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  1. Kursad, I have 103rd AW Connecticut ANG C-130H refs if you need them
  2. ha! Thanks a lot Scooby! Unfortunately I won't be at Oshkosh. I know a few people that might be going, that perhaps could give some advice
  3. after doing some research, the nose is aggressor grey and the grey camo is neutral grey
  4. Here are some shots I took of the real jets (that were used for references on that sheet) The radome "looks" like it could be either neutral grey or aggressor grey, but the grey-ish area of the camo looks lighter than either of those choices. I think the previous release of the decal sheet and the combo-pack they did for the US Nats in Orlando has the correct color
  5. Murph, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I know how much he meant to you, and inspired you; you spoke highly of him so much over the years, and deservedly so. Nancy and I send our deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family, Ken
  6. thanks 11bee - I just looked back at other pics of 168, and they were gone in January 2015 but they were there in February 2014. 168 is still active at the 104th. 78-0544 has just the top one removed, also October 2015 I was simply told they were being removed, and didn't get a chance to inquire why
  7. those bumps are starting to be removed, as well as the back part of the left tail top antennae. This was taken in October 2015
  8. you're welcome thanks Murph :)/>
  9. after the initial batch of A/Bs from the 5th FIS, they got MSIP A/Bs (1977 series) from the 32nd FS when it shut down in the early 1990s. 77-0100 (101st FS billboard jet) and 0102 (102nd FW billboard jet) are on that sheet And yes, they would have LAU-128 rails. The weapons load for the first 2 jets over NYC that day were single AIM-9s (L or M I guess) on the outer rails on the wing pylons, and a AIM-7 on each of the forward fuselage stations, for a total of 4 missiles
  10. thanks Gary! The 2 days I spent there were perfect, I really lucked out
  11. thanks! I was fortunate to see the Canadian Hornet at 2 different shows in May
  12. what a fantastic job! Excellent work all around!
  13. great to see the F-16 demo back Cheech's CF-18 dirty roll on takeoff
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