not be adding any. I will be making some sort of small diorama or display for it.

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Nice! :)

I know you said you will not be adding any detail and I do appreciate going strictly OOB once in a while, but if you're going to make a small diorama I think you should consider going the extra mile and open the eyes! It really does wonders for it and makes it look less sleepy.

You could also add the railing along the top of the head, makes for a very effective addition since it affects the silhouette.

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Sir Fondlebottom...Why, why, why did you have to say something about the eyes. I was perfectly happy to slap this thing together. I had not noticed the eyes until you said something. After that I could not look at it without thinking it is walking around with its eyes closed. You have opened a whole can of worms.

I opend the eye holes and will add the armor "lids" after I am done with all the sanding and filling. I have also drilled some holes around the top for the railing. I found several pictures of the AT-STs on-line and it seemed that they all had the railings in different positions. I am not sure what is correct but this is where I am putting mine. I am sure many were modified in the field, and I am not trying to build any movie correct walker.


After that I started looking at the armor on the side of the head and was not happy with how undefined and tapered at the the edges it was. Pictures I saw on line showed it raised off the head.


So I added some styrene tube around the edges to life the armor away from the head.


Then covered that with some sheet styrene. I will clean it up with some putty.


I also decided to chop one of the legs off so that I can repose it and have it walking on uneven terrain (side of a hill).


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I started adding a rail to the top.


I also worked on the base. It began as a round wood disc and a plastic for sale sign. I nailed it to the back of the wood disc and covered the edges with some Bondo plastic metal. If you have not used the Bondo plastic metal, don't. I did not know that was what I was bought until I opened it. The container looks just like the regular Bondo. This stuff smells terrible, definitely must be used in a well ventilated area. It takes longer to dry and doesn't sand down as nice as Bondo either. It is also very strong. I warped the plastic all around the edges where I used it. I am not sure what it was designed for but its not great for modelling.


I then placed some chopped up pieces of styrofoam around the back to start bulking it out and covered it with Durhams water putty.


If I had it to do over again I would have just sprayed in a bunch of expanding foam and cut it down to what I wanted.

Here it is with the AT-ST to get an idea of what I am going for.



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Not much was done with the Chicken walker. I just used some epoxy putty to fill in the hollow feet. This will give me something more substantial to pin it to the base.


Another layer of Durhams mixed with roots, spices, dirt and sand was added to the base.


After that dried I went in with some washes. I am going to have some water seeping out of the cliff face. It is a bit hard to see the details because the picture is a bit washed out.


Next time I work on this I will start adding some Woodland Scenics products. I have a big Tupperware bin in my garage that I put all kinds of vegitation that I find whild walking around. So I will dig through this to get some additional detailing bits.



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I am going to stick a fork in this one, it's done. I will post some more pics in the completed section.


If it were not for this group build, this kit would have probably sat in my stash forever because I wasn't that interested in building it. I am glad that I did build it though because I am really happy with my result.

Now I am off to build an F-104...So many great group builds, so little time.

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