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  1. I'm currently building a hobby boss hornet D (converted to a CF-18 and have noticed a few things - The intakes are really shallow and there is no ducting, it's an open hole at the end - I think my cockpit was a bit warped as I had to fiddle with it to make it fit. The Canopy doesn't fit perfectly because of this - Lots of sanding required to fix gaps on the underside of lerx. The boarding ladder does not fit properly if you want to model it closed. - A little bit of work is required to drop the flaps, this is not a standard option with the kit and the flaps as per th
  2. What alternatives are there for dipping canopies? My future might be at the end of it's life as it has dust in it and you can't buy it in New Zealand any longer.
  3. Any chance the 30th anniversary markings from 2015 will be on the sheet?
  4. Thanks. I think there was a problem with my old airbrush and paint would back flush so it would require stripping regularly. My new airbrush doesn't seem to have the same problem, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't under cleaning it. I actually wonder if pulling my old airbrush apart regularly led to its demise. Everything was a bit loose by the end of its life
  5. Hi all How often do you pull apart your airbrush to clean it? By pull apart I mean, remove the needle, clean out the trigger area, put a brush or pipe cleaner through the bit where the needle goes? Cheers
  6. I made the same mistake the first time I used Tamiya wash, I assumed it was acrylic. The formula is enamel based so enamel thinner is required.
  7. It looks like the SAC shield to me. If not this decal sheet may help you. http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd144016.html
  8. There looks to be some poor fitting parts, but you have made a great job of it
  9. I have 3/4 finished one sitting on the shelf of doom. The fit of the escape capsule to the fuselage requires care to ensure a good fit. It's been a while, but I remember using styrene to fill the gaps. My build stalled at the decaling stage because of the less than satisfactory after market decals I was using.
  10. I worry more about dust than carcinogens in paint. Anyone ever been to London? Blow your nose after a day walking around London and it will be black. That will kill you faster than minimal exposure to paint.
  11. Hi all I am about to start building the Revell 1/32 F-15C and this thing has millions of panel lines, half of which I am certain don't exist on the real thing. My memories of the real thing don't include panel lines being noticeable. No doubt they are all there, you just can't really see them. Now, I have started filling the more dubious and less obvious panel lines but I am wondering, should I go whole hog and fill 90% of them? Will it look silly with most of them gone? What do you guys think?
  12. According to the text below the silhouette, the 4th of January 1989 is the when. Superhornet's can time travel?
  13. The landing gear door on the closest jet is pretty beat up. Also interesting are the two rabbit kill markings.
  14. Just remember with the Tamiya kit to sand off the wing root bulges
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