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  1. MoFo

    Darth Vader 3D Printed Statue

    Yup. If you set it to 1s, the printer will take 6.5s. But the time in your slicer will be wrong. If you set it to 6.5s, the printer will take 6.5s. But the print time in your slicer will be pretty much exactly right. Which is handy for knowing how long you have left in your print.
  2. MoFo

    AJSH-37 Viggen Correct Color Scheme

    You've got that backwards. It would be throwing good money after bad to spend more money on upgrades for the old kit, rather than simply cutting your losses and buying the new, better kit. Hence the sunk cost fallacy - I've sunk so much money/time/thought into this project that I have to keep going with it, even though objectively I'd be much better off if I just moved on.
  3. MoFo

    AJSH-37 Viggen Correct Color Scheme

  4. MoFo

    Darth Vader 3D Printed Statue

    Interesting. I've read a few comments saying the grey is tricky, which is weird, since their other opaques don't seem to be anywhere near as problematic - I've almost finished a litre of blue, and I've just been using the same settings as I did with clear green; I don't think I've had a single failed print. With this bottle almost finished though, I'm on the lookout for alternatives. Oh, and one thing to note with your settings... you should change the off time to 6.5 seconds. That's the actual minimum time it takes to raise and lower the build platform - even with it set at 1 second by default, it still takes 6.5 seconds to raise and lower - so using that value won't change your actual print time at all, but it will make the estimated print time in the slicer more accurate.
  5. MoFo

    Darth Vader 3D Printed Statue

    Which resins are you using? How do they compare to the green (cure times, detail, etc)
  6. MoFo

    lacquer coverage problem

    You're spraying too thick a coat. Use multiple light coats to gradually build up the paint colour, wait a few minutes between coats to give the paint a chance to start drying, and once you have the right colour, finish with a slightly heavier coat to level out the surface. It will take some practice to get a feel for the exact technique, so you might want to practice on an old, junk model. You should also give your primer longer to cure. If you can smell any paint on your model, the paint isn't cured.
  7. MoFo

    3D Printing Discussions

    I dunno. I'm not a fan of having a sub-forum for every little thing (I think all the armour, car and ship sub-forums could easily be contracted into one section for each subject) and I don't think there's really enough 3D printing posts to warrant a specific section for the topic. But it's regular enough that constantly hijacking Bill's 'I bought a printer!' thread isn't really tenable. Maybe a subforum for 'Computer Aided Modelling' that encompasses 3D printing, CAD modelling, decal design and printing, vinyl cutter/plotters, etc.? Maybe even roll it into the Aviation Art section since a big chunk of that section is digital - call it 'Alternative Modelling' or 'Outside the Box' (anything outside of traditional plastic modelling, from pencil drawings to 3D printing and everything in between).
  8. MoFo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    As can be seen in the canopy. LOL. You said exactly the same thing about the Tamiya kit when it was announced. And no, it's not going to be an exact scale up of the 1/72 kit because kit design doesn't work like that. Pretty sure you can look at their other 1/48 releases for a rough idea of what to expect.
  9. MoFo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    From the test shots, they've clearly gone with a four-part slide mold for the (one piece) canopy, rather than the standard three-part mold. So instead of having a single seam line down the middle of the canopy, there are two lines, at ~10 and 2 o'clock, meaning the weird line on the built display model's canopy isn't just a one-off. Huh.
  10. MoFo

    1/48 Mig-25 Upgrade Set Question

    No, there isn't. The correction sets for the KH kit won't fit ICM's Foxbat, and there hasn't been anything done for the ICM kit because, as mentioned, ICM already do a PD.
  11. MoFo

    1/4oz bottle caps?

    Again, you can check the specs on the manufacturer's website. https://www.caplugs.com/center-pull-tab-tapered-plugs-cpt
  12. MoFo

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    No. The B-1B uses an entirely different (and much larger) engine.
  13. MoFo

    1/4oz bottle caps?

    They're just re-purposed, commercially available plugs - here's the manufacturer's website: https://www.caplugs.com/ - so you could measure the bottle then scan through their catalog to find something that would fit. (my guess is that they're in this series - https://www.caplugs.com/tapered-caps-plugs-t - the series are mostly colour coded so you're limited to the red ones, and the paint caps have a model number 9-S on them, which would match one of the product numbers in this series) Unfortunately, the minimum order quantity seems to be 1000 plugs, but you might be able to work something out if you contact them. Or you might find something similar elsewhere. Maybe McMaster-Carr?
  14. MoFo

    Dspiae circle cutter

    Certain retailers/website names get autocorrected as a sort of SPAM filter, because they've been used by spammers in the past to advertise on the site. If you're talking about Ali Express... then yes, they're reliable, though shipping times can be slow. They're basically the Chinese version of Amazon, but with many 3rd party sellers, so similar caveats apply: the site itself is fine and I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything there, but it IS possible that you might have an issue with some random 3rd party seller (just like you could with Amazon). I wouldn't expect it, and it shouldn't be much of a problem resolving it through the main site, but still, be aware.