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  1. Tom G

    Monogram/Koster P4Y-2 Privateer

    Beautiful work. Congratulations on a great build. Tom
  2. Tom G

    New Member

    Welcome. Great to have you here! Tom
  3. Tom G

    HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

    Wow what a fun day! Hats off to IPMS Hamilton and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The models on display were inspiring. The F-4E, F4U Corsair, and F6F with folded wings in the pictures crackerjazz posted were built by ARC member Marvin20. Nice pictures by the way. The only group photo I am aware of is the one Lost_Erik posted. It’s him, Marvin20 and myself. We met at the Lancaster at noon. I was great to have it right in an aircraft museum. Well worth the trip. As far as packing models I had a plastic tote box with 2 inch foam on the bottom and then toothpicks to hold the models in place. All of the models arrived intact. BTW one of my models was a 1/72 Gemini spacecraft with astronaut on a tether (not the one in the photos, his was nicer). The astronaut must have had a wild ride shaking around on the wire but he arrived ok too. Tom
  4. Tom G

    HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

    Marvin20 and I will be there. Both first timers. Would like to meet other ARC’ers at noon. Tom
  5. Beautiful work Joel. It really turned out well. Thanks for sharing your progress pictures. I enjoy seeing each stage of construction. Tom
  6. Tom G

    1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Review/Preview

    Thanks. That was a nice review. You highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the kit. Well done. Tom
  7. Hi Scooby, No problem. Sorry it didn't work out this time. I understand about thinning the stash. Best wishes, Tom
  8. Hey Michael, Great job on your F3H Demon. Your weathering looks really good and it is another solid build from you. Tom
  9. Hi Queito, Great work on your Eduard Hellcat. I really like the folded wings. That’s something you don’t see everyday. Nice work all the way around. Another great model you’ve built. Thanks for sharing it. Tom
  10. Scooby, Glad you found something else. I replied to your PM. Tom
  11. Great just in time for the weekend. Thanks for letting me know Don. I hope you enjoy building them. Thanks for the purchase. Tom
  12. Sorry Scooby. I just received payment for the T-33 and Mig-29. Tom
  13. Thanks, Scooby. The F-15B did sell and I am waiting to hear on the Mig-29 and the T-33. You are at the top of the list if those don't go through. The list is up to date. Tom
  14. Tom G

    Shawn s 200th Phantom

    Congratulations on a milestone number. McAir used to paint the number on the jet when they reached a multiple of 1,000. You are as good at making Phantoms as they were! LOL Well done, Tom
  15. Congratulations, Queito! It’s an excellent build. It looks like it came right out of the South Pacific. Well done. Tom