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  1. First off, thanks! (very belatedly!) Secondly, if you're looking at detail parts, I wouldn't get an FDM printer like the Ender 3. You really need resin for details - the Elegoo Mars and Anycubic Photon families of printer are a great starting point, although as with any 3D printer, they'll have a definite learning curve (it's a tool, not an appliance). And thirdly, there's not really a whole lot out there for the scale modeller in terms of ready-made files; if you're into figures and fantasy, sure, but detail parts for scale aircraft kits... not so much. So if you want to print detail par
  2. Alvis is in the same town and is friends with Steve. I've just sent him a PM to try to reach out to Steve for some help. I also sent a PM to Neo, who is an admin on the site, so should(?) have the same powers as Steve (ie.,he can appoint mods, too), but has been on here as recently as today, though apparently only posts in the B/S/T section now. Being Super Moderators, it's possible that both Alvis and Terry Sumner might be able to appoint new mods, too. It's been a while since I dug around in IPB. (at the very least, they CAN help delete the SPAM). Are any of these four on Fa
  3. LOL. Knowing your name or email address is literally the least info that FB has on you. If you're concerned about digital privacy, The Algorithm is far more powerful than your registration info, particularly if you're using FB on your phone. Also, WhatsApp *IS* Facebook.
  4. Hmm... those prints are really disappointing. Like, I'm tempted to cancel my order, disappointing. They show a fundamental lack of understanding of the technology - the parts would be much, much better if they just fixed the orientation. Case in point, that instrument panel is pretty terrible, but it would be smooth and crisp if it were just printed horizontally, rather than at an angle. Guess it just goes to show, 3D printing isn't some magic bullet; you need to understand and master it, like any new tool. Wonder what printer/s Jetmads are using? And what settings. They s
  5. Tom, How's your build going? I didn't find any info on airfoils, so they're simple oblongs (as with the Disney version). I guess I could use a NACA profile - it'd be period correct(ish) at least, but it's more, "Out of the pages of Colliers", so I wasn't super concerned correct aerodynamics and more just matching the overall aesthetics.
  6. I just want to see pics of the kit. 🙂
  7. Well that's... different. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=PSD-AMK-001 Complete with LEDs so it can light up. As is usual on airbrush-based spacecraft, I guess?
  8. What are you looking to print? Do you have a file? There are a few people on ARC who have printers and would likely be willing to help. (including me, but I'm not in the US)
  9. When are the EJ/Kai re-releases due?
  10. I don't really agree. If you want variety, in types, in appearances, and in colour schemes, WWI is way, way more diverse (you can literally build something in any colour of the rainbow... WWII planes are *literally* painted drab!) yet it's still a really niche subject matter. Besides, even given the variety of WWII subjects, most *actual* model building is still limited to the same six or seven basic aircraft, which often depict the same high-profile pilots. IMO, it's more to do with the WWII echo that happened as the boomers were growing up - classic war movies and shows on TV,
  11. I wonder if this will change as the boomers start dying. Or if it's so ingrained in modellers now, it's just the default 'mainstream' subject.
  12. Question for the crowd, since we're discussing Phantom minutiae... Is there a good overview of which wheel/hub styles were used when/where/on which versions? I'd like to do some upgrade parts - it's one of the few areas that underwhelmed me on the kit.
  13. Damnit! I've got a fairly comprehensive collection of early Koku Fan on CD, some 25+ years worth - including all of 1983 - except for that issue! Like, literally, it seems to be the ONLY issue that I don't have. 😣 Sigh. FWIW, there's a small piece on the '82 William Tell in the January issue including a pic of an ANG Phantom, but it's a direct profile, so it's impossible to tell what the wing walks look like. Nothing in the March issue (except a cool model of a proposed Thunderbirds A-10 scheme...) And there are a few MiANG Phantom pics in the December '82 issue (p
  14. I could see someone like Italeri or *maybe* Revell buying them to add a bunch of European-interest subjects to their catalogue in one fell swoop. Someone who isn't afraid to reissue mediocre kits from defunct manufacturers (thinking of some Esci toolings for Italeri, while Revell still reissue some stinkers). As long as the offer is more than scrap value, *someone* will pick them up... they just have to be willing to sit on the tooling for a few years before reissuing them; sure, there's excess inventory today, but 5 - 10 years from now, people will probably be desperate for at least a coup
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