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  1. Whichever paint you're used to using. There really isn't a 'best' paint. Some people love a particular brand; others will hate it. It's mostly about finding what works well for you. In most cases, that's just "I tried it, it worked okay-ish, so I'll keep using it until I get good." I would suggest that there's benefit to being able to buy a paint locally. And I think there's benefit to using a brand that has many/most of the colours you'll want to use, so you don't have to mix everything (see: Tamiya) There's also benefit to using a paint that mixes well with other paints. My experience is that what most people refer to as "acrylics" (alcohol- or water-based paints) often tend to be more... 'brand specific'. ie. Different brands perform differently, so there's a learning curve for each manufacturer - Vallejo may require a different thinner than Acrysion which may require a different thinner than MM Acryl. On the other hand, enamels and lacquers *seem* to be more interchangeable, so there's little discernible difference between MM enamel and Humbrol and WEM and Xtracolor. Though, I'm an enamel/lacquer fan, so there's some personal bias there.
  3. I suspect the fact that they haven't said anything, says that they didn't make their target. If it was full speed ahead, you've got to think they'd be announcing their success and teasing updates on their progress. I could be wrong, of course. But I suspect their silence speaks volumes.
  4. Absolutely none, since the photo was taken at least two years before those two Westerners left the US.
  5. Yeah... so about that. Whoops. You can even flip through a digitized version of the original book courtesy the National Diet Digital Library Collection:
  6. Pretty hard, apparently.
  7. If you need a photographic expert to interpret who is in a photo, then that photo does not "look very much like" that person.
  8. It really doesn't.
  9. Indeed. As NPR's tweeting of the Declaration of Independence yesterday pointed out.
  10. Using the CW nose will give you something that 'looks like a BN', however if you want it to be as accurate as possible, you'd still be better off starting with the BN kit. ML has exhaust petals (see pic); BN does not (see pic), for a start. There are also intake splitter differences, IIRC.
  11. Searched Google for 'dr vs mr'; here are a couple of hits with explanations.
  12. Seriously? The 30 year old Hobbycraft kit?
  13. Here's 100 S.No. Photo Sharing Site Name Photo Sharing Site URL 1 DeviantArt 2 Flickr 3 500px 4 Fotki 5 Photo Bucket 6 SmugMug 7 Phanfare 8 Pinterest 9 Fotolog 10 Photo. 11 Imgur 12 Morguefile 13 14 Facebook 15 Dropshots 16 ImageEvent 17 ImageVenue 18 SlickPic 19 23 20 ImageShack 21 GalleryProject 22 Yogile 23 ImgBB 24 Twitter 25 Twitpic 26 Pbase 27 Sapo Fotos 28 Funnyjunk 29 Ebaum's World 30 Trilulilu 31 YouMaker 32 TeacherTube 33 Image Housing 34 Behance 35 Fotothing 36 Carbonmode 37 Coroflot 38 Photoreal 39 Ipernity 40 PICnB 41 Fine Art America 42 Art Span 43 PicHost 44 Inda Photo 45 Sibnet Photos 46 Taringa 47 48 Free Image Hosting 49 SSLpic 50 Unsee 51 ImgUp 52 We Heart It 53 Ebay Image Hosting 54 Free Image Upload 55 Animus3 56 Picture Trail 57 Ctrl+V 58 HTTPS Image 59 60 iForce 61 Image-Share 62 ImageiLIVE 63 Deadzoom: Image Hosting for Auction 64 KN3 - Image Hosting 65 Image Host Plus 66 Photo Host 67 Lomography 68 Cloudinary: Cloud Image Hosting 69 Melero Photos 70 Look Pic 71 GPS Image Hosting 72 Xomf 73 Host Then Post 74 ImgWiz 75 ImageTitan 76 ExtraZoom 77 UltraIMG 78 MyImageHosting 79 1x Curated Photography 80 ImageBam 81 Zenfolio 82 Art Limited 83 IMGSRC 84 Instagram 85 FunkyIMG 86 Turbo Image Host 87 Upload House 88 NSFW Image Hosting 89 Img Safe 90 Kodak Gallery 91 Deffe 92 Pixoto 93 Giphy: Animated GIF Hosting 94 YouPic: Photographers' Community 95 FreeSpace 96 Cluster: Private Gallery Sharing 97 Astro Image Hosting 98 CTRLQ Image Hosting 99 Dropbox: Upload Image, Generate Link 100 Google Photos
  15. It hasn't been released yet, so... no.