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  1. Going to bump this one again. Looking for at least one, if not two 1/48 Hobbycraft Tutor kits. If you have one that you're willing to part with for a decent price, please let me know. Will also entertain trades.
  2. If you decide to put the other kit on the trading block, I'd definitely take it off your hands. I have been building custom Snowbird models for current and past team members, so I am always on the lookout for other kits.....just in case.
  3. Bump once again! Need one for a commission build! Thanks!
  4. Colin K


    Are you talking about the 1/72 kit or the 1/32 kit? Also, are you looking to build a current jet or something older?
  5. Hi everyone. I am in need of a Sniper XR pod from the HASEGAWA 35114 1/72 US Aircraft Weapons: IX. If you happen to have this set and can spare the Sniper pod, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Demo jets are chosen based on fatigue life, not how many hours they have on them. So they will try to take a jet with the most available fatigue life, as they really get beat up during the season. Not sure why it's a big deal if one of the Aussie jets gets picked as the demo bird. So far, they haven't been as reliable as some had hoped. Having said that; if you're hoping for fully painted demo jets, don't bet on it. Going to be tails only for the foreseeable future.
  7. Nope.....no current Snowbird sheets. If you do a sheet, be prepared to be asked for royalties or a cease and desist letter. The Snowbird name and logos, etc. are all trademarked. Having said that, I would certainly welcome a new Snowbird decal sheet! I've got plenty of references to share and would be happy to help. I also live two hours away from their home base, and I'm sure I can talk to someone at the squadron, if additional info/photos are needed.
  8. Sorry Kursad...yes, you have done some Canadian subjects....and one's that no one else has done.
  9. Nope. Aussie Hornets are receiving the standard CF-18 paint scheme.
  10. I'm working on two kits that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm building a 1/48 Cessna 172 (Italeri) and a 1/48 A-4N Skyhawk from Top Aces.
  11. Thanks for the offer, but the builds I am doing have current team markings. That, and I have 7-8 sets of the older team markings from various Belcher Bits sheets. So I'll kindly pass.
  12. Didn't work out. Just got a message back saying it already sold. 😞 Not a bad price for the A-20 and C-47? 1/48?
  13. Hi Sean. Thanks for the tip. I just messaged them and asked them if they would hold it for me. I have a friend who works on base and he said he'd pick it up for me.
  14. Haven't checked in for a while. Progress looks great, Carmen. Hope all is well!
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