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  1. Watching it taxi reminds me of that episode of the Simpson's where Homer joins a cult and in the end the cult leader tries to fly away in a space craft that slowly falls apart!
  2. Anyone got any tips to ensuring the demarcation on the fuselage between the gray and white is in the correct place?
  3. Any progress?
  4. A question, why are the baggage pods gloss? Is it just to confuse IPMS judges?
  5. Note to self: Stay on the right side of those pilots......
  6. Correct. A similar thread from January.
  7. If I have understood the question correctly the answer is silver. I recently saw an RNZAF C-130H which had just exited an upgrade program about two weeks before. It was on the ground and the flaps were fully deployed, I remember taking note of how clean the underside was and the silver colour stuck in my mind because I don't remember noticing it before.
  8. My parts arrived today, boy do they look good. The replacement nose and tail corrections look particularly good. I highly recommend these
  9. Thanks for the heads up, been waiting on this one for ages.
  10. A 1/72 scale B-1 set will be released soon
  11. Nice pics, I like the KC-135 on take off.
  12. Surely the USAF's huge tanker fleet negates the need for CFT's. It seems more cost effective to buy 1 tanker that can refuel any place in the USAF, rather than spend the same money on adding extra tanks to the F-16.
  13. The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is well worth a visit. Not only are the exhibits fascinating but the people are friendly too. Plenty of aircraft outside, including a B-52 which actually dropped a nuclear bomb. The museum is behind the airport, so you might see some ANG F-16's too. If you like the tv show breaking bad, you could visit Walt's house. In Santa Fe, the Santa Fe bite makes an amazing green chili cheeseburger and is one of the best thing's I have ever eaten. Just make sure you follow the correct google maps directions as the old location shows up first sometimes. The San Miguel mission in Santa Fe is the oldest Church in the USA. Old Santa Fe (where the above two places are) is a nice place to walk around. The architecture was fascinating to me as it's so different to where I am from.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I like the Felix rules tanks, so I guess all under white will be the way I go. Much appreciated.
  15. You missed a very good show but I have a feeling the F-16 will be back. The USAF seemed to enjoy their time here. Fingers crossed we have a Squadron of F-15SG's here too.