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  1. http://www.meng-model.com/new.php?id=453
  2. The blue hawks carry the lineage from HAL-5 I grew up with them. I hope to see some good sheets, would make a nice side by side with an HH-1k
  3. Phatsamurai


    does anyone know if there is a resin cockpit or detail set for the AD-5 (revell) skyraider?
  4. never thought about scanning and making a template, good idea
  5. MY youngest Daughter loves the blue angels, so I decided to build one to hang in her room. I have a monogram f18 to use but the decals are old and I remember them having bleed through issues. can someone suggest a decal set? mike
  6. do any of you know if someone makes the dacals for the Expendables albatross?
  7. Phatsamurai


    Thanks guys, sorry I am looking for 1/72. great info
  8. Phatsamurai


    I know I have run across a Turbo prop c0nversion for the S-2 tracker but I cant remember where, does anyone know? mike
  9. a few years back aI did a US Navy SH-64 it was fun.
  10. I have been using Testors wet look clear. It gives a great clear finish. but yes most people are using future
  11. I forgot, My uncle works for american at DFW he sent me the pic. I like the new one as well as the vintage theme in the middle. I want decals for that
  12. Fujimi 1/72 OV-10 Revell OG 1/72 Ef2000
  13. thought I would share some of my builds from the last few months Revell 1/28 skyraider built out of box revell 1/48 F-84
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