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  1. Hello, The models are imaginative and distinctive, the profiles are eye catching and plausible. Really like the JASDF Crusader, USMC Hunter (weakness for gloss sea blue I guess) and the Mudhens. Thank you for taking the time to share. Jim S
  2. Bump from a satisfied customer. Deal with confidence. 👍 Thank you Gary!
  3. Simply stated... Thank you very much Sir!
  4. The canvas alone is awesome. The lightning takes it over the top.Hope you enjoy your project for years to come!
  5. Article with independent images-The/Drive Doesn't make much sense to integrate the IRST with a jettison-able fuel tank but on a plane that costs $18,000 an hour to fly maybe I'm just being a cheap old bastard.
  6. The mineral Zinc helps keep the immune system strong.
  7. Email sent regarding the 1/72 scale Nates and the 1/32 scale Raiden/Jack.
  8. Hello, Purchased the new AEW Skyraider mail order from Hannants, prop was broken and the missing blade wasn’t in the bag. Sent an email to Sword with a pic, fast response to the email, had a replacement propeller within 12-13 days of my email. Czech Republic to California. Awesome. I like the snail mail thank you card idea too. Jim S
  9. Email sent regarding the P-40N and Corsair.
  10. http://www.j-aircraft.org/smf/index.php?topic=18024.0
  11. Hello, Received and responded to your email. Thank you, Jim S
  12. Hello, Ok thank you. Figured it was the way I copied the address. Thank you for the confirmation. Probably need to try on the laptop.. Have a good one, Jim S
  13. Hello, Received and responded to your email. Thank you, Jim S
  14. Hello, Sent an email last Saturday regarding the C-141. Thanks Jim S
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