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  1. I just built the Fujimi kit. There were a few tricky fitting parts, but overall it was a nice kit. The kit does have lots of raised rivets, however they disappeared after a coat of paint. The kit decals were amazing, they bed down perfectly, even over all those rivets. The only major issue is the instruction sheet is all in Japanese, so I might have a few color choices wrong.
  2. Nice paint job. Ultra realistic.
  3. Test flights aren't the time to be horsing around.
  4. The only airport I like is in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. The mix of indoor and outdoor areas make it feel very relaxed. Even the TSA screening is laid back there. For spotting, Rick Husband Airport in Amarillo TX is my favorite, the former SAC runway makes it a hub for random military aircraft. I hate every other airport I have ever flown in too, including my local one.
  5. Thanks for the link, that seems to answer all my questions. There seems to be a panel line to follow that intersects the area's you mention. I have the kit all glued and sanded (minus the canopy) and ready for primer. Since this thread seems to be the one stop shop for this I will add my observations here. 1: Some of the panel lines are faint and need deepening 2: The wing seem too thick and create quite a large step on the underside. I filed the top mounting points to minimize the step on the top, however this leaves a large gap to fill on the bottom. If I build this kit again, I would file down the inside of the separate wing halves before gluing them together. I would also glue the wings to the fuselage before gluing the engines on. 3: There seems to be two strengthening plates on top of the wing/fuselage joins missing from the kit. As shown in this picture. 4: The kit aerials seem to be suspect for a C-141B (or C) as referenced by the picture above. These may require scratch building. Other than that, the kit looks like the C-141 I remember from my childhood.
  6. Watching it taxi reminds me of that episode of the Simpson's where Homer joins a cult and in the end the cult leader tries to fly away in a space craft that slowly falls apart!
  7. Anyone got any tips to ensuring the demarcation on the fuselage between the gray and white is in the correct place?
  8. Any progress?
  9. A question, why are the baggage pods gloss? Is it just to confuse IPMS judges?
  10. Note to self: Stay on the right side of those pilots......
  11. Correct. A similar thread from January.
  12. If I have understood the question correctly the answer is silver. I recently saw an RNZAF C-130H which had just exited an upgrade program about two weeks before. It was on the ground and the flaps were fully deployed, I remember taking note of how clean the underside was and the silver colour stuck in my mind because I don't remember noticing it before.
  13. My parts arrived today, boy do they look good. The replacement nose and tail corrections look particularly good. I highly recommend these
  14. Thanks for the heads up, been waiting on this one for ages.
  15. A 1/72 scale B-1 set will be released soon