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As we wind up this group build, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated, and encouraged the participants.  The level of participation, and the quality of the models exceeded my wildest expectations. We have three pages of builds, and 30 finished builds.  


It has been a journey.  We started in the Summer .. before the NATs, and we did not know the fate of Revell.  Now it is the depths of winter. It looks like Revell is in good hands, but when we started, the fate of Revell was uncertain.  We also proved the idea of a quick start GB is viable.


It has been a pleasure to co-moderate this GB with phantom, and a privilege to watch all these great builds.



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Thanks for running this GB with simple criteria.


It was fun, aside from the agita with some older decals. Best part is I have AM decals and vac canopies at the ready for the 2 others of these in the stash.

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Kurt H ... you're quite Welcome ... and thank YOU!   :thumbsup:   ... and dnl42 hit the nail on the head!


Both you and phantom did a terrific job keeping us motivated, I mean phantom did how many builds ... 17?   :whistle:


You both made moderating look easy and this GB did indeed prove the early start works pretty well!  I hope to see a GB rule change ... or two!


Thanx again Kurt H !


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