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  1. Alternative 4

    1/32 Revell RF-4C 14th TRS

    Your paint job is amazing.
  2. Alternative 4

    1/144 EC-135 ARIA

    Looks good, certainly one of the weirdest looking planes I have stood in front of.
  3. Alternative 4

    Revell 1:48 Tornados?

    There are two major problems with the Revell kit, the fit is bad so most of the nice detail gets lost and the tail looks weird (the fin isn't point enough) and the wings don't sweep forward enough.
  4. Alternative 4

    kinetic 1/48 hornet nose issue

    Hi Dave Are you still able to post your update. All good if you can't. Cheers
  5. Alternative 4

    Blohm&voss P-194

    Your camo is spot on.
  6. Alternative 4

    Notre Dame in Paris is burning

    I guess it was the reference to the current POTUS. Other than that, there are some informative posts in this thread.
  7. Alternative 4

    1/32 CF-18

    The dude at the back on that photo is really creepy!!
  8. Alternative 4


    I lodged an query regarding my latest order (2 pending charges on my CC) and received a reply within 30 minutes. As usual, great service from Lucky Model. Meanwhile the order shipped the day after I ordered it.
  9. Alternative 4

    Showing my age

    Two problems I have with kits that have high parts counts. 1: The parts generally don't fit that well 2: They are generally fiddly and difficult to work with.
  10. Alternative 4

    RAAF Orions, AP-3C & TAP-3B

    Nice job.
  11. Alternative 4


    Thanks for the update, all those rivets explain the lack of update pictures!
  12. Alternative 4

    Australian Avalon Airshow 2019

    Temora usually has big show, lots of Warbirds and the RAAF usually send something. I think Wings over Illawarra is a similar show. There is also sometimes a show in Darwin during exercise Pitch Blake, lots of modern military hardware there. That's the ones I know and I have never been to any of them. I had tickets to an Airshow at Amberley on September 2001, not surprisingly that didn't go ahead.
  13. Alternative 4

    1/48th Boeing B-52H 'BUFF'

    You make it look so easy.
  14. Alternative 4

    Australian Avalon Airshow 2019

    Thanks for posting. I wasn't able to make it this year, so it's nice to see what I missed.
  15. I hate Vellejo paint, I could never get it to spray right and the consistency was always off. The paint would either be too thick or splatter everywhere. Funnily enough my dad swears by them.