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  1. I just completed a purchase from Mike, a great transaction ...buy with confidence......Thx Mike
  2. Very Nice!! what did you think of the kit overall?
  3. Google Photos, you can then access them from any device, open the photo on said device then save it to that device.
  4. I was watching HBO's miniseries 'The Pacific' again and something caught my eye, episode 7 I think, it was F4U Corsairs flying close air support with gear down. Was this a thing or did the film makers get it wrong?
  5. I second Flory washes as well, Oils thinned with mineral spirits are pretty forgiving over an acrylic clear coat as well.
  6. Does anyone have any interest in trading one of these for this? The box is open but all bags are sealed, ConUs only please. PM me if interested we each pay for our own shipping.
  7. I've been tempted to try this, have you ever had a problem with the ink bleeding into the surrounding paint?
  8. I use lead wire also, if you have a place near you that sells fly fishing tackle you should be able to pick some up there they have various sizes and its inexpensive.
  9. You hit the nail on the head, sports used to be a respite from the daily grind and real life issues. They have sucked all the fun out of it, if I wanted to be lectured to on politics then I'd turn on FOX, CNN or PMSNBC. The sad part is the NFL and most of its players don't even recognize they being played and used as tools to forward an agenda created by the left.
  10. Did many of you watch? What say you? I didn't care for the opening so much, but the jury is still out for me but we'll see where it goes.
  11. Living here in Pittsburgh, I was so disappointed in the team's action today, that a I couldn't bring myself to watch it today. I may be done for good also.
  12. The website for the contest this Saturday 9/16 in Sharon, PA is unavailable, does anyone know if the show is still on for this weekend?
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