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  1. Thanks for posting. The Super Puma looks nice in that scheme.
  2. I've never seen a hornet with a camera setup before. Learn something new every day.
  3. The national interest also had a headline the other day "6th generation fighters will change anything". That's kinda the point.
  4. Note to self, stay away from Long Island.
  5. My bottle of future is at least 15 years old (they stopped selling it here) and still works perfectly.
  6. After 5 minutes of googling Eurofighter schemes I call photoshop mostly because I can't imagine the radome being painted like that.
  7. I'm a Superhornet fan. I never saw the F-14 fly so it was just a dream, a hollywood star or a picture in a book to me I have however seen several Superhornet displays. The thing that sticks in my mind is Ricardo Traven flying a display in 2007 where he rolled the plane just before the slow dirty pass. A slow almost dainty roll to bleed off speed. Any other aircraft I had seen fly before that, pulling that menoeuvre would have fallen out of the sky. The hornet was something else. I've seen F-22's, Typhoons, Mig-29's ect but nothing ever compares to that roll.
  8. Do I read that diagram correctly in that the B-1 can carry external fuel?
  9. The A-10 is being prepared for its role as arbitrator of the post apocalyptic world. The black paint will camouflage it against the plastic fueled fires of the world that is 2021.
  10. I never noticed that posts show the users IP address before.
  11. Is it possible the IDF have put the wrong serials on the jets on purpose to confuse anyone who is keeping track of how many F-15's Israel has in service?
  12. In Munich I would visit the Hofbrauhaus, the beer and food are good (but the service sucks). it is very touristy but worth a visit. There will be other nice places to eat too. The Bavarian's do this thing with a pork hock/knuckle where they roast it over a rotisserie, it's magic. My other recommendation is to just enjoy the countryside. Austria is beautiful.
  13. Great pics. Do you use a ladder to take photos? You are right about Coningsby being an east place to visit, I was driving through the area and accidentally ended up at the end of the runway as two Typhoons were about to leave. Not many places where you are only a few meters from operational jets.
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