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  1. A few points, I am a lucky model user and have made a number of purchases during the pandemic period. Currently I am waiting on two orders from lucky model. Surface mail is listed as two - SIX months. I would only start to worry if it hadn't showed after 6 months. Shipping is absolutely crazy at the moment, I saw a video on youtube (from a model store) which said containers can sit in Long Beach for 6 weeks before even being unloaded, this has to be effecting availability of shipping to the USA. Raymond is a great guy and will sort you out The last order I r
  2. Take your tank out for a drive and they will catch you 😃
  3. It can be built and there is the odd online build showing a nicely finished model. It's just a tricky labour intensive build. If the price is right, I will pick one up
  4. I converted my 1/32 Tamiya F-16 to a block 30. It wasn't hard, probably not 100% accurate either, but looks good to me. From memory you will need: - To remove the bulges from the main landing gear doors. Block 50's have bigger wheels than the 30's, so necessitate the bulged doors. I sanded the kit doors flat. - Reskit's Block 30 wheels. - Reinforcement plates around the base on the tail, wing roots and nose(?). Exact locations differ, so check references. - There may be differences in antennas, you would need to check references. Some Block 30's
  5. That F-35 looks a little dirty in places. I also note it has it's radar reflectors on. Also a question, what is the camera looking raised area on the spine near where the refueling receptacle on the A model would be? EDIT: The answer to my question is the DAS sensor system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AN/AAQ-37
  6. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I have purchased the res/kit set.
  7. That explains so much. I built an F-111G and had a ton of trouble trying go get the flaps to fit and now they are fitted, they just don't look right. One side sags a little because the attachment point doesn't seem to be in the right place. Our of interest how did you go about fixing it?
  8. They are sized for the Tamiya kit, but has but has anyone tried fitting them to the Revell kit?
  9. The fit of the escape pod into the fuselage is woeful on the hobby boss kit. Nothing that can't be fixed with a little patience, just something to be aware of. I would still recommend it over the Academy kit which looks rather "bare" in terms of detail.
  10. My F-104A/C arrived today, what a step up from Kinetic's MIrage 2000N this kit is. Fantastic looking kit. Also the way Raymond was treated in this thread is a bit embarrassing. I can't say enough good things about lucky model and his willingness to engage with us on this forum should be commended.
  11. F-15's shot down a couple of Mig-25's during Desert Storm.
  12. Does anyone know if Tamiya will sell a single sprue? I have their 1/32 F4u-1d, but I am looking for the A type canopy.
  13. Probably related to the saucers the government has out at Area 51 S4. They have finally figured out how to use the technology in a military context.
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