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Hasegawa 1/48 F-104C Starfighter USAF

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This is my newest project, a cold war icon. It really brings speed to one’s mind just to look at her. Nice kit, decals ok, one or two almost were ruined when leaving the film. Another one I did it myself, with some Tamiya extra thin glue on it. I must say they didn’t go along fine…

And also, at least for me, these colorful paint schemes are way better than the boring low vis we have today.





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24 minutes ago, Drifterdon said:

Which paint did you use to get your metal finish if you don't mind me asking?

Not at all! Most of fuselage was painted with automotive fine aluminium. The rear area has some panels painted with Mr Color Stainless Steel and Mr Color Brass (this one like a filter, really). The vertical stabilizer has Mr Color Stainless Steel too, and the darker part was shaded with Mr Color Smoke Gray. After all this, used Gauzy Shine Enhancer. Then, Flory Models washes.

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37 minutes ago, George Guimaraes said:

They're polyester based and require priming. Could have used Mr Color on the whole thing, but these automotive  are far more resistant, for metallic paint.

Thanks George.   Again, awesome build sir.

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19 hours ago, George Guimaraes said:


Thank you! Being at Edwards with 104's must have been awesome.

It was...Edwards had a bunch of A models. They were unpainted and polished with Day-glow orange/red trim. You could hear them in the pattern with the howl of that J-79 engine. Watch them contrail across the sky flying with the X-15 on it's return to the lake bed. Was a great place to be a kid in the middle of historic aviation. 

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