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  1. I finished this build in December, but just getting time to post the photos of the finished build. I used Quinta Studios 3-D printed cockpit, Eduard Brassin' Ejection Seats, Brassin' Wheels, Brassin' GBU-16s, Brassin AIM-9Xs, and the kit supplied AIM-120Cs. Hope you enjoy.
  2. For what you're able to see of the inside of the nozzle and exhaust ducting due to the small size, either one would be okay. However, in my humble opinion, the ResKit nozzle detail is slightly crisper and more defined than the kit supplied one, so my choice would be to use the ResKit exhaust nozzle. Too bad that the entire assembly won't fit into the kit as designed. Guess that's one reason why I like the Eduard Brassin' line of products as they are direct replacements for the kit parts, no major surgery required to get them to fit into/onto the model you're working on, as their products are d
  3. Decaling continues, almost done with this portion of the build. Only have to apply the stencils and national marking to the underside.
  4. The aftermarket nozzles are the correct diameter to ft this kit, I may try and replace the kit nozzles with them, however they are also slightly longer than the kit supplied ones, so not sure which are the correct length. As for increasing the diameter of the hole to accept the replacement assembly, I had thought about that, but realized that it wouldn't work as there is an internal bulkhead placed inside the rear of the plane that acts as a stop to help secure the exhaust assembly once it is installed, that too would have to be increased in diameter to make the aftermarket parts fit, and that
  5. tosouthern66, I did glue the cockpit tub to the upper half instead of attaching it to the nose gear tub like the instructions say you should do, as I test fitted everything before assembly and gluing the cockpit tub to the upper fuselage gave me the most accurate fit/seating of the tub to the fuselage versus following the instructions. I did not have any issues with the fit in front of the cockpit, I took my time in gluing that area a little section at a time to ensure proper alignment was kept preventing any steps, etc., that required major amounts of sanding/puttying.
  6. Ran into an issue with some aftermarket exhaust nozzles produced by RESKIT. They didn't fit! The diameter of the exhaust ducts was much larger than that of the kit supplied ones, as well as the opening in the model to install them in to. UGH! Will have to use the kit suppled ones instead.
  7. More photos of her as the painting process continues, with the vertical stabilators completely painted and the entire assembly gloss coated in preparation for the decaling to begin.
  8. Here it is with the paint applied, I used Mr. Paint and Gunze Mr. Color brand paints on it.
  9. Here is the assembled fuselage and it in black primer.
  10. It has been a while since I posted any updates, here are some photos of my work over the past few months, it has been a slow build as life gets in the way of our hobby at times. Here are photos of the cockpit, I used the Quinta Studios 3D Decals on it.
  11. Initially I had nothing but great dealings with Hobbyworld USA, then the wheels fell off! I have been waiting on items that I ordered last August 2021 to come in, along with some additional items that I ordered in December 2021. I received some items, and others like mentioned in previous posts above were highlighted in yellow, denoting they were backordered. I waited for 4 months before inquiring about the August 2021 order. And got no reply. Sent another message in January 2022, and got a response about there being an issue with him getting items in. I have been very patient regarding this
  12. Here is my entry into this group build. The Meng F/A-18F kit. Will be in VFA-103 markings as pictured on the box. The wheel wells have been primed and painted white. Ready to apply a clear coat to them before applying Mig enamel panel line washes, as they have been painted with Mr. Paint (MRP) white paint. The cockpit tub has also been painted. Time to cut it off of the tree and paint the black panels by hand.
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