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  1. Order a replacement from Tamiya USA.
  2. Clear gloss, use Tamiya X-22 with lacquer thinner. For a good matt coat I use Gunze GX Super Clear Matt.
  3. Yes and lets keep politics out of this.
  4. I brought a Iwata HP-CS over Christmas, great airbrush and a huge step up from the harbor freight brush I used before. The Iwata seems good for most applications (I build 1/48 and 1/32 aircraft) and I can get a very fine line. The only complaint I have is that the nozzle seems to clog very easily despite using lacquer or acrylic paint (with lacquer thinner).
  5. That story is less believable than the UAP stories out there and doesn't align with the F-16 cockpit recordings. The govt have gone all Roswell on us.
  6. What's the subject you needing masks for? Could the masks be cut on a silhoutte machine?
  7. A very well built tidy model. I especially like the weathering/fading of the paint.
  8. Nice work. Wish I could get get my hands on that kit.
  9. Thank you, might be a good excuse to order some Ak products too as they are hard to come by here.
  10. Is there anywhere still selling the 1/32 rib stitching?
  11. Weapons bay looks great, a perfect balance of shading, busyness and white.
  12. How do you get the canopies so shiny? Nice work.
  13. Recently I started using Mig Ultra Glue. Its a bit thicker than PVA glue and has a much stronger hold.
  14. I thin it with Gunze Levelling thinner.
  15. Tamiya X-22 thinned with lacquer thinner. On the subject of future, I recently stopped dipping my canopies in future and feel they look better for it. Future makes the canopies look thick and have a dull type of shine to them.
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