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  1. Lacquer blushing. Google it for a better understanding. Caused by the dew point and the ambient temperature being too near one another. Even if the ambient temp was 10 degrees above the dew point, the adiabatic cooling Triarius described above could drive the surface temp of the model below the dew point. There's a possibility you might recover from it by simply spraying (lightly) some lacquer thinner over the area. Obviously, you should test this in a inconspicuous area first. A paint booth will not solve the problem if it's installed in the same uncontrolled environment in which you clea
  2. Dig it! Nice work. You're going to make me break mine out...........
  3. Thanks everyone. Prop was polished bare plastic with Alclad Chrome sprayed over it. Turned out better than I thought it would.
  4. End of the road for this one. Calling it done.
  5. Consider it done. Best of luck to you.
  6. Did some more polishing and was able to recover from a canopy flaw. Chromed out the prop. Probably put the wraps on it this weekend. There's still a couple issues I can't recover from but considering it started as a test that I had my doubts about, I'm pretty happy with it. One from my crap-o-matic cell phone.
  7. Sanded and polished most of the clear coat. Was able to make the paint edges disappear. Had a couple issues arise but have decided to keep pushing until it's done.
  8. Laid some clear. Had a little reaction with the transparent red sagging a bit under the clear. Next time I'll seal those colors prior to clear coating.
  9. Got some more painting done. Might have it done by the weekend.
  10. Finally spent some more time on this bucket. I'm not so good at taking pictures while I'm in the groove. It's pretty hard to make convincing "Fire" in this scale so I settled for old schoolish flames. All the mask work is base coated in pearl white then over-painted with Alclad transparent colors to try to achieve a candied effect, stars and bars included. That effect will not be completely evident until it's buried in clear. Still have to paint the starboard skull and flames, the reapers on the tail and the "Time's Up" text.
  11. Hopefully I'll be back on it in the next couple days. Been practicing the fire technique. A lot of the credit for the finish so far has to go to the primer. It was dead flat.
  12. Here goes........ Kit: Hasegawa F4U-4B (raised panel lines) Year started: about 1996 or 1997 Left to do: Scribe horizontal stabs and clean up work, paint. Why stalled: No idea, probably related to ADD, OCD or both. I've decided to finish this and use it for a paint mule. It will have a very non-standard finish. Metallic black with flames, skulls, reapers and whatever else jumps on there. Here's what it looked like a few days ago when I was testing some masks on it. This is not the final configuration by any means. Pretty much just seeing how much detail I can cram into this scale. Af
  13. After a chat with Corsairman, I'm in. I went through the stash last weekend and pulled out all the 1:48 kits that were started on and sell off the rest. Changing scales. Anyway, I ran across a Hasegawa F4U-4b I started rescribing many moons ago. Too far along to include in for sale pile so I decided to use it for a paint mule. It was about 95 percent rescribed and got put back in the box and forgotten. No idea why. It actually looked pretty good. So I glued the wing on it and began planning out a non correct paint scheme for it. The vitals Kit: Hasegawa F4U-4B (raised panel lines) Year s
  14. Richard, After having a less than stellar day today, it was a really great way to end the day reading your post. I pretty much looked at the six models I gave away as a simple act of participating in the raffle and a way to thin the herd of models in scales that are no longer friendly to my 50 year old eyes and to make room for the influx of 32nd scale stuff that has occupied my compulsive mind. To be honest, I had a moment of panic when I realized that I might have offered up a few less kits and maybe even some smaller kits since I was on the hook for shipping. It was nearly 80 bucks to
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