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B-1B Lancer by Revell, 1/72

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I´m happy to join this GB with Revells B-1B Lancer-kit. I knew it´s far from beeing a "real" B-ONE, but I don´t care much. Especially, since I usually would have never bought such a huge monster! It was a kind of gift by one of my co-workers. Last tuesday she came into my office and asked, if I build models. Well, since a couple of 1/72 F-16s "live" in my closet, I couldn´t say no and she offered me " a bomber model" she originally had bought for her son. But since he had no interest in it, she´d better give it away since it occupies quite a lot of space...


I had no idea what to expect, but when she came back the next day with this huge B-1.... Boy, I started to smile!




Now I´m looking forward to do this monster!




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So good to see one of these getting built! It is HUGE, even in 1/72, and although missing some B-1B features it has a broadly decent outline. Apart from buying a ton of resin to update the thing, if you can find any Fox One Bone decals (or a helpful friend who has them!) there is a very useful list of adjustments included that will make this kit resemble a later airframe. But if that is not an issue, you'll still have a most engaging project on your hands...and a real monster looking for somewhere to sit when you've finished!

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Thank you, guys! I will stick with the kit decals, doing the multi-color camoflaged bird. I think it just looks mean!


I also plan on a little nice "extra" that will make the bird really cool! (I hope.)




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Thanks for the input, guys! However, I plan to do this mainly OOB, and won´t take the time nor the money to invest in any after-market goodies. This model will be hanging from the ceiling of a relatively public office (at least other people than me can enter it) and therefor I don´t want to risk a multi-media kit crashing down...


The cockpit-detail is a bit sparse, but the kit comes with three sitting pilots!




I only used two of them, since the "back-office" can´t be seen once the fuselage is closed.




I also started painting the interior of the weapons bay. Hopefully I don´t have to paint it all again after putting the paint on for the belly.





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Sche****! (Who speaks german? ;) )




What do you notice? Nothing... Well, so did I, until I realized that I should have mounted the wing-fold-thingie BETWEEN the upper and lower half of the wings!

Of course I forgot that and now had to put that thing between the halves with brute force. It somehow worked.

My original intention of showing you this picture was the feature of the kit to "close" and open the section where the wings go in when sweepig back. Just a simple piece of plastic that is flexible and will be pushed "in" with the wing and come "out" again when the wings sweep forward.




Here you can see the openings I either closed by using the kits gear doors or by putty. There are a lot of holes where the aircraft would have had cruise-missiles hanging outside the weapons bay. Would look really mean, but definitely ruin the general look of the B-One. And I have never seen a picture with all those outside weapons. Anyone?


And finally a picture of the monster as it is occupying all my working space:





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Hajo, the B-1B never carried the exterior pylons for the ALCMs. AFAIK only the 4th B-1A flew with them while tesing, but I may be wrong. I am sure you know the artwork by Dru Blair? I think it looks so cool!




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I have a print of that painting and I never ever noticed till now the external stores. 



Kits looking good. I've got a builders special of this that I eventually plan to build in flight. Got it for free so maybe I'll add all that resin if it ever comes out. 


Keep it up. 

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I think this picture with an aircraft flying low level over water is quite popular!


The monster on my work desk:




I took care of the clear parts for the cockpit:




As you can see, there is a huge gap! I used cutter and other heavy equipment before turning to sandpaper and make the tranistion smooth.




And then something completely new for me: Preparing the kit for brushing with a spray can. I marked the window struts of clear part with a black marker, glued my tape all over the part and cut clear the parts I want to be painted. Here you can see that I already added some paint, this time still using a brush to make sure that no paint will get under the tape.




At this very moment the model is sitting in the cellar and the first layer of sprayed paint is drying up! I´m quite excited (of course more than my wife which complains because of the smell - she´s right...) and so far all looks good. I had to buy the colors at a local dealer who mixed them for me - had to put quite a lot of money for my three cans of 400ml each...



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The freshly spray-painted underside:




Then I taped the whole underside to prepare the model for the next step:




And that´s the first layer of paint on the top side:




I made some testing and will use wet newspaper to mask the camoflage.

Here is the first test-result:






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Well, the spraying part of this build has been finished!




I´m very satisfied, as well with the method of using wet paper to mask the scheme and of course with the result.




And with "eyes open":






The bomb bay's sealing was also tight, no paint entered here:




Next steps will focus on working in and around the bomb bay- stay tuned!




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I think the wet paper-method is good enough for a beginner like me, but professionals will prefer other means.


Ok, so what´s typical for a bomber? A BOMB-BAY!




And of course this needs a decent filling!




The two ALCM (Air-Launched Cruise Missiles) are molded into the bay, and according to the instructions three more should be added and glued to the rotary-launcher. Because of reasons I only added one ALCM, which received a tactical camoflage. I prefer to add some variety to my bomb-loads.




And this is another ALCM, which received some treatment:



Can you guess what I´m going to do..? ;)



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Decals are on! I focussed on the most prominent ones, leaving away a couple of the small decals:




And the ALCM also got some colorful markings:




At this moment the matt clear coat is drying. Of couse I used a brush for it and it shows... Pictures later!



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