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  1. Arseny

    Replicating Wood

    And another article with photos about the decals for interiors here
  2. Arseny

    Scale rigging

    Rocky, I'm big EZ-Line fan as well. Here's the article about the stuff
  3. Arseny

    Replicating Wood

    Sebastian, here're some really good articles on replicating wood grain. And apart from the oils you can also use decals and photoetched stencils to replicate the grain. Hope it helps
  4. Guys, I need 2 tiny parts for Tamiya's 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt (Razorback) as it's stuck in progress. During kit transportation I've lost 2 parts: air outlet doors in closed position - parts #E17 (two). If you've built your Thunderbolt with closed air outlet doors in opened position you might have spare parts of #E17? I need to buy these parts to finally finish the model. Here's part of Tamiya's manual and parts #E17 shown: If you have built your Thunderbolt with air outlets open I would appreciate trading/buying these small parts from you. Thank you!
  5. Arseny


    Interesting approach on stressed skin on fuselage as well.
  6. Arseny

    An Me509- to fight cancer!

    Wow!!! I finally have modeling comics to read! :o
  7. Arseny

    An Me509- to fight cancer!

    can't wait to see more! pinups of course :)
  8. Arseny

    scratchbuild Nieuport-Delage Sesquiplan 1/48

    simply speechless.. amazing model. how long have you developed your scratchbuilding skills? basically how long for you did it take to grow from building out-of-box to scratchbuilding prototypes you can't find on the market?
  9. Arseny

    scratchbuild Nieuport-Delage Sesquiplan 1/48

    Amazing! What's the scale?
  10. Arseny

    scratchbuild Nieuport-Delage Sesquiplan 1/48

    Amazing project! Can you please share more on the fuselage and fuselage halves? Basically as I understand you've glued several layers of plastic sheets together. Then after you've shaped the right form of the fuselage, you cut the fuselage into 2 parts? As I understand, in order to build the cockpit interior? Anyway, thanks for sharing!
  11. Arseny

    Royal Maces F/A-18E

    Some really interesting pics. How have you attached the cables? Thanks for sharing
  12. Arseny

    P-51 D

    Looks just great
  13. Arseny

    Eduard MiG-21 bis and MF in parallel

    very interesting article, but I think you have to consider colour scaling effect and paint weathering...
  14. Arseny

    Wolfpack Su-33

    Wow! Some serious surgery! Very impressed!
  15. Arseny

    A Bevy of Bent-Wing Birds

    Really like the efforts you put in this model! What styrene rods do use? Evergreen?