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  1. Thank you all for support. Primož
  2. P-51B-15 s/n42-106941 flown by Lt. Roberts H. Powell Jr., 352th FG (Blue nose birds of Bodney), 8th Air Force, USAAF Academy P-51B, Scale: 1/72 ž Primož
  3. F*I*N*I*S*H*E*D*! Everything must come to an end. It's been a blast! Thank you all for support!
  4. First round of weathering is done. My favorite black grey acrilic powder was used. Primož
  5. pkrasna


    The dorsal fin made from scratch looks great!
  6. Thank you for you kind words. Don first color to apply was the Alclad II Aluminium color. It was sprayed over Valleyo acrilic primer which was polished. After aplying NMF another round of polishing was done. And after that cam invasion marks and blue nose. I have never had any problems with Alclad in peeling off or damaging the surface by masking. So far I used acrilic and enamel primer with alclad and also sprayed the stuff directly to plastic. And then masking on the NMF surface. And so far everything was OK. The only thing thats important is to spray it on glossy or finely grinded surface.
  7. The colors are on. For base color I used Alclad II Aluminium. Primož
  8. The fit of the kit is eccelent! The only mistake I noticed are too shalow whell bays. And that's that.
  9. Cockpit is glued in place and fuselage haves are joined together. I painted the wheel wells and done baisic weathering. Primož
  10. pkrasna

    The Hun

    I would realy like to build one in the near future. How does the model look comparring with Italeri one? Great model in making! Primož
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