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    Model jets(most) , high power rocketry(mostly scale of actual missles,which lead me to modeling) gun collecting ,hunting and the outdoors.Scotch & broads

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  1. You do indeed have to tip your hat to the many volunteers ,from the sod farm parking lot to the main venue itself......great job folks !!!!!!! Paul T
  2. Great pictures guys !!! My brother is downloading pics and hi-def video for me ,pretty stoked to see that again. I was caught off guard when the F-18 came from behind and over us Me and the gang were not ready for that one ! Paul T
  3. I just flew back home last night ,great trip. I was at the show on Saturday ,perfect day to watch planes ,could not have been better.I found the show very well organized and the parking at the sod farm and school bus shuttles to and from the airport spot on !!! It was a wonderful sight to behold and glad I was there.I was joined by my brother from Winnipeg and arrived in Mississauga to visit my sister and brother in law ,we all attended the show.Even though my sister and bro in law both work for Air Canada ,they are not really big "airplane fans"...but that changed on Saturday ,as they found
  4. Just got my ticket to Toronto confirmed ,arrive on June 14 and will be at the airshow on Saturday..... I can`t tell you how much i`m looking forward to comming. I was at the museum last July for the first time and was very impressed with the displays. See you all there. Paul T
  5. Sheesh ,been quite awhile since i`ve been around here ! I should be at the airshow and brother am I ever stoked about going !! I`ll be in Mississauga visiting family and this is on my list ! See you there ! Cheers Paul T
  6. I usually just replace the balsa with Basswood ,plenty strong and also keeps the rocket light.I f you use an F motor ,make sure it`s not the Estes E black powder motor ,just not enough power for this kit.Although I`m sure you know this already.That is indeed a fine kit ! Enjoy !! Our club is having a high power launch this May.We got our restricted aircraft waiver approved for 9000 feet AGL. Some of the guys are bringing some "M" impulse motors.I`ll be flying mostly H and J with a few L`s.I can hardly wait. Paul t
  7. Depending on motor size/impulse ,rocket size & weight and estimated altitude ,electronics (altimeters/timers) are used in rockets set up for dual deployment.At the highest point of travel(apogee) the altimeter will sense this (pre-set) and set off a charge ,releasing a drouge parachute.This smaller parachute stabilizes and slows the rocket until a predetermined altimeter setting is reached (usually 500 - 800`) at which time a secondary charge goes off and releases the main parachute/chutes,If all goes well ,the whole thing should land pretty close to the launch area. Sometimes......it can
  8. Now at 49 years old ,it costs on average between $40.00 - $ 70.00 bucks a pop ! More for the bigger 6 grain 54mm motors.These are composite AP motors ,the same stuff used in the Space Shuttle solid boosters. We appply for waivers ,to secure airspace when flying high power or rockets weighing over 3.3 pounds ,which pretty much includes most of our stuff. Although ,I still like flying those black powder "D" engines. Paul T
  9. I`m pretty big time into LPR ,MPR and HPR (low ,mid and high power rocketry) ,but getting more and more into high power (H ,I ,J ,K and L impulse CTI re-loadable motors 160-5120 Newton-seconds or 1,150 LBS. thrust average) It`s a blast.....but mucho $$$$ Those The Launch Pad kits are great kits ,but they need moderate skills to build ,as they are not "Tamiya /shake and bake " kits ,but lend themselves to detail and scratch work.I`ve builr quite a few of their kits,and they can be made into museum pieces. The sky IS the limit ! Paul T
  10. I think the idiots are the parents.And watch who call an idiot ! Paul
  11. No helmets, no pads ,play outside untill it gets dark ,no car seats ,good ole` lead paint ,asbestos diapers ,get an F in school and fail ,you lose the game ...no trophy ,you had winners and losers ,everybody had a BB/pellet gun ,everybody got a good spanking, no PETA ,no political correctness and most of all....... NO SOCIAL ENGINEERING !!!!! Should be nice in another 25 years ! Paul T
  12. I`m glad to see you keep her memory fresh in your heart ,and continue to do so.My father passed when he was 57 ,but my mum is 81 and doing great.I tell her I love her every chance I get ,did not do that with pops ,and regret that very much. Paul
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