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  1. I am a BIG FAN of this. Sat in this Huey many times as a kid. The RNZAF was always so kind to me as a kid and you NAILED this build.
  2. Micro Kristal Klear purports to be able to do what you wish.
  3. This build is amazing, very tidy work. I'm looking forward to see how you tackle the nose shape.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I didn't think that through beyond the wings. Fingers crossed Airfix do a fabric wing version then. Until recently, I mostly built jets and was always in the "do we need another spitfire?" camp. However after trying to track down a Seafire, Mk.VII and Mk.IV Spitfire I realised the variants of these aircraft are not common at all. And that's even without getting my head around the different wing, cowling and engine types. Still learning
  5. Does anyone do a set of replacement fabric wings for the Airfix hurricane?
  6. My bottles of MIcro Set/Sol are at least 10 years old and still work well. As vonjhn68 mentions, it is most likely the decals are on the thicker side and require a stronger chemical to bed down.
  7. Do Hasegawa make aircraft any longer? What was the last new tool aircraft they made?
  8. Video was good, I will buy that chipping fluid. However in my opinion he should have removed the fluid after the matt coat not before, as it dulls the metal too much.
  9. Thanks, I will bookmark that for later.
  10. Ordered both F-22 sheets and an F-35 sheet for good luck. Thanks!
  11. Plymouth Obituary sounds like the name of the car the devil drives. I enjoyed that, thanks.
  12. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48102 Ohio ANG in the have glass paint is one option
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