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  1. Yup. https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-48/produits/2549-mica-em-1-48e https://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-48/produits/2550-mica-ir-1-48e
  2. Tapchan posted pictures from the show Narcos, showing Pablo Escobar looking sad while in hiding. I posted a picture from the same show, after he'd been caught (and executed). Though I see how it could be misinterpreted. Note the camera man and sound guys, though.
  3. Nope, it's definitely not, because when the mediocre Airfix kits were released, all the Brits said the holes were impossible to do in 1/72. So you must be mistaken. 😉
  4. Thanks guys. And it is indeed Solidworks, though Fusion360 should do much the same things if you're looking for free software. Oh, and Peter, I found the single biggest hurdle was just thinking through the sequence of operations needed to produce something. I'm entirely self taught, through a combination of experimenting and Googling, and my first few models involved a lot of deleting-once-I-was-halfway-through-because-I'd-done-things-out-of-sequence. The models above are all done with simple operations (revolve, extrude, loft, chamfer/fillet), so the only 'trick' is being able to think through the best order to design the parts. That, and math; I've had to remember all those old geometry lessons I was never going to have any use for. 😃
  5. No, they do not need to be "RealSpace" brand model kits. You can post any actual, non-fictional space vehicle here.
  6. Minor update to this thread (squashing a rumor, mostly). It has been suggested elsewhere that Express Hobbies in Saskatchewan stock MRP paint. THEY DO NOT. I reached out to them and was told that no, they do not stock MPR, nor do they have a distributor for them. Once again, someone has confused MRP with Mr. Color. 🙄 I guess that whenever you ask about it, you should say "Does anyone sell MRP Paint, the stuff in the Alclad-like bottle?' Or just, "Does anyone sell this stuff? "
  7. It's a necro-thread, Dave. So the 'new' news when it was posted was the first post in that ww1aircraftmodels thread
  8. Heads up Steve, that post above yours is probably about to become a spammer.
  9. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by the response from everybody. Here's another update: Not a whole lot visually different, but I've re-built the entire model. Most of my horizontal dimensions were slightly out, so I had to revise... pretty much everything. I also added the cockpit and observer's windows and landing gear wells, and proper rounded wing tips. With the basic structure more or less done (though I'll probably add panel lines, eventually), I could start adding proper details: Kind of hard to show everything in one shot, so hopefully the blueprint view will work. First up were the rockets, which involved an interesting mix of eyeballing and math. Since I'll have to print the rocket body itself in three separate stages (it's a little too tall to print the 1st and 2nd stages together), I figured I might as well add the 2nd stage rockets, and that if I was going to add those, I might as well add the tops of the fuel tanks as well, to make it a fully detailed shuttle. 😃 ...and a render of the current status. Next job is to start adding panel line detail. I'll probably add spars inside the various wings and fins, too, so I can print them hollow to save resin (if/when I get a big enough printer).
  10. Had a fit of inspiration this morning, so hit the CAD: This is the second WvB shuttle design, based on an article in Collier's magazine. The rocket itself is largely similar in overall shape, but the shuttle itself is significantly different, with swept canards and wings and a tailless design, vs. the delta shape of the original. Apparently there is speculation that this is closer to his 'intended' shape, and the original was 'massaged' by Disney for aesthetics. It's big though. Significantly bigger than the Disney version: Still needs a ton of work done - adding the canopy bulge and windows, launch pad and supports, rocket motors, and breaking it all down for printing, but it's a start. Biggest problem is, I'm not sure I *can* print it - the whole thing is almost 2' tall, and many of the 'detailed' components are too big to fit in the Photon's modest build envelope. Theoretically, I could FDM print everything, but the prints are just nowhere near as nice. Quick render showing the two shuttle side by side. I'm not sure if I'll copy the whole set-up; I might just do a launch pad and supports, but skip the tower (which would be physically impossible to use, anyway)
  11. Reading through those threads... how much do you want to bet that if/when the official news does come out, a bunch of people are going to try pinning the blame on people who discussed the subject on discussion boards? I can totally imagine a few of the participants claiming that "people spreading rumours" put WnW out of business...
  12. Saw these linked in a news article about the recent missile test. They're from a DPRK propaganda website, but since it's *really* hard to find references for North Korean jets, anything is a welcome addition to the library. https://dprktoday.com/abroad/great/1186 Click the arrows at the bottom to scroll through for other pics. (I kinda dig the camo, actually)
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