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  1. Sad really, that there aren't more decal guys doing Canadian stuff. I had high hopes for Canuck, to fill the void when Leading Edge went on hiatus, but sadly, they fell off the radar. I am happy that Leading Edge is back printing stuff. I'm hoping for some new stuff, so we'll have to wait and see. I'm surprised that Belcher Bits doesn't release more Canadian content though.
  2. Ditto on visiting the local cosmetics counter. The "sanding sticks" you see being sold by online shops, are exactly the same as you'd find at the cosmetics counter....and usually twice the price. You can find all sorts of different grits, as well as 4-in-1 sticks for buffing. They work great on canopies.
  3. Vegas in 2021?! That might actually be doable for me!
  4. Colin K

    1/48 AMA Pods

    I've made an AMA pod, using an AIM-9, out of the Hasegawa F-16 kit.
  5. Hi folks, I am in search of the following Quickboost items, in 1/48. 48 178 A-4 IDF DEFA 30mm cannons 48 247 A-4 Skyhawk IDF extended tailpipe If anyone has these items and is willing to part with them, for a decent price, please let me know. Thanks!!
  6. To be fair, you did offer both IP for the T-45A and C. But, if there's no space on a sprue, that can't be helped. But, exactly? Why hasn't an AM company released an update for the ATARS? Probably for the same reason...not enough of a market? Also, Kinetic needs to be run as a business, of course. Personally, I think Kinetic has done well, plugging some huge holes and releasing subjects that no one else would dare too. In any case....I will concede. Let's get back to talking about the F-104 kit.
  7. Raymind, Let the modeller sand down the wider main wheels? What about the hubs? They would still two wide? Seems a bit lazy to me. Why not do it right and offer the parts, from the beginning? Same thing with the ATARS F/A-18D. The wrong panel is in the back cockpit and the instrument coaming is only for the B. So far, no resin manufactures offer correct replacement parts. I'm still going to get the kit, but having to correct something that should have been correct/offered in the first place, it's just extra money that the modeller has to spend. I hope the corrections outline by everyone here, will be included in the F-104J. Just my respectful opinion.
  8. I'm enthusiastic about a new Tutor. If it was in the works, I want to find out how to get it rolling again. How about it, Raymond?
  9. Colin K

    1/32 CF-18

    Dan....I was just going through some of the older posts. Good call on using the SAC metal gear. The kit gear would have sagged over time. I built a 1/32 Hornet, for a former IP, back in 2011, and used the SAC gear. It has held up all of these years. I have two Academy kits at home, and I'll be using the SAC gear on them as well.
  10. Colin K

    1/32 CF-18

    Looks good, Dan. I'm glad the decals worked out for you!
  11. Don't tease me!!! Seriously....a new 1/48 Tutor, would be most welcome. With this F-104 kit, I welcome it and I am excited! I just like the fact that underwing tanks and pylons are included. The Hasegawa 2-seaters at least added underwing pylons, but that's it. Raymond.....will the kit include the radar warning receivers, that were near the exhaust and under the nose, which were on Canadian CF-104s?
  12. Colin K

    1/32 CF-18

    My pleasure, Dan! Actually, Megan's photos came in handy, as far as making the decals for the mission markings and name. The RCAF titles, I had done in 1/48, but just upsized them to as close to 1/32 as I could guess. I test fitted them with a 1/32 roundel and they looked pretty good. I can't wait to see them on the model!
  13. I know the rear IP shroud is incorrect, but wouldn't the rear IP be correct for an F/A-18D, that was not set up as a Marine AW jet?
  14. Technically, they did do last years demo jet. Leading Edge designed the artwork for Kinetic. Personally, I'd like to build the 2016 demo.
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