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  1. Thanks for the offer, but the builds I am doing have current team markings. That, and I have 7-8 sets of the older team markings from various Belcher Bits sheets. So I'll kindly pass.
  2. Didn't work out. Just got a message back saying it already sold. 😞 Not a bad price for the A-20 and C-47? 1/48?
  3. Hi Sean. Thanks for the tip. I just messaged them and asked them if they would hold it for me. I have a friend who works on base and he said he'd pick it up for me.
  4. Haven't checked in for a while. Progress looks great, Carmen. Hope all is well!
  5. I hope they will have the dropped flaps option.
  6. Great looking model! My only critique is that a 410 B model Hornet will never carry such a load, since it's the training unit in Cold Lake. But, it is very impressive and I love the weathering!
  7. Saskatoon isn't that much further from Lloyd, and Express Hobbies here has the Model Color, Model Air, Model Game and Metal paints.
  8. Left years ago. Best decision I made. Sounds like not much has changed.
  9. Bump....there has to be someone out there with one....and for a reasonable price.
  10. Does anyone have Fightertown Decals sheet 48077 and wants to part with the Top Gun:Maverick Super Hornet markings? Let me know. I just don't want to buy the whole sheet for just one option. Thanks!
  11. Biggest thing is, I think people are trying to sell it as a collectible, not a model that someone wants to build. I get that they are hard to find, and I'm sure that he may find someone who will pay that much, but there are other deals out there. Just gotta dig. Having said that, I'm holding out hope. I currently have three in my stash, but I kind of want to hang on to them, as I have builds of my own planned.
  12. Just completed a great decal trade with Bob, from Sylvain Lake, AB (Robert 1). He had a set of P-51D decals that I was looking for. Thanks again Bob!
  13. They are hard to find, but do not warrant a $130 price tag. One look in the box should tell people that.
  14. Hello all, Throwing up the hail mary once again! I am on the lookout for four Hobbycraft 1/48 CT-114 Tutor models. I'm in need of them for a couple of commission builds. I'll entertain trades or outright purchases, for a reasonable price. Thanks!
  15. Just wondering if anyone has an old or junked 1/48 Monogram F-80 and can spare the open gun compartment door for the left side of the nose. Mine disappeared and I suck at scratchbuilding. If you have one that you can part with, please let me know. Thanks!
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