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  1. Alternative 4

    F-15E, what's going on with the top of the wing?

  2. Alternative 4

    Revell 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet

    I am currently building the Revell 1/48 Tornado Gr. 4 and it is over engineered, ill fitting and incorrect in many areas. That Hornet looks like it takes all of the Tornado's problems and makes them worse.
  3. Alternative 4

    F-35 news roundup

    They look good with the 3sqn markings on the tail. Will you attend the Avalon airshow to see them up close? Feel free to send one this side of the Tasman anytime.
  4. Alternative 4

    Dassault Mirage IIIC 1/48 Academy paintbrush

    That weathering looks very realistic. Nice job.
  5. Alternative 4

    Kinetic Kits Any Good?

    I think price should be a consideration too, how do they compare on price? I am glad to hear the Hornets are good kits, I have a RCAF one in my stash.
  6. Alternative 4

    Maine anyone ?

    Is Maine like Stephen King describes?
  7. Alternative 4

    Tips for white decals over red paint

    Hi all I am building an RAF Tornado with a red tail and white lettering. Does anyone have any tips or ideas to make sure the red doesn't show through the white once applied? I considered spraying the whole tail white first, creating a crude mask then spraying the red, but I doubt this will create sharp lines. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  8. Alternative 4

    F-14 Strakes

    I always wondered what that was.
  9. Alternative 4

    What makes a good/bad fitting model?

    In my expierience Hasegawa do not have the knowledge to make a good fitting kit. Their 1/48 F-16 and 1/72 F-18F for example are horrible fitting kits, over-engineered.
  10. Alternative 4

    1:48 LANTIRN

    Tamiya F-14D? Seriously, it comes with two, someone might sell you one.
  11. Alternative 4

    Airbrushing with Future

    I airbrush straight future, it never goes really really glossy but it does provide a nice surface for decals (which confirm nicely with micro sol/set). I then clean my air brush with mentholated spirits (I use a harbor freight air brush)
  12. Alternative 4

    US B-1 Lancer flight and afterburner.

    There is nothing better on earth that a B-1b in full afterburner.
  13. Alternative 4

    Stages of painting?

    Have a look at the work in progress section, some of the builds in there should give yyo an idea of how people break down the painting process. In addition to above, I try to paint similar colours together e.g. all white bits at the same time (I use an airbrush) and paint your lighter colours first.
  14. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/that-time-a-raf-tornado-made-an-emergency-landing-at-f-117s-top-secret-tonopah-air-force-base/ Great story.
  15. Alternative 4

    F-35 news roundup

    Maybe the F-35 is based on Alien technology?