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  1. Shame about the quickboost engine. With your detail work the kit part looks better than the resin one anway.
  2. I would like to build the RNZAF Corsair NZ5350 "STRUGGLE BUGGY", but no-one makes decals for this aircraft. All I really need are the serials and cowling number and nickname as I can use Ventura decals for the rest. Does anyone know of a company which could design and print these for me?
  3. The F-35 looks like an Alien space ship next to the F/A-18. Lookin' all shiny. I note the F-35 has radar reflectors top and bottom.
  4. It annoys me that those jets are not parked in order!
  5. According to wikipedia this aircraft still exists and is in the National Museum of Naval aviation. http://www.joebaugher.com/navy_fighters/f10_2.html This site states: " These tests continued into the early 1980s with three Skyknights (124598, 124630, and 125807) bailed to Raytheon and flown with US Army markings. These were the last flyable Skyknights."
  6. And the air brakes are a completely different shape to the fuselage, so if you close them there are huge gaps.
  7. My Grandad was a huge fan of the C-47 having served with the RNZAF during WWII, he would have loved to have seen this. Thanks for the pictures
  8. I clicked on this thread hoping for an announcement relating to a new A-10 display team.
  9. Looks good, certainly one of the weirdest looking planes I have stood in front of.
  10. There are two major problems with the Revell kit, the fit is bad so most of the nice detail gets lost and the tail looks weird (the fin isn't point enough) and the wings don't sweep forward enough.
  11. Hi Dave Are you still able to post your update. All good if you can't. Cheers
  12. I guess it was the reference to the current POTUS. Other than that, there are some informative posts in this thread.
  13. The dude at the back on that photo is really creepy!!
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