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Only thing done kit-wise were two kits of the Starbug. One was done in GRP resin and white metal and the other was a slightly larger vac kit. Both were available from Comet Miniatures at one time, but they are long gone today and expensive. The Corgi minis are actually pretty good. I have a Starbug and it looks very nice (even nicely done weathering too) although it is kind of small. At one time, Product Enterprises in the UK was planning to come out with a Starbug playset which featured a fairly good sized Starbug that could be opened to reveal some of the interior areas and figures of the crew, but it appears that project has been shelved since Product Enterprises is busy doing stuff based on the Gerry Anderson shows (Supercar through Space:1999). Maybe one day they will get back to doing a Starbug, but I doubt it unless the Red Dwarf movie gets green-lighted.

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