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  1. I had a search around and the enthusiasm for these machines seemed to die off. Does anyone still use one to make their own masks/decals replacements? How do you find them? There are a few modern jets I would like to make 1/48 masks for (e.g. the HO and serials on a F-4E) because decals are non existent. Examples of people using them for such things is hard to come across, I just wondered if anyone here had any examples, stories of using them or the like?
  2. Thank you. My F-104 is on a slow boat from Hong Kong and will await the Nasa decals re-release.
  3. I buy as I need. Buying what you think you need may not always be the best idea. Manufacturers change, better paints come on to the market so the paint you stock up on now may not be the paint you want to use in the future.
  4. You don't actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you?
  5. It's a win for Australia regardless, upskill the locals, keep money in the local economy and expand the countries industry. I'll leave this here too. https://runway.airforce.gov.au/resources/link-article/why-australia-needs-b-21-raider
  6. It's nice to see the Australian's to finally learn that if the project is late, ditch it before you can't turn back. If the French were behind schedule and they hadn't even got a sub in the water yet, it was a good time to cut and run. The next test for Australia is to keep them stock instead of adding their own specs.
  7. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/300408565/australia-planning-nuclear-submarines-with-us-and-british-help Good on Australia for ditching the French company, who were building diesel subs for Australia, for not completing enough of the work in Australia. Will be very interesting to see how this new agreement affects our region. (I am keeping any comments about New Zealand, New Zealand politics and our PM to myself!)
  8. I see there are options for a Libyan mig killer. Anyone know if that is the one in the Smithsonian? The photo's arent high enough resolution for me to tell
  9. Have to agree, the world needs another 109 like it needs another Spitfire
  10. I built the Hobby Boss kit which was a nice build. Only major issue was the big gaps under the LEX, but easily fixed with a little filler. Nav lights on the tail are also missing
  11. RES/KIT make a nice set Block 30 wheels.
  12. I have the old revell He-111 H4/5 boxing, is it possible to convert this to a H-20? The exahausts are different and the turrets too. Are there any conversion kits? I can't seem to see squadron canopies which would allow this.
  13. Kinetic's 1/48 F-104A/C will be reveled. I have pre-ordered one, so find it interesting.
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