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F-16C Block 30 in 1/32

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The old 1/32 Hasegawa kit or cross kit the Tamiya Blk 50 CJ with the Thunderbirds kit which is a Blk. 32/52. The Thunderbirds kit gives you the light-weight gear and doors you need plus depending which A/C the small mouth intake. There is also GT Resins which has resin intakes as well.


That's a good start but more knowledgeable F-16 guy's will know more.





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Easy, Tamiya 1/32 F-16C Block 50. All you need to do is to file of the bulges on top and bottom of the fuselage which represent the in-buildt strengtheners you don't find on the block 30. Leave of the HTS pod, add Lightening pod if you so desire aswell as the external strengtheners just in front of the tail fin and potentially - depending on airframe to model - wing strengtheners. 


If you want to do a block 32, you do the same with the block 52 kit (Thunderbirds). 


Depending on timeframe, you will also have to substitute the LAU-129 rails with 16S210 rails for the sidewinders, but there is aftermarket for that. Oh, and skip the JHMCS helmet if including the pilot. Again, depending on time frame pilots flying block 30's use either HGU-55 or Scorpion helmets. Honestly, I believe the 16S210 rails come in the Thunderbird kit, so possible to swap with someone for these maybe? 

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Yes, but again this comes down to what serial number and timeframe you want to represent?
Early block 30's had the landing lights on the main wheels, while later ones have this on the front landing gear and nothing on the main. Then you only need to substitute the wheels to the correct block 30 - again aftermarket if you can't source from the Thunderbirds kit. 


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1 hour ago, Sysxii said:

This is all good info. Thank you everyone.


I have been considering a Block 30 F-16 from the 115th Fighter Wing that is based in Madison, Wisconsin. 

What year?   That way We could help you figure out what features you will need.  

good choice by the way! 


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It could be an idea to downscale to 1/48. Then you can go for Tamiya's excellent F-16C/N Aggressor boxing - it has all you need for any version basically. Decals are readily available too for 115FW 176FS, and the tail number for 86-0317 should be straight forward to find. TwoBobs did a 176FS sheet which is still available.   

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