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  1. Short answer: yes. The Jaktviggen kit includes all the parts from the AJ 37. The AJ tail is on a sub-sprue, but is included in the box, so it's possible to build either type from the Tarangus box. Most of the fighter-specific parts (fuselage plug, cockpit, antennae, gun pack) are on a separate sprue which you can just toss, then follow the attack kit's instructions: FWIW, Special Hobby's AJ 37 kit includes a small PE fret with cockpit and airframe details, with the Tarangus JA 37 kit lacks (it's the same plastic - the kit is a co-op between SH and Tarangus). Also, Special Hobby are releasing a kit for that specific aircraft in a couple of months:
  2. It's the same kit. 00435 is the numerical product code; D5 is Hasegawa's series code*. So that kit *is* 00435, and it has raised panel lines. 00435 *Hasegawa groups their kits into different series, with each kit getting a different alphanumeric code. Egg Planes are EW__; limited edition kits are typically SP__; 1/48 jets are PT__; 1/72 props are JT__ The recessed panel line F-15 are in the E series, so you would want E39, or one of its many limited edition reboxings.
  3. Small clarification. When I said ICM may choose not do the P, I meant just the P specifically. I wouldn't be surprised if they do the PD or PDS interceptors, but the P would require a new nose, so they may not want to spend the resources tooling it.
  4. Chinese model kits are more expensive in Japan. Whether it's because of duties or wholesalers, I don't know, but they typically are. For example, the AMK Limited Edition MiG is $60 at Hobby Easy (Hong Kong), $80 at Hobby Search (Japan). The KH Banshee is $40 at Hobby Easy, $60 at Hobby Search. So HSJ/HLJ would be overpriced compared to Lucky Model/HobbyEasy/SealModel and the like.
  5. Were any of the grey cockpits ever re-painted in turquoise, Gabor? Or did they stay grey until the jets were scrapped?
  6. True, and the point I'm trying to make is, ICM are likely going to be on the *other side*. The MiG-25P saw relatively limited use and has relatively limited appeal - except for a single airframe that many Westerners are fascinated by - and many Easterners are repulsed by. Given the effort and expense required to cater to that specific version, it seems unlikely that an Eastern European company will bother to tool it, since they may not be fond of the subject in the first place, and are looking to sell the kit in a market who *definitely* view the subject unfavourably. That's not a value judgement one way or another. It's just a statement of fact: if they guys running the company find it offensive, they aren't going to do it.
  7. The MiG-17, MiG-19 and early MiG-21s had grey cockpits, not turquoise. Depending on what, specifically, you're building, you may want to use a Steel Grey equivalent instead: (IIRC, MiG-21 cockpits were grey through the F-13. I believe the transition to turquoise happed sometime during the P-series production)
  8. I need to buy some component LEDs for a few projects. Is there any practical difference between the dirt cheap diodes on eBay (a buck for 50), and the more expensive ones from electronics suppliers (50¢ each)? Brightness? Lifespan? They're going to be buried in a model, so I can't replace them if they burn out or dim after a few years. On the other hand, if they're identical parts, it would be kind of ridiculous to pay 25x the cost.
  9. That's up to you. No. No. As Hoops said, pre-order pricing was in tranches of 100 kits (presumably to fund development and/or gauge interest), but modelcollect is a long-run manufacturer, so the kits will be around for years. *Personally*, I was turned off by the pre-order pricing model, since it felt more like an attempt to raise money than to lock in purchases. Plus I'm anti pre-order anyway. But, I have a strong suspicion that modelcollect have just bought a bigger injection moulding machine, since they've announced slew of large releases (they've also announced a 1/72 Ratte tank, which is similar to a B-2 in size), so it could be they needed to raise cash to fund the machinery. IDK. But I'd rather see the finished product before pulling the trigger.
  10. No, the discount was advertised as a limited time offer. Both kits (and the B-1) are still in development, and hasn't been released.
  11. No worries. I wasn't trying to disparage you, BTW; your research is usually top notch and it's a really simple error to make. Okay, *NOW* I'm confused. :) Is Red 63 a P, PD or PDS? And (since I'm guessing you photographed it), if it was a P, was it actually flight-worthy (looking), or was it just an old airframe still on the base? That doesn't surprise me. Claiming that the PDs were shooting tanks with AAMs is a pretty far fetched scenario that calls his other claims into question.
  12. There are some nits and minor issues with the AMK kit. Nothing earth shattering, and IMO the bigger determining factor is probably the panel lines (some people love AMK's; some people hate them). But there are a number of minor issues with the AMK kit, which HB seem to have improved on (while introducing a few of their own). I haven't heard of any glaring accuracy issues with the HB kit, so on balance, it seems to have fewer nits.
  13. Mehrabad (Tehran), primarily.
  14. Awkward because Belenko wasn't exactly seen as a hero in the USSR, and both Russian and Ukrainian sources still frequently refer to the plane as being 'stolen', 'hijacked' and 'abducted'. There are still a significant number of ethnic Russians in Ukraine who empathize with Moscow, and Moscow is still pushing a largely anti-Western agenda and isn't exactly forgiving of the event (see: that same Pravda link, and the various other articles around recent events). *And* the ICM kit is apparently being criticized by some Russian modellers simply because it was made by a Ukrainian company, given the current regional tensions. So: including Belenko's markings may upset a significant portion of their domestic market (or at the very least, they may not be as interested as Westerners are); and is likely to be controversial in one of their major export markets. Some anti-Russian Ukrainians may be happy, other, pro-Russian Ukrainians (and Ukrainian Russians) may not. And most have been told he's a traitor all their lives, anyway. ---- All that being said... if you're okay with the KH kit, then yes, that could be used as the basis for a P. That nose section is 'wrong' for a P, so it would have to be modified (or covered), but it includes an early parabrake fairing and (IIRC) early wingtip weights, so it's a decent starting point (if you're okay with the KH kit). But, if ICM or AMK release a PD/PDS, I'd be surprised if someone didn't release a conversion to backdate it to a P. Depends on how patient you are, I guess. And how accurate you want it to be. ---- As for the Linden Hill decals... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They say it's a P, but the profile is a PD/PDS. It's at an overhaul facility so it could have been an (essentially) scrapped airframe. IDK. Yefim Gordon says they had eight PDs, fourteen RBs and six trainers (and that the PDs flew anti-tank missions against Armenia, using R-60s as SAMs, which sounds... suspicious). It's not like all the Ps were scrapped the day after Belenko touched down, but by 1982, the vast majority were upgraded with the new radar, becoming PDSs.
  15. LOL. You mean the ones that are painted a colour that is *literally* called "drab"?