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MPC 1/72 B 29

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Hi, I'm not a really into building planes and I got this kit off of Ebay for  a friends son as a Christmas gift. Could you kind people help me on the lineage of this kit, Is it an Airfix? I know this was in the General Meals MPC era kit. How difficult is the build? I don't think they will paint it but will build it as a family project.



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It's definitely a reboxing of the Airfix superfort.  MPC boxed a lot of Airfix kits in the mid 70s. The "Profile Series" was particulary cool, because you got three choices in markings, which left plenty of extras for the spares box (since I didn't have acces to aftermarket stickers in those days.)


The B-29 is a straightforward kit, with a simple but adequate cockpit.  Bomb bays have bomb racks and bombs, and the signature communications tube connecting the front and rear pressurized compartments..however the prominent wingspar carry-through is absent.  Landing gear looks nice, but there's no wheelwell detail. Engines and props are quite nice, and the clear parts look pretty good as well.  


Main letdowns are all the raised rivet detail (the Superfort was almost completely flush-revited.)  Also, as I recall the main landing gear hangs straight down from the wing (when viewed head-on.)  This leaves the gear splayed out slightly when the wing dihedral is introduced.  Probably the biggest shortcoming is way the kit was engineered to include operating features, leaving huge gaps along the control surfaces, and some unrealistic, clunky hinges on the bomb bay doors.  As I recall, the landing gear is designed so it can retract, but there's no way for the doors to hinge.  I don't recall ant major issues with the fit, but I was only 13 when I built it..nearly four decades ago.



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If the boy isn't a dedicated model builder, I'm sure he won't be worried about the inaccuracies or lack of detail, I'll bet he just enjoys having it on his shelf once done. Remember where we were as model builders when we were kids? Depending on his age and experience, though, the B-29 may not be the best choice. If he's got a few models under his belt, then fine, but I wouldn't give it to him as one of his first models.

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