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Some Waddington and Coningsby Jets

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48718351153_40e54e661b_h.jpg1P4A7503 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48718352233_1097f92102_h.jpg1P4A7456PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48718865737_b248ce68b9_h.jpg1P4A7372PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48718697231_3417291322_h.jpg1P4A7299PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48718364953_c29f7d05f5_h.jpg1P4A7262PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48718879187_5e5c87914c_h.jpg1P4A7124best by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48723436318_b29978b509_h.jpg1P4A7100ps by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48723770096_8aa93f84d0_h.jpg1P4A6946ps by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48684192046_f7dac1d1d7_h.jpg1P4A6900 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48684163711_453030c060_h.jpg1P4A6589 by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

many more in the photostream enjoy













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Very nice. I've just got back from two days up at Waddington earlier this afternoon. Yesterday was a near total bust due to weather but today more than made up for it. Pics to follow. I've got your PM and will get back to you later this evening.


I did hear that one day for some reason the Luftwaffe A310 overflew Waddington (was it a day last week?) with the EF-2000s despite the aircraft working out of Brize Norton for the exercise. I reckon it must have been a photo shoot. I'm guessing these were last week as the IAF have pulled the tanks from the F-15's this week?



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Hi gary,

I was at Waddington (and Coningsby) on Wednesday and today. The A310+4 Typhoons flyby was thursday last week... I was very lucky to see it I reckon!




Got a surprise today when a pair of Typhoons popped out their drag chutes, is this a practice thing or systems check thing or what?

48728108588_0a023aa774_h.jpg1P4A7985PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48728609442_a0849486f4_h.jpg1P4A7975PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48728437681_53e870235a_h.jpg1P4A7955PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48728438316_17f28d399d_h.jpg1P4A7943PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48728617572_6417c48fd7_h.jpg1P4A7740PS by wallycacsabre, on Flickr

48728444101_491047a150_h.jpg1P4A7775ps by wallycacsabre, on Flickr


Quite a few more in the photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/87490663@N08/


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Nice shots!  I gave you a follow on Flickr as well!



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