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  1. From what Haneto and Gabor have said (both explicitly and reading between the lines), the first production run will include a tinted canopy. It's not a secret edition that retailers have to specifically order. It's the entire first run, which will be 3000 kits. It will be available for a while. Heck, people are *still* worried about getting a first-run GWH F-15, and that came out five years ago. If you desperately want a tinted canopy (that may or may not be accurately tinted - most kits are way too dark), buy the kit some time this year and you'll be fine. If you somehow miss out, then add a couple of drops of ink to the Future you're going to dip the canopy into anyway (after polishing out the mold seam) and you'll have identical, if not better results. You do realize that we can still see your original posts, right? Personally, I can totally understand Gabor's frustration. He and Haneto have spent hundreds of hours labouring over the kit and fighting the manufacturer to make it as perfect as possible. They are clearly frustrated at its few shortcomings, but are proud of their efforts and the resulting kit. They realize that commercial products always involve compromise, and that while they'd like to have an accurately tinted canopy with accurately clear windscreen, lights, etc. in every kit, it wasn't worth dying on that particular hill when they were also lobbying for other, more substantial revisions. And this solution is a reasonable compromise: most of the modellers who are interested enough in the subject to care about the canopy will probably buy the kit as soon as it's released; it incentivizes more casual fans to buy sooner rather than later which recoups GWH's costs faster; and if or when GWH stop including tinted parts, it's much easier for the modeller to tint their own than it would be to correct the radome, or add a bunch of plugs to a too-short fuselage. And your response was: it's "pathetic". And "lazy". And that it had "put (you) off totally from this kit." Even though you are getting exactly what you want. You want a tinted canopy. You are getting a tinted canopy. You're getting a tinted canopy because Gabor and Haneto convinced GWH to include a tinted canopy. And you're still upset, smearing and hurling insults at the people who are responsible for making the kit as good as it is. Yeah, Gabor's response was curt and snarky. It would have been better if he'd just ignored you or reiterated his previous comment that, sorry, this was the best we could convince GWH to do. But I can certainly understand why his frustration boiled over.
  2. Modelcollect B-52H

    Not sure what the 'gamble' is. The kit will be released, development just takes time. Also, interesting to note that the AMK F-14 was announced in 2015, with firm promises on a 2015 release date. We're now in year 3 of "it's absolutely definitely going to be on the shelves in the next 6 months), yet the general consensus seems to be: "it will come out when it comes out; I'd rather them take their time to make sure it's right." Meanwhile the Modelcollect bombers were announced in 2016, with no release date and very clearly at the start of the development cycle, yet the common refrain is that it's vapourware, and will never come out, and Modelcollect are terrible. It's not even about track records - Modelcollect have more than a hundred releases in their catalogue. AMK has, what... five? Weird.
  3. Better photos have already been posted, about halfway down this page: Kind of surprised at the backlash over the FB photo - it's *obviously* a crappy pic - high magnification, low resolution, high compression, out of focus, terrible lighting...
  4. Stumbled across this site while searching for something entirely unrelated. Seems to be a goldmine for pics of Russian hardware. http://www.vitalykuzmin.net/
  5. Bet it'd be out before the AMK kit...
  6. Bandai 1:72 Millenium Falcon

    It's the 1/35 Tamiya Matilda. https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AC6ntlvZAW1tZiM&cid=220A17AB9B2F4507&id=220A17AB9B2F4507!764&parId=220A17AB9B2F4507!733&o=OneUp From https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AC6ntlvZAW1tZiM&id=220A17AB9B2F4507!733&cid=220A17AB9B2F4507 The models have been very thoroughly documented, and pretty much all the scavenged components identified. Interesting side note, this is partly why some long-since-OOP kits have skyrocketed in price - SW fanatics who want to build their own studio-scale replicas from *actual* components are willing to pay outrageous sums to get the few parts they need.
  7. Modelcollect B-52H

    Err... yes you can. It's a public page, so you can view it without a Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Modelcollect/posts Last update was a(n, IIRC, reduced-scale) mockup of the major assemblies to check the shape, back in mid-December. To be fair, they've never set a release date for the kit, and the pre-order thing was pretty clearly VERY early in the design process, so it's not like there have been multiple delays or broken promises (vs. something like the AMK F-14). It's just... kits take a long time to bring to market, and since they announced it so early, unfortunately we're getting to witness just how long that gestation can be. Yeah, it's frustrating and they really should be doing a better job of communicating with people who have pre-ordered the kit - especially since they're an unknown quantity to many aircraft modellers - but the long wait is just a pretty standard development time.
  8. https://broadbandnow.com/ https://www.whistleout.com/Internet https://www.mapbox.com/labs/net-neutrality/ https://www.inmyarea.com/internet
  9. Can a F-14 be flown by the RIO?

    Well the canopy was designed to withstand a bird strike...
  10. Tu 22 Blinder

    Not in 2012. ;)
  11. What weapon or store is this?

    MALD https://gizmodo.com/5927471/this-uav-decoy-fools-even-the-smartest-sam https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-pentagons-flying-decoy-super-weapon-is-about-to-get-1669729445
  12. AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    Uhh... none of that bears any relation to access. AMK was launched by an injection molding factory that had produced kits for other model companies, as a way to generate revenue in the idle time between paying customers. They saw what model kits could be a viable product line, had the facilities to produce them, so decided to create 'AMK'. The reason for the F-14 and Kfir delays is that other companies were paying them to develop and tool products. The factory has limited time and resources, so it is more economically prudent for them to dedicate those resources to customers with cash in hand - and rigid deadlines - rather than an in-house project that they hope will turn a profit in the future. The purpose of the pre-order campaign was to remove that risk: if they could guarantee 5000 sales, they would guarantee $____ in income. Presumably that income would be higher than any short-term contract work, in which case it would be more lucrative to work on their in-house model kit, rather than a customer's milk crates, or toothbrush handles, or fidget spinners. So the limiting factor isn't access. They have constant access. The limiting factor is finding space in the production schedule to make use of that access. If or when they have the time or incentive to work on an in-house project, they have every bit as much access as Tamiya does in their own factory*. Because just like Tamiya, they are the factory. *In fact, I'm fairly certain Tamiya tools their kits in Japan then ships the tooling to the Philippines for production, so they should actually have more access. They're more akin to Bandai, who does everything in-house, in one facility.
  13. MiG-21 Madness

    And it (apparently) won't have an accurate nose either. It'll be done like their 1/48 kits. Seems to be a touchy subject for the company.
  14. MiG-25 exhaust

  15. AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    The bannana-ing is an extraction problem, not a tooling problem. Looks like they're running the molds too quickly. So it's probably going to be a problem with more than one kit, but *may* not be there on *every* one. Tool marks... I wonder if they tried to push this out the door quickly (and cheaply?) in order to raise funds for the F-14. It doesn't look *too* bad though - yeah, it sucks that you have to smooth the area out, but it looks like it should be a pretty straightforward, quick job. Bent fins... that's a feature. Just like the 1/72 Kfir. See, they could have just given you two bombs, and they'd be fine. But instead, they decided to give you four bombs, so they'd get damaged in transit. Because that protects the rest of the kit. Yup. Totally meant to do that. As for the differences between the kits, this review from ModelWeb highlights the differences: http://modelweb.modelforum.cz/2017/12/06/iai-kfir-c2c7-amk-148/