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Possible Bad Actor - New User brownorch

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I received a PM from this user. "Rebek would be a good option,contact him via osbrebek@outlook. com .He has a 1/32 F9F Panther he wants to part with." pointing me to a seller.


Contacted the seller and they sent me pictures of the "supposed" kit. The pictures are actually from the IPMSUSA website. They have no Paypal account and asked to be paid via Venmo account which was claimed to be his wifes.


I apologize for my newness to the forum and did not know who to contact concerning this but wanted to provide a possible bad actor alert. I hate to accuse someone without proof but like other respondents to my query in the "Jeffmass" thread said, it seems fishy.




I asked for pictures of the actual kit. Total silence from seller.

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