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  1. Yup....one day I saw five HC Tutors on eBay. They will emerge quickly and some guys will try to get as much for them as they can. At this point, they are worthless. Oh ...and this new kit will definitely be under $100.
  2. Snowbird decals as well as the standard training markings, plus an anniversary scheme will be in the box.
  3. Just to throw a wrench into the game......whomever this unknown model maker is....he isn't the only one working on a new 1/48 Tutor.......👀
  4. Nope. No idea who it is. But I have been working with another model manufacturer regarding a 1/48 Tutor.
  5. Hi guys.....sorry for the delayed answer. I'm not on the forums that much these days, thanks to Facebook. Let me check and see if I still have the photos and post them.
  6. Hmmm......interesting. This came out of nowhere. Wonder who is heading this up?
  7. Just clicked on the link, and says it's no longer available.
  8. Yeah....if you don't mind a quick how-to on the RBF flags, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll send you an email regarding the detent wrench.
  9. Bump once again. In need of three Tutor kits for commission builds. Will entertain trades or buy outright for a reasonable price. Thanks.
  10. Hi Ray, I have sent you a PM.
  11. Well, I am certainly determined to make it happen. I'm just waiting to hear back from the National Aviation Muse, to see of they have loft line drawings in their archives.
  12. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! At this point, I am needing to get a photo of the top of the horizontal stab and I know there are a few other things I need photos of. If it were't for this damn covid, I could go down to Moose Jaw and ask for an hour or so with an aircraft, in the hangar. HAHA
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