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  1. jochemp

    BK117A3 Republic Colombian Navy.

    Good work mate, nice to see something different, thanks for sharing.
  2. I'll be following this one... looking good!
  3. jochemp

    ANG KC-135s

    Great news... hope the Chilean tankers are included too... got this waiting. Cheers!
  4. jochemp

    ANG KC-135s

    Any word on this?
  5. jochemp

    Help! Trees For Vietnam Diorama

    some work I did awhile ago... sharing the process. 1/144 Diorama. and the same for a dio in 1/72. Tropic jungle Colombia. Hope this helps... Cheers.
  6. jochemp

    Boeing KC-767 MMTT

    Ended up Second Place in the 4th National and International Model Event in Bogota, Colombia. October 10-11, 2015. 300+ models, 18 categories, 104 contestants. Woohooo!.
  7. jochemp

    CD48085 - Vipers against Terror

  8. jochemp

    CD144001 - 1/144 KC-135R

    Great news! Good to hear from this! Thanks KursadA
  9. jochemp

    Algerian Mi-28 Desert Camo

    Nice scheme, always good to see something different!
  10. jochemp

    Mig-29UB Fuerza Aérea del Perú

    Shine, shine... Looks solid mate, Cheers to that! Came out real good, great job.
  11. jochemp

    Air Assault 1/72 Colombia

    Pics from the Expo in Panama City. Late August 2015. As a bonus, two of mine, KC-767 MMTT Colombian Air Force FAC 1202 Zeus, Hasegawa 1/200 and Colombian Air Force Kfir C10 Wingman 1/48. Thank you, Cheers.
  12. jochemp

    Air Assault 1/72 Colombia

    Modified, some more trees, bushes added, for a presentation in late august. Cheers!
  13. jochemp

    E-3A Saudi Sentry colors

    Thank you Trojan Thunder, let's see how it goes, will come back with results.
  14. jochemp

    E-3A Saudi Sentry colors

    Building an E-3A Sentry in Saudi markings looking for color references to paint it, USAF AWACS are painted in FS16515, this might be right for a RSAF Sentry? Cheers.