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  1. What Martin said.
  2. This is correct, there was an article about the suite in combat aircraft monthly. It's intended as a interim solution which will be rolled out to only a few jets. The article implied that it was Boeing testing a more long term solution.
  3. A query for you serious F-14 guys. When F-14D 164350 flew its last display back in 2006, it looks like the phoenix missile rails underneath were grey. However, the airframe now sits in Palmdale and the phoenix rails are now white. A: Is there any particular reason for the change? B Would the grey of the rails be fs 36320?
  4. One the scale of Tamiya to High Planes, how hard will this kit be to build?
  5. The RAAF has has a few aircraft adorned with nose art of the last few years. The National Science Foundation that flies out of Christchurch for Deep Freeze has "City of Christchurch" nose art.
  6. :shrug:
  7. If you like BBQ, Daddy D'z is ok in my book. The Collared greens and ribs are good as is the home made Strawberry Cake. If you like the tv series the Walking Dead you could visit the bridge from the opening credits. Atlanta is a big place and, at least when I was there, traffic was pretty bad.
  8. Cool. Groom Lake/Area 51 (the area where I wont get shot!) is on my bucket list and this is why. It's interesting that it is an F-16 and not something more modern. EDIT: Silly comment.
  9. Myrtle Beach A-10 "Dawg Hawg" would make a great subject as it has some cool nose art on it.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I will try the compass cutter as I already have one, but never thought of using it in this application. Failing that I will try the heat shrink (the idea of using that for weapons is a good one).
  11. Hi guys I am currently on my fourth attempt at painting (admittedly there have been paint issues too) the spinner on my 1/48 Mustang, double trouble two. This baby has been sitting around since 2009 and I finally want to finish it. For those who don't know, the spinner alternates yellow and black rings. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to mask a ring that is A: consistent (both in width and position) and B: doesn't let paint bleed through. Does any one have any tips or tutorials? Thanks.
  12. That is insane dude. You have more patience than a monk,
  13. Damn, I was about to order the Lakenheath sheet. O well!