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  1. Bump from a satisfied return customer. Mario is Da Man!
  2. For what it's worth I recently purchased a 1/48 vacuform conversion from Dave Lochead at Kiwi Resin. Excellent person to do business with. Here's the link- Kiwi Resin vacuform RF-8 conversion
  3. Anything is possible. Modexes (908) were changed frequently, though maybe less so with a Photographic squadron that had multiple small detachments between different ships. Here's a link to Modex 908 after Detachment 65's cruise on the USS Enterprise in 1964-RF-8 with Kangaroo Zap It is possible the RF-8 from Julien's signature was taken on the wooden decked USS Shangri-La with it's USS Enterprise markings. Your photo could represent the same aircraft after being repainted for Detachment 38 on the Shangri-La, hence the CV-38 Island in the background. Guess the other photo I linked was from the same transition period as Juliens' signature photo. From the gonavy website I derived VFP-62 had a Detachment on the USS Enterprise in 1963 and 1964.
  4. Here's a link to a better image of the shark mouth RF-8 showing the tail markings and referencing a Bu.No. http://www.vfp62.com/bulletin_board_archive_2.html There are follow up comments to modeling this aircraft.
  5. That's why the NYPD is issuing a citation. LOL Moose, Thank you for sharing these pics of that beautiful beast. A few years ago we were lucky enough to receive a C-133 over at Travis AFB. It was the same shade of well weathered aluminum. Rumor was they had so little fuel left when they landed they taxied in on two engines!
  6. I am no intellectual but if you read the Complaint there are two sides to every story so siding with POF and signing the petition seems to be a knee jerk reaction. Seems like most things this is about money and how much POF and it's owner makes and how POF impacts Yanks and adjacent businesses. From the outside it seems like the litigants want a slice of the pie for themselves and define how big the pie is in the complaint. From the outside it also seems like the "Yanks" pie is a little bigger than "Planes of Fame's" pie as they are developing a second Museum... https://yanksair.org/about-greenfield-project/ Either way hope they can find some common ground as there will be a heavy price to pay by Yanks, POF, the patrons that have reservations made for May, and the local economy if it is cancelled.
  7. Mavericks might be an option too. I found this pick from 1981 during the wraparound era. Though not typical, the G is carrying a Shrike, Harm, Standard ARM, Maverick and a ALQ-119. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/6349701
  8. Mark, If your friend hasn't found it already here's an email address- mxf04137@nifty.ne.jp
  9. Hello, http://akatombo.air-nifty.com/akatomboworks/?optimized=0 Don't know if they offer an English version of this page but it's a start. I've never done business with this company, I'm just good at finding oddball things on the internet. From what I've read it seems to be a one man show with some interesting kits. Found a mobile version of a blog I think- http://app.m-cocolog.jp/t/typecast/128610/101309 Hope this helps. Jim S
  10. How sad. We lost a great friend, but now he is pain and worry free. Phantomdriver, Thank you for keeping us up to date after Clif disappeared from the forums and I am truly sorry for your loss. Please pass along our condolences to his family. Best regards, Jim S
  11. Thank you for the good news phantomdriver.
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