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  1. Good work mate, nice to see something different, thanks for sharing.
  2. Great news... hope the Chilean tankers are included too... got this waiting. Cheers!
  3. some work I did awhile ago... sharing the process. 1/144 Diorama. and the same for a dio in 1/72. Tropic jungle Colombia. Hope this helps... Cheers.
  4. Ended up Second Place in the 4th National and International Model Event in Bogota, Colombia. October 10-11, 2015. 300+ models, 18 categories, 104 contestants. Woohooo!.
  5. Great news! Good to hear from this! Thanks KursadA
  6. Nice scheme, always good to see something different!
  7. Shine, shine... Looks solid mate, Cheers to that! Came out real good, great job.
  8. Pics from the Expo in Panama City. Late August 2015. As a bonus, two of mine, KC-767 MMTT Colombian Air Force FAC 1202 Zeus, Hasegawa 1/200 and Colombian Air Force Kfir C10 Wingman 1/48. Thank you, Cheers.
  9. Modified, some more trees, bushes added, for a presentation in late august. Cheers!
  10. Thank you Trojan Thunder, let's see how it goes, will come back with results.
  11. Building an E-3A Sentry in Saudi markings looking for color references to paint it, USAF AWACS are painted in FS16515, this might be right for a RSAF Sentry? Cheers.
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